Atreya Goes West (Part 1)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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Fievel Goes West reference anyone? No? Did I just date myself? I digress...

My company took a business trip to Las Vegas for a couple of days at the beginning of April. Since I was only a state away, I made plans to fly to Arizona and visit my VERY good friends (one of which you might remember from the 11/11/11 adventure, Corinne.) who live in the Mesa/Tempe area. 

I decided before I left, that I would try and find Magic no matter where I went. I wanted to document my journey so I could share it and what I learned with you guys once I got back. 

No matter how crazy it was around the area, there was such a sense of respect and peace where this statue stood. People from all walks of life stopped to marvel at it, but also to breathe. Some even took advantage of the kneeling bench and meditated for a couple of minutes. Some prayed, some lit incense, but everyone seemed to have a great sense of respect for the shrine. It seemed like one of the few places to take a moment and be calm. Even a bunch of loud boisterous girls who were walking towards it, suddenly fell silent as they passed by. If you are ever in Vegas, please go to the gardens in front of Caesar's Palace, right behind Serendipity, and check it out.

There will be 3 Parts of my trip that I will upload. Part 1 is down below, and Part 2 should be done soon. Enjoy!

Lesson learned: Magic is found in the most unlikely places. And though it may seem unlikely, does not mean it isn't there.

Stay tuned for Part 2...



Nery2318 said...

Loved this! Felt like I was right there with you!! Kiddo,you should have your own Show!!!

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