Stone Of The Month ~ May 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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Stone of the Month for May 2012 ~ Rose Quartz

The stone of the month for May is one of the prettiest stones out there in my opinion, Rose Quartz.  Rose Quartz is a very popular stone that is common in rock/mineral shops and can be easily obtained.  A member of the quartz family, Rose Quartz gets its pink color from titanium or manganese impurities.  Some pieces may also contain utile, which is a mineral that creates sparkling specks inside the stone.  Rose Quartz is pink and the color will range from a very pale pink to a deep pink. 

Atreya's Rose Quartz Healing Wand

Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love, peace, emotional healing, self love and self acceptance.  This stone is calming and will aide you with inner healing.  Important to the heart chakra, Rose Quartz purifies the heart and aura opening you to love on all levels.  If your struggling with love of self and self confidence, carry a piece of Rose Quartz in your pocket.  Rose Quartz is a soothing stone that interacts gently with its surrounding environment creating a stabilizing and supportive element.  Holding a piece of Rose Quartz will help you with emotional stress and help you deal with extreme emotional situations like panic attacks, anxiety and fear. 

Got some negative vibes? Use this stone to remove negative energy and replace it with calm, loving energy.  Rose Quartz will also increase your sense of empathy and help you accept change, especially when the change is sudden. 

Rose Quartz will help open your heart and make you receptive to love on all levels, including yourself (self love).  Internalized pain, unexpressed emotions, and negative feelings that no longer serve you are soothed and released with Rose Quartz.  When experiencing grief, use this stone for comfort and to help deal with the loss.  If your an insomniac like I am, use Rose Quartz to help you get some sleep.  Place it under your pillow and its calming effects will help you ease into sleep and stay there.

This stone is also a considered a romantic stone by some.  Place it in your bedroom, home or carry it with you to attract a romantic partner.  If you're in a relationship, Rose Quartz will strengthen and maintain harmony, trust and encourage unconditional love. 

Interesting Tidbit: Having a mid-life crisis or know someone that is? Get some Rose Quartz stat! It will enhance positive affirmations and remind you of your true, inner intentions. Also, because this stone promotes self worth, self love, etc., some people believe that Rose Quartz will help you reach weight loss goals.  One last thing: apparently water charged with Rose Quartz will help rejuvenate the skin and decrease wrinkles on the face.

Rose Quartz is first and foremost about you.  Self love, self healing, self trust, self acceptance, self worth, and self forgiveness are all things that Rose Quartz can help you achieve. Wear it over your heart to open yourself to love and remove internalized pain.  If you're prone to panic or anxiety attacks, keep a piece of Rose Quartz handy.  Your next pity party will end earlier and a mid-life crisis can be averted with this stone.  If you need some extra help with a weight loss plan, put a piece of Rose Quartz on your treadmill.  When all else fails, keep calm and carry a piece Rose Quartz. 

Bright Blessings,

Source: Crystals by: Jennie Harding
The Crystal Bible by: Judy Hall


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