(Hurricane) Irene Inspired, (Hurricane) Sandy Approved

Monday, October 29, 2012

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     There's a hurricane a'comin'!! I'm sure most of you have heard that a crazed, uninvited guest named Sandy is currently causing quite a bit of trouble on the east coast of the United States. While sitting in the apartment, listening to the wind knock things about outside, I was reminded of another uninvited guest from last year, Irene.  I have family and friends up and down the east coast (including an aunt that lives right on the beach in Maryland and my mother lives in a flood zone) and during Hurricane Irene, I had this sudden compulsion to do a really quick protection spell.  The spell was quick because I needed it ASAP since Irene was already knocking on the proverbial door and I needed to send out protection energy right away.  I used the same protection spell today for Hurricane Sandy and I thought I should share it with you. This is something that can be done quickly and only needs a few ingredients.

Quick Candle Spell for Protection
     Items needed:
  • 1 white or black pillar candle (I used white but go with your preference and what you have available)
  • Basil (herb)
  • Rosemary (herb)
  • Cinnamon (powder)
  • Cyrpress (oil)
  • A fire proof dish for candle burning
  • Protection symbol (carved onto the candle)

I use this symbol for protection. It's a variation of the protection rune and it was introduced to me by
my candle magick teacher. Use this symbol for protection or any other symbol that means protection to you.
     Carve the symbol into the candle. Also, don't forget to carve 'please' at the top of the candle and 'thank you' at the bottom.  Once the candle is carved, dress (rub) the candle with cypress oil. Next, rub the herbs onto the candle and place some of the herbs at the bottom of the dish that the candle will burn in. While working with each herb, charge the herb for protection by saying, "Basil, I charge you with the powers of protection. Protection for myself and others." (repeat this with each herb)
     Now that the candle is carved and the herbs are charged, place the candle in the center of the dish. Take a few minutes to raise your personal power. Visualize everyone you love and care for as safe and protected.  Take a few deep breaths and light the candle. Hold your power/dominant hand over the candle and say the spell:
No harm will come
To my family and friends
All will stay safe and well
Until the danger ends. (repeat 9x)
So Mote It Be
     Let the candle burn while the storm rages outside (or during whatever danger you need protection from). If you must put the candle out snuff it out, don't blow it out.  Spells can and must be changed to suit each individuals' need.  Don't have the herbs listed above?? Feel like the spell needs re-wording?? Does a different protection symbol resonate strongly with you?? Change things up, make substituions and work with what you have.  This spell has worked for me in the past and hopefully it can do the same for you. Be safe, be well and watch out for Sandy!
My quick protection candle burning bright during the storm.
Bright Blessings,


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