STONE OF THE MONTH - December 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

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Stone of the Month for December 2011 - Sodalite

   This month lets talk about sodalite.  I have a lot of sodalite and I'm very attached to this stone.  Its uses fall in the realms of healing, meditation and clear thought.  It's easy to find, however, polished sodalite is easier to come by.

Sodalite is made up of sodium aluminum  silicate chloride (say that five times fast!) and it gets its name from the sodium content.  Royal blue color with white veins that vary in size, sodalite looks very similar to lapis lazuli.  You can tell them apart because, when unpolished, sodalite is more brittle. Also, lapis lazuli contains pyrite and sodalite does not.  It's found in the veins of igneous rocks and in large granular formations.  Once polished it feels waxy.  The dominant color for sodalite is deep royal blue but it can also be found in green, white and gray. 

Sodalite calms the mind and senses and helps to induce relaxation (which is probably why I own so much of it).  It's good to work with sodalite if your trying to begin a regular meditation routine and it focuses the third chakra during meditation.  It helps you move through different levels of consciousness by connecting the spiritual self to the physical self. Sodalite also awakens and strengthens your intuition.  Place sodalite on your third eye or throat chakra to clear negative feelings and increase relaxation.  To awaken your intuition and promote unconditional self love place sodalite and rose quartz over the heart during meditation.  The deep blue color of sodalite conjures peace and tranquility.  Place sodalite around your home to promote calm and soothe uneasy feelings.  

Wear sodalite around the neck if you need some healing in the throat/neck region.  It helps to ease stressed vocal chords and a strained voice.  A sodalite pendant can also clear problems in the sinuses and lend support to the immune system.  Sodalite is also useful if you need a kick in the a$$ because it encourages self confidence.  Anxiety issues?? Sodalite can help you deal with the anxiety of everyday concerns, focus your thoughts and just be.

A few years ago I was having some trouble with anxiety issues and was trying to figure out what to do when I found a sodalite pentacle. As soon as I saw it my intuition told me I needed it and I bought it without a second thought.  I wore the pentacle (pictured above) everyday for over a year and it (along with other activities like meditation) really helped me deal with anxiety.  Stressed out? Anxious? Worry wort?  Get some sodalite ASAP. 

Sodalite has also been a great help to me when I read tarot.  I keep a piece of sodalite in the bag with my tarot cards and keep it close by when I'm giving a reading.  Since sodalite is so good at helping you connect with your intuition and focus your thoughts it's a great tool to have when learning to read tarot.  Before doing a reading hold the sodalite in your hands, close your eyes and breath deeply.  Allow your mind to clear and your emotions to calm.  Once you've done this for at least a few minutes put the stone to the side and perform the reading.  Continue to do this before reading tarot and over time your tarot reading ability will increase and your intuition will expand. 

Sodalite can help bring calm and peace to your home and clear negative feelings.  It increases relaxation, decreases stress and anxiety and will help you during meditation.  Use it to expand your intuition and increase your self confidence. But most importantly, it's pretty to look at and makes for some awesome jewelry!!  Go get some sodalite and be peaceful!

Bright Blessings
Source: Crystals by: Jennie Harding


Lashette Williams said...

I love these posts as well and want to share them also.
I do have a question though. How do you pick out which stone to talk about each month?

Twin and Twin said...

For stone of the month I've just been picking stones at random. For herb of the month I'm trying to pick herbs that correspond with the season or upcoming Sabbat.

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