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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Stone of the Month for October 2012 ~ Bloodstone
     The month of October belongs to Bloodstone in this edition of SOTM.  Bloodstone is sometimes referred to as Heliotrope (Greek) and is one of the many varieties of chalcedony quartz (chalcedony - A microcrystalline type of quartz occurring in several different forms, including onyx, agate, and jasper.  Bloodstone is dark green in color and gets its name from the specks of red (and sometimes orange) jasper inclusions.  As a member of the quartz family, Bloodstone is hard and a good stone for carving. The stone is generally considered a masculine stone and is a powerful protection talisman. 

Medieval Bloodstone carvings
     Bloodstone is believed to have deep mystical powers. This stone can banish negativity and evil, guard the wearer from evil spirits, and redirect spiritual energies.  Bloodstone was considered an "audible oracle" in ancient times, providing the bearer with sounds as a means of guidance.(2)  Use Bloodstone to reenergize yourself, enhance creativity and intuition, and stimulate dreams.  If your looking for a boost of courage (headed into battle anytime soon?) or trying to be more selfless, give Bloodstone a try. The stone will also help you recognize a dangerous situation and make a safe exit.  Suddenly taken out of your comfort zone? Bloodstone can help you adjust to new surroundings. It calms the mind, promotes clear thinking and alleviates confusion.  
     Bloodstone is also great for healing the body and grounding energy.  Wear Bloodstone to refresh and strengthen the body and cleanse the blood. Belief in yourself and commitment to personal spiritual growth are encouraged with Bloodstone.  Use it to increase the spirituality of your everyday life.  This stone helps ground emotional/heart energies and decreases impatience and aggressiveness. 
     Using Bloodstone for healing has been practiced since the ancient Egyptians used the stone to shrink tumors.  It supports the blood, removes toxins and can be helpful in cases of leukemia.  Bloodstone also helps circulation, supports healthy blood flow and detoxifies the kidneys, spleen, liver and intestines.  Wear or carry a Bloodstone with you to give your health a boost. 
     Cleansing of the lower chakras gets a boost from Bloodstone.  By bringing action and the heart into balance, Bloodstone helps when you are at the start of a new endevor. Green, the dominant color of the stone, is linked to the heart chakra and love.  Red, the specks within the stone, is related to the base chakra and vitality, phsyical strength and the ability to create things in the world.  "Legends such as the tale of Percival, one of King Arthur's knights who went on the quest for the Holy Grail, illustrates the combined qualities of bloodstone. Percival was a knight trained in the physical aspects of combat, but his quest took him into the spiritual realms, teaching him lessons about illusion and the power of unconditional love." (1)
Interesting Tidbit:
1)In medieval times the specks of red jasper were believed to be the blood of Christ. The blood fell from him as he was crucified, seeping into the ground and bonding with the stone. These medieval christians often carved crucification scenes into Bloodstone and it also referred to as the martyrs stone.
2)Place Bloodstone in a clean bowl of water next to your bed before you go to sleep. This will help you have more peaceful sleep and active yet peaceful dreams.

      Bloodstone is a powerful stone with mystically energy that can even be felt by those that are inexperienced with crystals.  Use it to quell irritability and straighten out a confused mind.  Sometimes called the warrior stone, wear it when you know there is a battle ahead or the road before you looks rough.  It will help you become acclamated to new circumstances when you're taken out of your comfort zone. Place it in a bowl of water by your bed to help you sleep and use it to ground flailing heart energy.  Chakra meditation with Bloodstone will help balance the lower chakras especially the heart and base chakras.  Visiting a cemetary, going on a ghost hunt or visiting any location thick with spirits and energies? Wear or carry a Bloodstone to keep any spirits from hitching a ride home with you.  I gave a few points about Bloodstone but there is more information out there so do some research on your own.

Bright Blessings,

Source: 1) Crystals by: Jennie Harding
2) The Crystal Bible by: Judy Hall 


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