Pick Axes and Crow Bars Used To Destroy Pagan Place of Worship

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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This infuriates me to no end. A pagan stone circle/place of worship was viciously attacked in what is obviously a religious hate crime.  The site, located at the University of Lampeter in south-west Wales, was hacked to pieces using pick axes and crow bars.  So much damage was done that the site is now closed because it is completely unsafe.  Furthermore, this isn't the first time the University of Lampeter's Pagan Society has had to deal with vandalism at the site. "The pagan circle, which has been vandalised often in recent years, is also the subject of regular litter and debris clean-ups following impromptu parties by groups at the site."

This is yet another example of ignorance, lack of understanding and unwillingness to mind your own business and allow people to worship how they see fit.  I hope the vandals are caught and the site is rebuilt with added security.

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Diandra said...

This is really sad. But it has always been the same - if several groups do not get along well and only one of them preaches tolerance, they tend to lose.

(I still wouldn't stop preaching tolerance. But I would attach something really nasty and protective to my sacred space. Oh, in fact, I did. ^^ )

Twin & Twin said...

So true. Living in tolerance of others is so hard when others refuse to do the same. I hope they add a few security cameras and a strong protection spell when they rebuild the site.


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