11/11/11 Success!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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What an amazing day!

We got set up at the top of a hill (since the area we wanted to set up at was closed) overlooking the Pond about 7 minutes to 11:11am. Our friend Corinne and another gentleman, Joshua, who just happened to bump into her and wanted to meditate in the Park as well joined us (don't you just love "coincidences" like that?)

At 11:11am, I began playing my singing bowl to announce the beginning of mediation. It was truly beautiful. Such peace was felt and such energy was built. Me and Joshua at one point had to put a hand down to the Earth to ground the energy! We meditated for about 20 minutes. The energy afterwards was amazing. So happy, excited, and new! We sat there going from peaceful observation of the natural beauty surrounding us, to complete chatter boxes about world (and otherworldly) events, and back again.

It eventually got a wee bit nipply out (not to mentioned we needed to find a toilet...FAST), so we made our way to the nearest restroom. Which was conveniently located in FAO Schwartz - one of the most famous toy stores in the USA. What better way to keep the positive energy going then to play with toys?? So much fun (and nostalgia!) was had there.

Now we had intended to keep the energy flowing through our bodies by eatting healthy on this day. Yeah...that didn't happen. We were hungry and were continuing with the theme of "what would make us happy?"

One word: IHOP

Don't judge us.

So frickin delish.

From there we went to an AMAZING bookstore called Namaste Bookshop (if ever you are in the NYC area, you gotta check it out! http://namastebookshop.com/) to buy some stones and some books (that always makes me and Amethyst happy).

Then we headed back to our apartment and ordered some pizza ( Ah crap. I swear we intended to eat better that day!) and play some board games. We stopped at 11:11pm to do another meditation and then it was off to dreamland feeling happy and energetically exauhsted yet wonderful.

Thanks to all who participated in the global "5 Minute" 11/11/11 meditation and to our friends who came out to Central Park on Friday. Love and Light to you all!

~*Atreya & Amethyst*~

Corinne and Amethyst (lookin gangsta, I might add)

Pic of the 11/11 moon (taken by Amethyst) 


lastdragon100 said...

Felt an amazing amount of energy reading this blog!!! I thank all of you for that experience! Keep in touch my friends! .............. Joshua. Visit me on my youtube channel.. (LASTDRAGON100) ..... blessings love and light to all

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