Nimitz And His Shoe Collection

Monday, September 26, 2011

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Nimitz has been a great familiar over the years.  Why?  Because he's odd and I'm odd so we complement each others' oddness.  His oddness shines through with his quirky and sometimes strange habits and behaviors.  He loves to sit on... well, anything.  He will sit on remote controls, books, crystals, people (my head on occasion) and if you leave your purse open he'll crawl inside and take a nap.  The more uncomfortable something looks the more appealing it is for him to take a nap on.  Mail, picture frames, phones, computers, art supplies... nothing is safe when Nimitz wants to have a seat or take a nap.  But his favorite, the thing he likes to sit/lay/sleep on the most, are shoes. He doesn't just lay on them, sometimes he'll actually slide his front legs into your shoes and take a long nap.  And if he hasn't seen you in a while, there's no stopping him, he's going to get your shoes as soon as you take them off.  My mom doesn't come to my apartment that often but when she does Nimitz has a field day.  He usually starts out with a short nap in her bag and then moves onto the shoes.  This is what I come home to every night....

(Sidenote: Can you tell two witches with a shoe addiction live here?  Look at all those black boots! Oy, we need to stop buying shoes!) 

I leave and the shoes are in order. I come home and he's created a bed out of our boots. There is no reasoning with him.  The shoes in this house belong to Nimitz, Atreya and I are borrowing our own footwear when we leave the house.    


Amy said...

My cat Rus does that TOO!!! He once became so fond of the shoes a friend of mine was wearing she took them off and had to wrestle him to get them back. Rus likes to (somehow) fit himself onto my shoe shelf in my closet and hide under my long dresses. Love the site!!

Twin and Twin said...
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Twin and Twin said...

Good to know Nimitz isn't the only cat out there with a shoe obsession. Thanks for the LOVE!! <3

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