Can You Be Alone??

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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So many people have trouble being alone.  We stay in relationships that aren't right for us just to avoid being alone. We maintain friendships that aren't right for us just to avoid being alone. We live with roommate after roommate just avoid coming home to an empty house.  There are so many ways people avoid being alone with themselves, their feelings and thoughts.  Some people even need noise at all times (tv, radio etc) just to avoid being in silence.  But why? What are we so afraid of? What is so terrifying about just being alone? What's the worst that could happen?  Maybe in silence and spending time alone we are faced with the aspects of our self we'd rather put away and not look at or examine. 

I admit I'm guilty of this in my own way.  I'm able to be alone but I find myself filling the silence with an mp3 player or games on my phone.  Furthermore, going to a movie or restaurant alone is an idea I would never entertain but after watching this video I'm reconsidering it. 

How To Be Alone

She makes it seem so beautifully simple! Do you avoid being alone? Do you avoid quiet time with yourself? I love this video and I love the message. It inspired me to try and find more ways to be alone, quiet and stop blaming lack of alone time on living in the big city.  Pass this video on if you can and don't be afraid to be alone.

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Diandra said...

I love being alone, and keep missing it. The years spent living alone in a 15m² flat were wonderful - I could eat, read, clean, sing whenever I wanted, sleep on the balcony (facing a lovely garden) if I felt like it and generally did not have to think about anything but my own wants and needs. (I love the BF, I love spending everyday life with him, but I would also love for him to be gone for a weekend every now and again. Luckily he loves to sleep in and I am an early bird, this gives me at least half a day to myself every now and again.)

Salem Witch Child said...

I've only had the rare occasion of being alone. I went from living with my mother to living with my SO and his brother. To being married and with him 24/7. This past January DH and I separated temporarily for financial reasons. And then I wasn't alone, but on my own. I think I learned a lot about myself then. I could do it if necessary.

As far as always needing noise, I'm not the type that needs it. Though I find I'll turn the TV on just for background noise sometimes. It just depends on my mood. Now DH he is the one that needs the background noise.

And my mother has wrote the book on being with someone just to not be lonely! I think that more than anything has taught me that if push came to shove, I can do anything on my own! It's better that than living in misery.

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