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Sunday, September 30, 2012

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YAY!! Our day has a arrived in The Real Witches of Halloween line up. We are very excited to be a part of this blog tour. A little about us... Atreya and I (Amethyst) met a few years ago at an open Samhain ritual in NYC and we've been connected ever since. We are members of the same soul family and, along with a few other people, have had a lifetime or two together. The sisterly bond between us is very strong and we've been accused of sharing the same brain. So, one day while sitting on the couch bickering about whose brain it was first an idea crept in and 2 Witches 1 Blog was born. Our blog is a year old and so far we truly enjoy working on it and we hope the folks that stop by enjoy it too. What you'll find here: Stone and Herb of the month posted on the first of every month. Spells, meditations, funny pictures, articles and anything else that knocks our pointy hats crooked. You can tell which one of us is writing by the colors we've chosen. I'm purple and Atreya is sage green. So browse around, laugh at us (we don't mind), comment and send us emails. Thank You Lyn Thurman for allowing us to be a part of the Real Witches of Halloween blog tour!

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Bright Blessings
~Amethyst &Atreya~


amethystlilypads said...

too cool!

Layla ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

Great to find you via Lyn. I blog at Cat Wisdom 101 and the Boomer Muse.

cauldronsandbroomsticks said...

G'Day ladies, from 'downunder' in Australia! :) Thanks for sharing your blog with us all on the RWOH tour, I'm looking forward to reading it, and have yat your button to put up on my page as well. :)
Seeing the Moonstone blog has already caught me (love moonstone!), so no doubt I'm going to be a long-time reader, pain in the bum commenter LOL!

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