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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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Leaf Spell

It's officially Autumn!!   Sorry, I get a little excited... Yay!! Autumn is here!

This is, without a doubt, the best time of year. The heat and humidity of summer are gone. (Peace out steamy hot subway stations, bad hair days and the urge to throw myself into the fountains in central park!)  Apple and pumpkin picking are mandatory activities this time of year. Every merchant at the farmer's market is selling hot apple cider. The leaves have begun to change and the trees are about to be naked so I thought this would be a good time to post a simple leaf spell.  This spell is very easy to do because all you need are a few leaves and a pen. The leaf spell is great for cleansing and to release anything negative in your life.

First and foremost, go get some leaves!!  Look for different types of leaves: shapes, sizes, colors (everything from brown to green) etc.  Make sure you have a variety.  Collecting a large amount of leaves ensures that this type of spell can be done year round.  You can use the leaves to decorate your home or altar for the season. Once it's time to change decorations (because Yule will be here any second) you can store the leaves and save them for later spell work. 

I do this spell in two parts but you can change it up and do whatever feels comfortable for you.

Part 1.
The first part of this spell is for releasing anything negative or harmful.  Look through your leaves and pick one that is brown and a bit dried up. (Now would be a good time to do whatever gets you into a magickal mood. Burn incense, light a candle, relaxing music etc.) Hold the leaf in your hands and think about all the negative/bad/harmful things that you'd like to rid yourself of.  Take some time with this and really think about it.

Think about: How these things affected you and/or others?
                    How these things have held you back?
                    How has it made you feel?

Once you've spent some time thinking about what you want to release from your life it's time to write them on your leaf. Using a pen or sharpie (I use a fine tip sharpie) write the things you want to rid yourself of on the leaf (if your anything like me you may need to use multiple leaves or the front and bank of one leaf). Write down all the things you just thought about: self doubt, procrastination, obsessiveness, negative thinking, bad habits/addictions etc. Once your done with that put that leaf aside because it's time for part two.

Part 2.
Now it's time for the happy stuff.  Pick another leaf.  This leaf is for the positive changes you'd like to bring into your life. Choose a leaf (or leaves) that is still green or any other bright color. Whatever catches your eye. Now hold the leaf/leaves in your hands and think about everything in your life that is positive. Focus on the positive things you'd like to bring into your life: better health, a new career path, motivation, self love etc.  Really envision yourself having and experiencing these things.

Once you've spent some time focusing on this it's time to write them on the pretty leaf/leaves you've chosen. 

Now, are all your leaves finished? Good because it's time to go outside, up on your roof (if you live in an apartment like me and it's safe and easily accessible) or just open a window.  Hopefully there's a bit of a breeze.

Take the first leaf/leaves (the releasing leaf) and hold them in your hands. Concentrate on all the things you wrote on that leaf, all the things you want to rid yourself of. When your ready say this spell while you crush, rip, tear, crumble the leaf into small pieces. Let the pieces fall away while you say the spell.

These things are released
The negative now falls away
The door is closed to anything that would harm
Only the positive is allowed to stay
(Repeat 3x, 6x, or 9x. Whatever feels comfortable.)
So Mote It Be

Now open your hands and see that they are empty. Feel yourself becoming lighter as the negative things you've released are carried away from you on the wind. 

Now onto the positivity. Take the pretty leaf/leaves and hold it in your hands. Don't crush, rip, tear or crumple this leaf.  Focus on all the positive things you wrote on the leaf/leaves.  Envision yourself achieving all the goals you've set for yourself. See yourself healthy, happy etc.  Now, while still holding onto the leaf/leaves say this spell:

That which held me back is released
Positivity and light are now in it's place
(Repeat 3x, 6x, or 9x. Whatever feels comfortable.)
So Mote It Be

When you've finished there are few things you can do with the leaf/leaves: release it (whole) and envision it floating on the wind, finding the things you wrote on it and sending them back to you.  Or you can keep it on your altar as a reminder of what your working towards. You can put it away and look at it from time to time, checking off the things you've accomplished.  You can also carry it with you in your wallet as a reminder of the things you'd like to manifest in your life.  Do whatever you prefer and feels most comfortable. 

So that's it, my little leaf spell for Autumn.  Please keep in mind that spells can always be changed and adjusted according to personal preference. Only feel the need to do part one? Then only perform part one of the spell and the same goes for part two. Also, the spells written above can be changed and reworded.

Happy Autumn!!

Bright Blessings


Katie said...

Lovely! I broke out my sharpie last weekend and gathered some leaves from my yard. It wasn't quite windy enough, so it took me some effort to get those leaves to blow away. But I loved this idea! There is always something about putting the negative and the positive out there in the world that helps me focus.

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