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Saturday, December 31, 2011

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I had some trouble sleeping one night not too long ago, and instead of counting sheep, or attempting to incubate my dream with Kellan Lutz, I was searching online for ideas of where to go for my upcoming 29th birthday (UGH!) on my phone at 3AM. I knew I wanted to travel somewhere for my birthday and not just stay local and do the same ole stuff. But where?

I already went to Vegas this year and I don't know how the hell I would top THAT experience again. I have friends in Arizona I could visit, but we were planning a trip over there next year anyway. Mardi Gras crossed my mind quite a few times. Especially since it is right around m birthday. But I was still stumped. So I simply Googled "where to travel for my 29th birthday". And what I found was better than anything I could have imagined.

The first result was a post from a blog from this woman who has been traveling EVERYWHERE for a year. Her story is amazing. She literally just picked up her stuff and left to go travel the world. Alone! My idol!

This particular post was about her turning 29 recently, and the 29 lessons she has learned so far from this trip. It is one of the most inspirational things I have ever read. She became my hero and a beacon of Light to me. I've always wanted to do a trip like that. Reading about her discoveries, her experiences, and most of all, what she got out of it all filled me with such hope and inspiration, that I am looking forward to taking 2012 by the horns, staring straight in it's eyes and saying, "LET'S DO THIS".

Let's let go of fear! Go ahead! Sing that song. Write that novel. Take that trip. Make that audition. Climb that mountain. Design that dress. Kiss that girl. Hike those hills. Dance that dance. Kiss that boy. Paint that piece. Join those classes. Save those lives. Run that marathon. And dream.

Dream bigger than you ever have. And live.

Live your dream to it's fullest.

Have a blessed and happy New Year!


Link to awesome travel blog:


Salem Witch Child said...

If were talking about staying in the U.S. and traveling, I've always wanted to visit Museums and visit historical places. Such as Gettysburg and Salem, Mass. I'd love to visit the Natural History Museum! And the Grand Canyon.

I think it would be awesome to travel for the whole year. But since I have never had the $ to even take a basic vacation (Other than crossing the state line to see family) then I don't think travel is in my immediate future. Perhaps one day. Or maybe I'll get lucky and win the lotto!

Sunshineshelle said...

I love this post, I came via Magaly's pagan culture blog & the way you are set to fly... the New Year sentiment is perfect, applies to all ages and inspirational, pleased I dropped by :)

Twin and Twin said...

@Salem Witch Child - Salem, Mass sounds wonderful! Great idea! Fingers crossed that you win the lotto ;)

@Sunshineshelle - Thank you so much for your kind words! Please drop by more often! :)

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