Misunderstood Disney Witches (Part 3)

Monday, September 26, 2011

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Ahhh, the World of Disney. Just thinking about it brings back memories of my childhood. My brother and I watched Lion King, Mary Poppins, Sleeping Beauty, etc., on REPEAT back in the day!

And by "back in the day" I mean last week. Don't judge me.

Some of my fave Disney movies were the ones with witches in them (go figure). And I sorta feel like maybe they might have been...misunderstood. Hear me out. I think a lot of these ladies just had issues like you and me.

Oh man. I'm excited. I was going to leave this one for last, being that she is my absolute favorite. But I couldn't wait any longer. Ladies and Lords....I give you:

Haters gonna hate

I always considered Maleficent to be one of the top Disney villains. Why you ask? I felt that although their actions were completely unwarranted, most Disney villains had logical motives for their despicable deeds. Scar wanted to be King and rule the Pride Lands. Ursula wanted to rule the Ocean. Captain Hook wanted revenge for loosing an appendage.

Maleficent got pissed why?....

Because she didn't get invited to a party. Gangsta.

Lost it in the mail, huh? We'll see about that...

This led me to believe at first, that she might have been made fun of when she was younger by all the noble kids in school. Little bastards. Don't they know it's not easy being green?!

And all these years she's probably been up in that ginormous castle of hers, planning her revenge. Carrie style!  But oh no, she's not just gonna blow them all up or turn them all into naval lint; that's letting them get off too easy. She's gonna make them suffer. And she's gonna enjoy it, gosh darnit.

The more I thought about this possible theory, the more it reminded me of the Snape/James Potter scenario in the Harry Potter series. Snape got bullied. And like Snape, she's gonna take it out on the child of her potential, main bullies; the King and Queen. And although King Stephan and his Queen most likely grew up and became mature, wholesome adults (like James Potter), Maleficent ain't havin any of that. Unlike Snape, she didn't have a Dumbledore to bring her back to the path of Love.

Bitch be crazy

Nerd moment: she was even appointed as THE main villain of the Kingdom Hearts video game series; out of all the villains (male or female)!! Maybe that's just the feminist in me, but huzzah for a woman beating out all the competition!!....Uh...even if it is to make the protagonist suffer in cruel, evil ways. Wait...

What he doesn't know is that I just farted...

Although she is my favorite, this woman scared the ever loving shiitake mushrooms outta me. Between her salacious yet spine tingling voice and her brilliantly spooky soundtrack composed by the wonderful George Bruns, my blanket was my best friend whenever she came on the screen. But there was just something about her that intrigued me. 

Maybe it was her confidence. At the time, I know I didn't have much of it. I think in a strange way I looked up to her because of it. She carried herself with such grace and pose. She was a strong, beautiful, independent woman who didn't take crap from anyone. She just didn't do it in the best way. She let Darkness take over her. And once I realized that, I thought maybe what really made her the way she was, was addiction.

First thing that popped into my head (thanks to Amethyst forcing me to watch every episode. Don't worry, I ended up loving it.) was Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, and her addiction to magic. She gained confidence, sure, but she let it develop into arrogance. Like Maleficent, she gave into the Darkness and let it consume her. And although she was very powerful, she would have eventually destroyed herself along with everyone else.

Who wants a hug?

I have had a few people in my life battle addiction. Two have made AMAZING recoveries. One died as a result of years of abuse. Once they made me understand the process of recovery, I realized how strong of a person you have to be to not only make the decision to get better, but to go through the process and live anew. So maybe Maleficent isn't as strong as she thinks she is. Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to her. I see in her the people I love who gave in to addiction and I want to help her. I want to pull her into the Light. But alas...it is not meant to be. 

Ah crap.

As always, this is all just speculation. And although we got a real life taste of Maleficent on "Once Upon a Time", I really wasn't feeling their version (no offense to the actress or the show. Best freaking show EVER) :

 Like my make over?

 I feel we'll get to know the whole story once the wonderful and brilliant Tim Burton releases his version. Until then, to me, Maleficent will always be one of the greatest misunderstood Disney witches (or villains in general) ever. :

My wife is hot even when she's green


P.S. I've included a link to some AMAZING drawings, pictures,etc., from the talented contributors of deiviantART.com. Just because.

Maleficent Art


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