Earth Hour 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012

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Amethyst and I do this every year. It's one of the simplest ways to help Mother Earth. Earth Hour calls for everyone to turn off their lights guessed it - 1 hour. We like to go the extra mile and turn off ALL and ANY electricity and electrical devices. Computers, TV, lights, phones, etc.; all off! 

I'm adding a link below to the Earth Hour website. If you click on the part of the map where you live, it will take you to the site for your specific country. Looks like no matter where you live, Earth Hour begins at 8:30PM! (20:30)

"But Atreya! What could we possibly do for an hour with no electricity??!"

Are you kidding?? There are PLENTY of things to do!

  • Light some candles! (You're a witch for Zeus' sake. You know you have about 84 of those suckers lying around the house)
  • Do a tarot reading for yourself or a friend!
  • Try different forms of scrying! (Those candles are already lit, try some pyromancy)
  • Since Mercury Retrograde is still goin on (crap...), why not take this time to finish something you already started (a book, a painting, a spell, etc.)
  • One word....SEANCE!
  • Try automatic writing!
  • Take a nap! 
  • Create a Vision Board! 
  • Play a board game! (Candyland!! Oh yeaaaaah!)
  • Start writing a spell you want to do in the near future
And much much more!

And most importantly, I think if we all took at least 5 minutes (if not more) out of that hour to send Gaia some Love, Light, and Healing, we would make quite the impact. 

All is One,


Earth Hour Website


Salem Witch Child said...

I love this idea. Great family time. :) Though no, I don't have that many candles. lol

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