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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Mr. Smith speaking about The Alchemist and the Laws of Attraction. Preach it!  <3
"Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground."
David Icke

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. - CS Lewis


Yay!! First blog post! So excited to finally be doing this. Especially with Twin! You'll know when I put my two cents in because my posts will be in sage green. I hope this blog helps you learn, love and laugh. Blessings to you all.

Light and Love,


Welcome to our blog!!!!  I'm so glad we've finally got this up and running!!  We're going to be adding some interesting things to the blog as time goes on.  Starting October 1st, Herb and Stone of the month will begin and we'll post this on the first of every month.  You guys will know when I've got something to say because it will be in purple.  I hope you enjoy our blog as much as we're going to enjoy working on it!

Bright Blessings,

Holly's Out of the Broom Closet Story (Submitted 6/13/12)

Monday, September 26, 2011


This is the first 'out of the broom closet' story we've received for this corner of blog!!  We're so excited about this corner.  Atreya and I hope that this corner will help those that are trying to come out by reading the stories of others and give people a chance to share their experiences. Keep the entries coming!

"I came out of the broom closet to my friends when I was a teen. Actually at 14 to be exact, when some of my friends started to 'experiment' with the craft. I quickly became a source of information and the person to go to with questions.
Years later when new friends come into my life well eventually the subject of religion comes up and I tell them then. Either they quickly are no longer friends because they 'don't approve' or they are open minded and accept me as I am. I never hide it but I never just say 'Hi, I'm Holly, and I'm a witch'. I just wait until the subject comes up.

As for family well that was different.
 My mom has mentioned ghosts and spirits before, and I've also heard stories of her mothers premonitions. We've also both had 'dreams' of things like family members pregnant before they knew, or dead relativesvisiting. So slowly over months I inquired about those things to her. Then one day she was feeling out of sorts and I worked up the courage and asked if she would like me to do a reading for her. She was a bit taken a back but was just like 'oh so your a witch too?' I was like uh ya mom who else is?  she informed me thatbasically all the women in my family (on her side) are or were in one way or another although not all of them (like my mother) choose to embrace and follow that path.
As for other family members, or extended family (like his family) that was difficult on how to decide to tell them. What I ended up doing was making herbal healing lotions and things of that sort for gifts. In addition to randomly giving out advice that wouldn't seem to 'out there' but to me it was witchy stuff. When they ask how I know so much about those subjects or why things like the healing lotions work I would gently (depending on the person) come out to them. It really varies person to person, and sometimes it takes months or years to fully come out of the closet to them. Even his devout christian grandparents are cool with it. We know that we don't share the same beliefs but I've explained to them that this is just me and dispelled some of the common myths about witchcraft."

Thank You for sharing this Holly!! 

Blessings To You All, 

America Has Its Very Own Stonehenge?

     Duh... of course we do.  Fearing that we may be left out of the whole ancient standing stone circle monument group, some archaeologists finally found ours.... maybe.  Archaeologists searching for ship wrecks may have discovered America's very own Stonehenge at the bottom of Lake Michigan.  Of course, America's Stonehenge was at the bottom of Lake Michigan this whole time! Wait.. what?!?  If in fact this is an ancient stone circle at the bottom of the lake then it would date back about 10,000 years when there pretty much was no lake because all the water was still frozen.  Plus, there may or may not be a Mastodon carved into the center stone.  Oh those crazy ancient Michiganians just had to be different.  This discovery was made back in 2007 and has been really under reported.  More dives are going to have to happen before this can be proved one way or the other... more dives and maybe draining Lake Michigan?? 

Sonar image of the stones at the bottom of Lake Michigan

Possible Mastodon carving 

Links to articles about possible Stonehenge in Lake Michigan:

If this turns out to be a real, honest to goodness, ancient stone circle right here in America be prepared for the following arguments/statements: 1) our stone circle is ancienter than yours is. 2) our stone circle is bigger than yours is.  3) we had to drag the stones for our circle twice as far as you guys did. 4) our stones are bigger than your stones.   

C'mom, you know someones' gonna say it. 


Misunderstood Disney Witches (Part 3)

Ahhh, the World of Disney. Just thinking about it brings back memories of my childhood. My brother and I watched Lion King, Mary Poppins, Sleeping Beauty, etc., on REPEAT back in the day!

And by "back in the day" I mean last week. Don't judge me.

Some of my fave Disney movies were the ones with witches in them (go figure). And I sorta feel like maybe they might have been...misunderstood. Hear me out. I think a lot of these ladies just had issues like you and me.

Oh man. I'm excited. I was going to leave this one for last, being that she is my absolute favorite. But I couldn't wait any longer. Ladies and Lords....I give you:

Haters gonna hate

I always considered Maleficent to be one of the top Disney villains. Why you ask? I felt that although their actions were completely unwarranted, most Disney villains had logical motives for their despicable deeds. Scar wanted to be King and rule the Pride Lands. Ursula wanted to rule the Ocean. Captain Hook wanted revenge for loosing an appendage.

Maleficent got pissed why?....

Because she didn't get invited to a party. Gangsta.

Lost it in the mail, huh? We'll see about that...

This led me to believe at first, that she might have been made fun of when she was younger by all the noble kids in school. Little bastards. Don't they know it's not easy being green?!

And all these years she's probably been up in that ginormous castle of hers, planning her revenge. Carrie style!  But oh no, she's not just gonna blow them all up or turn them all into naval lint; that's letting them get off too easy. She's gonna make them suffer. And she's gonna enjoy it, gosh darnit.

The more I thought about this possible theory, the more it reminded me of the Snape/James Potter scenario in the Harry Potter series. Snape got bullied. And like Snape, she's gonna take it out on the child of her potential, main bullies; the King and Queen. And although King Stephan and his Queen most likely grew up and became mature, wholesome adults (like James Potter), Maleficent ain't havin any of that. Unlike Snape, she didn't have a Dumbledore to bring her back to the path of Love.

Bitch be crazy

Nerd moment: she was even appointed as THE main villain of the Kingdom Hearts video game series; out of all the villains (male or female)!! Maybe that's just the feminist in me, but huzzah for a woman beating out all the competition!!....Uh...even if it is to make the protagonist suffer in cruel, evil ways. Wait...

What he doesn't know is that I just farted...

Although she is my favorite, this woman scared the ever loving shiitake mushrooms outta me. Between her salacious yet spine tingling voice and her brilliantly spooky soundtrack composed by the wonderful George Bruns, my blanket was my best friend whenever she came on the screen. But there was just something about her that intrigued me. 

Maybe it was her confidence. At the time, I know I didn't have much of it. I think in a strange way I looked up to her because of it. She carried herself with such grace and pose. She was a strong, beautiful, independent woman who didn't take crap from anyone. She just didn't do it in the best way. She let Darkness take over her. And once I realized that, I thought maybe what really made her the way she was, was addiction.

First thing that popped into my head (thanks to Amethyst forcing me to watch every episode. Don't worry, I ended up loving it.) was Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, and her addiction to magic. She gained confidence, sure, but she let it develop into arrogance. Like Maleficent, she gave into the Darkness and let it consume her. And although she was very powerful, she would have eventually destroyed herself along with everyone else.

Who wants a hug?

I have had a few people in my life battle addiction. Two have made AMAZING recoveries. One died as a result of years of abuse. Once they made me understand the process of recovery, I realized how strong of a person you have to be to not only make the decision to get better, but to go through the process and live anew. So maybe Maleficent isn't as strong as she thinks she is. Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to her. I see in her the people I love who gave in to addiction and I want to help her. I want to pull her into the Light. But is not meant to be. 

Ah crap.

As always, this is all just speculation. And although we got a real life taste of Maleficent on "Once Upon a Time", I really wasn't feeling their version (no offense to the actress or the show. Best freaking show EVER) :

 Like my make over?

 I feel we'll get to know the whole story once the wonderful and brilliant Tim Burton releases his version. Until then, to me, Maleficent will always be one of the greatest misunderstood Disney witches (or villains in general) ever. :

My wife is hot even when she's green


P.S. I've included a link to some AMAZING drawings, pictures,etc., from the talented contributors of Just because.

Maleficent Art

Stone Age Tunnels That Weave From Scotland To Turkey

"Evidence of tunnels has been found under hundreds of Neolithic settlements. That so many tunnels have survived after 12,000 years shows that the original network must have been enormous.

Stone Age man created a massive network of underground tunnels criss-crossing Europe from Scotland to Turkey, a new book on the ancient superhighways has claimed."

Follow the link to the full article: Massive European Network of Stone Age Tunnels That Weaves From Scotland To Turkey

The Hum

Does the sound of someone persistently humming annoy the crap out of you???  Imagine hearing a humming noise that just won't stop.... ever.  It's been happening to people all over the world for the last 40 years (at least it's been documented for the last 40 years).  The hum has been reported and documented in North America, Australia, The United Kingdom and Europe.  What is it?  It's a low frequency hum that sounds like "a diesel engine idling in the distance" or "a large piece of machinery running in the distance."  The origin of the hum has been searched for but never definitively discovered.  The phenomenon happens suddenly in a location and lasts for an undetermined amount of time.  Some places have reported the hum lasting for two years and then suddenly stopping while other locations have been dealing with the hum for much longer.  The most annoying part about this hum in my opinion is NOT EVERYONE CAN HEAR IT!!! How crazy is that! So half the people in town are going crazy hearing this low hum and the other half of the population thinks they're nuts because they can't hear it.  That is the definition of frustration!  The individuals that hear the hum are referred to as 'hearers' and describe the hum as beginning abruptly like someone has flicked the switch on a machine and it ends in the same way.

I first heard about the hum years ago when I was home sick from school. When I stayed home from school my afternoon television schedule consisted of: I Love Lucy reruns, Supermarket Sweep, Unsolved Mysteries and Days Of Our Lives.  Unsolved Mysteries had a segment on the hum and I was able to find the clip on youtube. The video is below.

The Hum featured on Unsolved Mysteries 

I also found this video of people trying to deal with a strange hum.
I've never heard the hum and I hope I never do 
because this would send me to a padded room! 
 The hum is so out of control that hearers have formed support groups all over the world.

So what's causing the hum?? The cause has been attributed to everything including: UFOs, tinnitus, the earth attempting to communicate with us, secret weapons testing by various governments and other global government conspiracies.  Google the hum and you'll find countless articles, blog entries and videos. I've posted a few below. 

What renewed my interest in the hum?  Recently videos began to surface on youtube of strange, often scary noises being heard around the world which reminded me of the hum.  Basically these sounds are like the hum on steroids. 

This is quite possibly the creepiest thing I've ever heard
 and I'm glad I was not hiking with these people.
Hmm.. Maybe the earth is trying to communicate with us 
and is speaking louder because we aren't listening?? You know, like when your mom 
is calling you to dinner but you ignore her to finish your video game 
and she just screams louder...?  No...? Your right, probably not.

The Truther Girls video discussing the strange sounds.

I won't clog up this blog entry with a lot of videos and articles about these odd sounds.  There is a ton of info out there on the subject.  If you'd like to see more videos about this strange phenomenon google 'strange sounds 2012'.  Be aware that many of the videos are hoaxes.  

So what is causing this?  As with the hum there have been a number of theories suggesting the cause of these noises.  Jesus is returning, the sky is falling, HAARP, aliens are coming to kill us, electromagnetic noise, and it's 2012 so obviously the world is ending.  I'm not sure what these sounds are but I know I'd prefer to never hear them first hand.  

Watch the video and read the accompanying article below it.  
An entire town reports hearing the strange sounds and a scientist gives a possible explanation. 

What are the origins of these strange sounds?  I have no clue and I doubt the answer will be revealed any time soon.  What do you think is going on here??


Mystery in the Baltic Sea (Updated 6/17/12)

There's something odd at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and everyone and no one seems to know what it is.  

Depending on who you talk to and what you read this thing is: a spaceship, the entrance to the underworld, a giant drain stopper, a method of transportation used by ancient humans (Atlantians and Lemurians) etc.  What is known about the object is that it's pretty big, 60 feet in diameter big.  The near perfect circle at the bottom of the Baltic slid 985 feet (300 meters) across the seabed before coming to a stop in its current position.  

I read about this discovery in the summer of 2011 on Before It's News: Mysterious Circle In The Baltic Sea. Long story short, a group of treasure hunters were combing the floor of the Baltic Sea looking for shipwrecks.  Their goal was to locate a wreck that has bottles of undamaged alcohol that can be brought up and sold at auction.  Apparently a group discovered a shipwreck that had bottles of champagne on board and it sold for millions at auction. Anyway, these guys were minding their business looking for a shipwreck when they discovered this...round....thing at the bottom of the sea. (That awkward moment when your looking for liquor and you find the real Millennium Falcon instead.) They were unable to identify exactly what it is but they were able to tell its size, shape and that it's solid.   At the time of the discovery funding wasn't available for further exploration of the find.  Getting to the bottom of this is going to be difficult when the supply list includes a submarine. However, months later, they have the money and people they need and lots of fancy equipment that will hopefully shed some light on what this circular object is.  

I was pretty curious about this and surprised that the mainstream kinda reported on this. It only took them 5 or 6 months but they caught up eventually.  I read the most recent articles and watched the videos and I have to say I'm excited for the exploration to begin. It's very X-Files. The group is planning on returning to the site in spring when waters are calmer and they have a bigger boat.

Some articles and videos about the discovery.
CNN - Shipwreck Hunters Stumble Across Mysterious Find  (This article has a great video also.)
Daily Mail UK - 'It's either the Millennium Falcon or a gateway to hell'
ABC News - Shipwreck in Baltic Sea? A UFO? Mystery To Treasure Hunters
UFO Found On The Bottom Of The Baltic Sea Between Sweden and Finland?

What do you think it is??



Last September I told you about a strange object found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.  A group of shipwreck hunters discovered the object via a sonar sweep of the sea floor.  Unable to further investigate the find because of limited funds, limited equipment and the approaching rough waters of winter, the researchers had to wait until recently to dive for more answers.  They made the dive to the object and resurfaced with more unanswered questions.  The object is:

  • the shape of a mushroom
  • raised 10-13ft off the sea floor and is 60 meters in diameter
  • the edges are rounded and rugged
  • has an egg shaped hole in the center
  • has strange rock formations around the hole that look like tiny fireplaces. the rocks are covered in something that resembles soot
  • there is a smaller object of a similar shape not far from this one

So what the hell is this thing??  No one has any idea. The leading theory is that this is the real life Millennium Falcon laying at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.  Why??  Because there is also a 985ft long skid mark/landing track left by the strange object.  From the looks of it the object skidded across the sea floor for almost 1000ft until it came to a stop.  So what is it? An ancient craft from our distant human ancestors, a spaceship, or just some rocks that ended up in a strange formation? I have no idea but I hope the investigation continues.  The researchers are still at the site hoping to answer at least some of the questions this object has raised.  This sounds like a job for Scully and Mulder!

Articles about the object and investigation:
Daily Mail UK - The UFO Shaped Object in the Baltic Sea (Photos) - Divers Explore Mysterious Spaceship Shaped Object in the Baltic Sea (Video)

Thoughts? Opinion? Crazy theories that would make The Lone Gunman proud?


Lexus And His New Job

Recently I purchased a new phone and, while learning how to use it, I discovered a few pictures I forgot I had.  Two of those forgotten pictures were from Samhain 2011.  I was responsible for writing a group ritual for a Samhain Eve gathering in the park and a Samhain ritual for a Witch's Ball Atreya and I were attending.  I've written group rituals before so this wasn't new to me but it was still quite stressful.  Samhain is a huge deal as most of you know and I've never had to write and organize the public rituals for this Sabbat before.  Lucky for me I have a secret weapon.  Lexus.  He has so many jobs: paperweight, professional napper, cat food consumption champion and now he can add proofreader to his list of accomplishments.  
 Lexus proofreading the Samhain ritual.

He's visibly annoyed by my grammatical errors and only made a few minor changes. 
I'm going to interpret the long nap he took on the papers as his stamp of approval.

Ancient Walled City Discovered Off The Georgia Coast

"Six hours southeast of Atlanta off the Georgia coast on Sapelo Island, archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an ancient walled city which predates the construction of many of Egypt's pyramids. Known as the Sapelo Shell Ring Complex, this ancient city was constructed around 2300 B.C. and featured three neighborhoods each surrounded by circular walls twenty feet in height constructed from tons of seashells. Some of the earliest pottery in North America was also found buried in the remains of this lost city."

Follow the link to the entire article:

Even A Conspiracy Theorist Needs A Break

I haven't posted anything about OWS in quite some time.  It isn't because I've stopped believing in the movement or following the news about it.  I'm not someone that focuses on a topic for a week or two and then moves on, quite the opposite.  Some people may call me a 'conspiracy theorist' and others may refer to me as a 'truther'.  Regardless of how others may choose to label me, I'm just someone that wants the real truth and not the corporate controlled medias' skewed version of current events.  The last few years I've been delving into all manner of "conspiracy theories" from chemtrails to climategate, HAARP to Fema Camps, UFOs to what's really behind the wars, Fukishima and the insane amount of radiation that is STILL being released from the damaged reactors etc.  I could go on and on and on and on but I won't... at least not right now.

Everyday I read tons of articles and watch videos from alternative news sites, independent bloggers, and I listen to channellings from the Galactic Federation of Light.  In doing this, I'm exposing myself to a lot of information, insights, ideas, and emotions from a diverse group of people. It's a lot to digest. Which is why every few months I have to stop and walk away from it all.  Human sponge that I am, when I'm done reading an article or watching a video it doesn't go away when I close the tab on the computer.  It stays with me for a long time.  

Which is one reason I had to pull back on how involved I was getting in keeping up with the OWS movement and other issues I've been following. The movement itself isn't the problem, watching all the violence against protesters and listening to the media and politicians lie is what did me in.  I can only take so much of watching innocent people being pepper sprayed, beaten by police, and dragged off to jail.  Reading articles about raw food markets being raided at gun point by the government and having healthy food thrown away and raw milk poured down the drain.  Children dying because the vaccines they were given are dangerous.  Monsanto poisoning us via the genetically modified food we eat and the chemicals in Mountain Dew are strong enough to dissolve a rat carcous bones included.   

Its endless. 

The lies, cover ups, half truths, hatred, killings and corruption seem to go on forever and are deeply embedded in human history.  It's enough to make a person seek out a padded room and call it home.  Or at least turn away from the news for a bit and watch youtube clips of sleeping kittens and  dancing babies. 

Now that I've had my fill of cute puppy pictures and time away from the craziness I've begun catching up and looking at everything again with fresh eyes.  I'm happy to see that despite the medias' efforts to downplay the movement and declare it D.O.A., OWS is still going strong.  Not only is it still going strong but, for many people, it has turned into a revolution of love.  

Read this short article and watch the video below:

One People Flash Mob
This video moves me to tears every time I watch it. 

The Revolution is Love
Great message.

For a long time I couldn't put my finger on exactly what about the OWS movement resonated in me, what made it personal.  After taking some time away I realize that for me it's not about the government, big banks, corporations, corruption etc.  It's about love, peace, community and understanding.  It's not about beating the 1% but coming together again in love and community and becoming the 100%. The more people wake up to love and the realization that we are all connected, that we are all one and what happens to one can effect many the better the world will become. It's inevitable in my opinion. Positive vibrations are being raised among the people of this planet and more of us are becoming the change we long to see in the world.  As this awakening continues and grows the powers that be (or were) are going to be left with a choice to make: join in or step aside.  It's not going to be easy and of course it won't happen tomorrow but I truly believe that we are on our way picking up more and more passengers as the journey continues.  I'm going to do my best to remain positive, send out as much loving energy as possible and hold the belief that the peaceful world I believe is coming is just around the corner.  

Brightest Blessings of Love to you ALL,

Misunderstood Disney Witches: Part 2

Misunderstood Disney Witches (part 2)

Ahhh, the World of Disney. Just thinking about it brings back memories of my childhood. My brother and I watched Lion King, Mary Poppins, Sleeping Beauty, etc., on REPEAT back in the day!

And by "back in the day" I mean last week. Don't judge me.

Some of my fave Disney movies were the ones with witches in them (go figure). And I sorta feel like maybe they might have been...misunderstood. Hear me out. I think a lot of these ladies just had issues like you and me. 

I kind of admired Ursula when I was younger. Here was this FULL FIGURED woman, with so much assurance and killer swag, I wished I had HALF of her self - confidence. She worked it! And I loved it. Not to mention she was a brilliant alchemist and sorceress; which made me want to pay attention more in chemistry. 

I'm sexy and I know it
 Yet this poor unfortunate soul, I feel, was possibly the victim of bullying when she was just a wee cecaelia. She probably had to deal with kids calling her names at school due to her weight; especially standing next to her sister, Morgana:

Miss Atlantica 2000

As well as a resemblance to a certain "sweet transvestite":

 Can you Time Warp in water?

So now, Ursula is all grown up. And although she has brushed her haters off her shoulders and has come to own her diva-ness, you would think she would be content with that. But nay. She wants to show all those merpeople who's boss. She wants to rule the ocean!! Unfortunately, she may have gone about it the wrong way...

Don't make me shove this up your...

The bullied had become the bully. This is always a sad tale. Which eventually led to her demise.

Ursula needed to float back a lil and see that she could be great without being a bully. 

And that a lot of those merpeople would just go on to work in a cubical, 10 hours a day, miserable behind their coral desk, swim in fin to fin traffic to go home and do it all over again the next day.

While she would go on to be the most brilliant and successful alchemist/sorceress/plus size model in all of Atlantica's history.
Be great. Don't be a bully.

(For Erica) 

Nimitz And His Shoe Collection

Nimitz has been a great familiar over the years.  Why?  Because he's odd and I'm odd so we complement each others' oddness.  His oddness shines through with his quirky and sometimes strange habits and behaviors.  He loves to sit on... well, anything.  He will sit on remote controls, books, crystals, people (my head on occasion) and if you leave your purse open he'll crawl inside and take a nap.  The more uncomfortable something looks the more appealing it is for him to take a nap on.  Mail, picture frames, phones, computers, art supplies... nothing is safe when Nimitz wants to have a seat or take a nap.  But his favorite, the thing he likes to sit/lay/sleep on the most, are shoes. He doesn't just lay on them, sometimes he'll actually slide his front legs into your shoes and take a long nap.  And if he hasn't seen you in a while, there's no stopping him, he's going to get your shoes as soon as you take them off.  My mom doesn't come to my apartment that often but when she does Nimitz has a field day.  He usually starts out with a short nap in her bag and then moves onto the shoes.  This is what I come home to every night....

(Sidenote: Can you tell two witches with a shoe addiction live here?  Look at all those black boots! Oy, we need to stop buying shoes!) 

I leave and the shoes are in order. I come home and he's created a bed out of our boots. There is no reasoning with him.  The shoes in this house belong to Nimitz, Atreya and I are borrowing our own footwear when we leave the house.    

Nimitz And The Squirrel


He looks so innocent sitting in Atreya's window doesn't he?  Watching clouds go by, listening to the birds chirp, feeling the breeze on his face. Perhaps he's deep in meditation contemplating his place in the universe.... Nope!!  There's this squirrel thats's been coming around the fire escape for a while now.  He taunts Nimitz, I'm sure of it.  He can sense how bad Nimitz wants to chase him and he makes sure to sashay by the window every morning.  On occasion Atreya and I are startled by a loud bang from her bedroom because Nimitz has run full speed and head first into the screen.  One of these days that squirrel is going to be too bold and the screen to weak....


Nimitz And The Plastic Bag

October 6, 2011

The Nimitz needed confirmation that there was, in fact, nothing in the bag for him. No toys filled with catnip, no treats, no food etc.  However, this endeavor was not a totally failure. He discovered that this was a comfortable place to sit, observe his surroundings incognitos like and a wonderful location to lay in wait....


Friday, October 14, 2011 1:15pm

Yay!! Its finally here!! The new iPhone is being released today! Not excited...? Neither am I.

I awoke this morning and was a bit frightened by the world I had now found myself in. A new iPhone is being released today... Oh the HORROR!!! My mother told me about her pre-order for the phone, my co-worker asked to take a long lunch so he can go stand in line at the Apple store to get this thing and all day long people are staring at this new contraption marveling at it. I don't get it.

I'm not an iPhone user and I'm pretty sure I never will be. In fact, I don't think I own any Apple products. Nothing against Apple but it's just not my forte. Furthermore I don't understand the addiction people have when it comes to the iPhone and other various apple products. To need/want something so bad that you will stand in line for hours and even camp out.... on the sidewalk.... for days..... is something I will never comprehend.

What is so magickal about this phone? Does it summon fairies? Can it turn objects to gold? Can you use it to fight off a dragon? Does it foretell the future of its owner? Does it do the owners bidding, turning their adversaries into dust?

I hate to sound like I'm judging but maybe I am just a bit. I've never been that person that gets wrapped up in things. I was never into boy bands, or obsessed with actors (don't get me wrong, I definitely have a list of cute boys in film and television). I would never consider camping out for days just to get into a concert or for the slight chance of shaking someones' hand, getting a picture or an autograph. And waiting outside for days just to see actors walk the red carpet at a movie premiere seems like an exercise in the absurd.

**Admission - Once upon a time I did get up early and wait in line to see an actor. Please, let me explain. Ya know that list of really cute boys in film that I have?? Well one of the names on that list (pretty high on that list) is Kellan Lutz. He's one of the sparkly vampires from the Twilight movies.(Google him, trust me.) Atreya discovered that he was going to be at a Macys' taking pictures with and signing pictures for the first 200 people in line. It also just happened to be my birthday. Soooo we got up at 4am, trudged out the door (in full make-up) and made it down to the Macy's while it was still dark outside. We were the 5th and 6th people on line. I've never done anything like this before and will probably never do it again but it turned out to be a fun, silly thing to do for my birthday. Plus, I got to wrap my arms around this:

By the Gods.... Thank U Atreya!**

OK... I'm back. So this whole waiting in line for the iPhone business is lost on me. I hate to compare it to a cult but that's what it seems like. Apple users are conditioned like Pavlovs dogs. Every time Apple releases something new their eyes glaze over, they begin to drool and slowly march toward the nearest Apple store. I've even lost my own mother to these people. This woman has had the iPhone in every incarnation, she owns multiple laptops (one of which is a Macbook) and now she wants an iPad. I'm trynig to get her help, if anyone knows of a program please send me an email! Plus, the reactions of people when I tell them I don't own an iPhone is amazing. Some of them act like I kick puppies in my spare time. It usually begins with a look of shock and disgust followed by: "Well you just have to get one!" or "You just don't understand!" Well no, I suppose I don't get it and I doubt I ever will but knowing Apple there's probably an app for that. Sigh....

Here's a like to the article that started this rant:

Could you imagine if these folks channeled their energies in a different direction? Instead of camping out waiting for the iPhone why not camp out at your local occupy wall street movement? What if all these people came together to do something positive like clean up their neighborhoods instead of handing more of their money over to a big corporation? I know I know, judging. Sorry.


Bloomberg Forever

Tuesday, November 22, 11, 4:48pm

He's done it again.
Corey Ogilvie, an independent filmmaker, has put together another short film documenting aspects of the occupy movement. This one focuses on the NYC OWS movement and the events leading to and surrounding the eviction from Zucotti park and the day of marches and protests on 11/17. The video is titled Bloomberg Forver and once you watch it you'll know why. I've never been a fan of Bloomberg and hopefully the NYPD will wake up and stop listening to him.

Bloomberg Forever
Scroll down to my October 27th entry to watch Corey Ogilvie's short film 'I Am Not Moving'.

Bright Blessings,

A Poem For OWS By Zach de la Rocha

Friday, November 18, 2011, 11:39am

The following is an untitled poem for Occupy Wall Street written by Rage Against The Machine front man Zach De La Rocha. “This poem is dedicated to the Occupy movement whose courage is changing the world. Stay Strong. We are winning.” -Zach De La Rocha
The beginning spills through city veins
Into the arteries
And under powers poison clouds
We move like the shadows
Through the alley ways
Through nightmares bought and sold as dreams
Through barren factories
Through boarded schools
Through rotting fields
Through the burning doors of the past
Through imaginations exploding
To break the curfews in our minds
Our actions awaken dreams of actions multiplied
A restless fury
Once buried like burning embers
Left alone to smolder
But together stacked under the walls of a dying order
All sparks are counted
Calloused hands raised in silence
Over the bonfire of hope unincorporated
It's flame restores tomorrows meaning
Across the graveyards of hollow promises
As gold dipped vultures pick at what is left of our denial
And the youngest among us
Stare at us stoned like eyes determined
And say
Death for us may come early
Cause dignity has no price
At the corner of now and nowhere
Tomorrow is calling
Tomorrow is calling
Do not be afraid

OWS Protesters Violently Evicted From Camps

Wednesday, November 16, 2011, 1:31pm

So I’m a bundle of mixed emotions. This week cities across the U.S. have begun violently removing OWS protesters from their encampments. The evictions are happening in the middle of the night when the protesters are at their most vulnerable. In NYC the raid came Tuesday morning at about 1:30 am. The NYPD showed up in riot gear, with tear gas and sound cannons, barricades and sanitation trucks. The protesters were blocked in and surrounded and 200 of them were arrested. Mass transit was suspended to the area and the press was kept out. When members of the press tried to get through and document what was happening they were met with violence, threats, some were arrested, and all were kept away. Tents, personal property (including computers, sleeping bags etc), the kitchen and even the library that contained over 5,000 books were thrown into garbage trucks.

I’m shocked but I’m not surprised. I’m angry but still trying to maintain my own personal peace and love for humanity. I’m confused by the behavior of the mayor, elected officials and police of this city but still hopeful that things will change. I’m having trouble grasping how the government and police departments can treat citizens this way and think its ok. The occupiers aren’t going away, I firmly believe this. The movement is only going to get stronger. So what are they going to do next? Throw rabble-rousers in internment camps (google FEMA camps) if we don’t get in line? Continue the violent tactics against non violent peaceful protesters?

The world is changing and I think these people need to either get in line or get out of the way. The proverbial cat is out of the bag and there’s nothing they can do about it now. So many people are awakening to the fact that so much in our world is completely unfair. The financial system is a joke and that’s just the tip of the ice berg. We are changing ourselves and thus changing the world and there is nothing ‘the powers that be’ can do about it.

Great video of Joe Rogan and some other folks discussing the OWS movement and what's happened this week. Please be advised, there is some fowl language in this video!!

Bloomberg Defends The Banks.... Elderly Woman Pepper Sprayed

Mayor Bloomberg defends the banks and the 1% because he is the 1%!:
An elderly woman and a pregnant woman taking part in peaceful protests are pepper sprayed by police:

The OWS library is thrown away:

The OWS movement isn't going anywhere. It's getting bigger as time goes on. I only hope it remains peaceful and the police wake up, put down the pepper spray and start protecting the people and not the corporations and big banks.

Love & Light

Danny Glovers' Inspirational Speech at Occupy Oakland

Monday, November 7, 2011, 1:03pm
I had to post this video. Danny Glover gave an amazing and inspirational speech at an Occupy Oakland rally. He makes some great points and is clearly very passionate about what he's saying. Just watch the video, it speaks for itself.

"Take back humanity... Take back our planet."

Bright Blessings and Love to you all!