Uncrossing Spell: Negative To Positive

Sunday, March 25, 2012

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Recently someone asked about a spell to remove negativity and I immediately thought of an uncrossing spell.  Uncrossing spells come in many forms (baths, mojo bags, candles etc) and are used to remove negativity.  The negativity can also come in many different forms: 1) negativity sent to you knowingly or unknowingly from another person. 2) negativity from places you've visited. 3) negativity you place on yourself (if you tell yourself your not worthy enough times it's going to leave a mark!).  As we go through our daily lives it's only natural that the things we come in contact with leave an impression, good and bad, that builds up over time.  When you leave home in the morning and go about your day picking up things from people and the environment is inevitable. Your hands get dirty so you wash them.  After a long day you come home and shower or wash your face.  Over time your house or apartment gets messy so you spend a sunday afternoon cleaning. The physical/mundane part of our lives needs regular maintenance/cleaning and so does our spirit. 

Someone cut you off while driving, your boss is a raging lunatic or the person in the cubicle next to you is on their way to a padded room. With so much going on around us it stands to reason that our spirit could use a good scrubbing once in a while also.  Some people recommend performing an uncrossing once a month, some witches say every other month is fine and others will tell you that once a season (four times a year) is plenty.  While all these suggestions are fine they may not work for you.  Personally I perform an uncrossing whenever I feel the need to do so which usually adds up to two to four times a year.  This spell is a variation of an uncrossing spell that was given to me by my first teacher and the focus is on drawing away the negative and pulling in protection and positivity.  I changed up a few things and made this spell my own and you should do the same.

You'll need:

  • 1 black candle (for protection and to draw in the positive/draw in the light)
  • 1 white candle (for clearing of negative energy and removal of obstacles)
  • uncrossing/cleansing incense (i use a combination of sage, sweetgrass, cedar and tobacco)
  • iron filings (creates a magnetic pull, gives spells an extra charge)
  • florida water (cleansing)
  • water (cleansing/purification)
  • salt (cleansing/purification)
  • rosemary (removes/blocks & negativity and also draws in the positive)
  • 9 bay leaves (wards of evil/negativity and used for protection/purification)
  • uncrossing oil (to dress the candles)
  • 2 pieces of paper (one for each candle)
  • a glass dish (a dish that is fire proof, can hold liquid and is big enough to fit the above ingredients)

Begin by creating your sacred space, do whatever gets you in a magical mood.  Light the incense (I burn my incense over charcoal in a small cauldron because it's a loose mixture) and sit for a few moments.  Spend some time thinking about the negative feelings, thoughts and situations you've been carrying around with you.  How have these things made you feel and affected your life? After you've spent some time really thinking about this take one of the pieces of paper and begin to write down all the negative things you'd like to rid yourself of.  You can just write words or you can put it in letter form, whatever is easiest for you. What matters is that you get it all out.  Once you've finished writing out the negatives spend some time thinking about the positive. When the negative is removed what are the positive things you want to take its place?  Imagine the positive things you want to create in your life and see yourself free of anything negative or detrimental to you.  After you've spent some time envisioning the positive take the other piece of paper and begin to write out the positive the same as you did for the negative.  Now it's time for the candles. The candles are going to be carved and dressed with oil so have a carving tool on hand and some paper towels to catch the wax and wipe your hands.

White Candle    (-)
  • Carve your name into the candle.
  • Carve your zodiac sign into the candle.
  • At the top of the candle carve 'Please'.
  • At the bottom of the candle carve 'Thank You'.
  • In the center of the candle carve the negative symbol.
  • Dress the candle with uncrossing oil. (rub the candle with oil)

Black Candle     (+)
  • Carve your name into the candle.
  • Carve your zodiac sign into the candle.
  • At the top of the candle carve 'Please'.
  • At the bottom of the candle carve 'Thank You'.
  • In the center of the candle carve the positive symbol.
  • Dress the candle with uncrossing oil. (rub the candle with oil)

Put the candles to the side and place the glass dish in front of you.  Take the nine bay leaves and place them around the bottom of the dish one by one. Then take the piece of paper with the negatives written on it and fold it in half.  Place the paper on the left side of the dish on top of the bay leaves. Then sit the white candle (-) on top of the folded piece of paper.  Now take the paper with the positives written on it.  Fold it in half and place it on the right side of the dish on top of the bay leaves.  Put the black candle (+) on top of it. 

The rest of the ingredients:
  • Sprinkle the rosemary around the candles and in the dish.
  • Sprinkle the salt around the candles and in the dish
  • Sprinkle the iron filings around the candles and in the dish.
  • Pour the water into the dish (just enough to cover the bottom of the dish).
  • Pour the florida water into the dish (at least three tablespoons.)

Now it's time to light the candles starting with the white candle.  Light the candle and say the spell 3 times:

This flame is lit to burn away the bad
Negative is cast out and all obstacles removed
I release myself from negativity both acquired and self made (repeat x3)

Let the candle burn for a few minutes and visualize the negative things written on the paper being pulled away from you.  The iron filings are pulling them away, the herbs are removing the obstacles and negativity while the salt and water are cleansing.

Once you've let the white candle burn for a few minutes light the black candle and say:

I light this candle as a beacon for
light, positivity and protection.
I am grounded
I am peaceful
I am free
I am capable
I am love (repeat x3)
As I Say So Mote It Be

Watch the candle burn while you visualize bringing all the positive things written on the paper beneath the candle into your life.  The iron filings are pulling them toward you, the herbs are protecting and drawing the positive to you and the salt and water continue to cleanse and purify.  If you have to put the candles out, snuff them out and relight them starting with the white candle. When the candles have burned out completely bury the contents of the glass dish outside, in potted plant, put it in a body of water and let it float away, whatever works for you. Once you've discarded it walk away knowing the negative is behind you and the positive is just ahead of you. Don't forget to make the spell yours so if you feel the need to change the wording of the spell, change the ingredients etc do it. Make it work for you.  I hope my version of an uncrossing spell is helpful!!

Bright Blessings and Love To You All,


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