Monday, February 27, 2012


 The funny things you find on facebook.

Harry Isn't The Only Witch MTV Is Talking About

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back in 2008 MTV posted an article and aired a couple of MTV News pieces about paganism and witchcraft.  When I read the title of the article I admit I judged a book by its cover. I immediately assumed that MTV had put together a sensationalized "news" piece about young witches in America. I was completely wrong.  The information provided is accurate and the young people interviewed are impressive.  I've linked to the article/video below.  

"Far From Devil Worship And 'Harry Potter', Young Witches Explain What They're Really About"


A Tree (hotel) Grows in Sweden

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

As a proud treehugger myself, I almost lost it when I heard of this place. Then I saw pictures and I nearly fainted: 


"Treehotel is built on the genuine experience of nature, so it’s a given that sustainability and ecological values are two pillars of our hotel operation.

We build our treerooms in the natural forest while hardly affecting the surroundings. We choose material and construction techniques that make as little environmental impact as possible. We build on live trees without destroying the tree and we do not chop down any trees or damage nature while building.

We do hope that you, as our guest, appreciate our sustainability work, even if it does make your accommodation a bit simpler. While we want to have our hotel in the middle of nature, we want to do it on nature’s terms"

Cool mirrorcube hut AND eco-friendly??

When do we leave?...

Check out the link below:

Fasten your seat belts...

"A rare astrological alignment that hasn't been seen since America's Revolutionary War will be influencing many upcoming events on this planet. If that wasn't enough, we are also heading into a Mercury Retrograde coupled with a New Moon. Fasten your seatbelts, folks, you're in for the ride of your life!" 

Monday, February 20, 2012

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it.

                                                                                                                            ~ Eckhart Tolle

Arrows into Roses

Sunday, February 19, 2012

*SIGH* Why can't we all just get along?

Unfortunately, there may come a time where someone uses magick against you. I went through this not too long ago. 

A girlfriend of a male friend of mine had worked a spell to make our friendship go sour. Even though we have been friends for years and years before she came into the picture, she did not want to share. And "harming none" didn't seem to be a part of her plan. 

Thankfully, I could sense that her energy had shifted and had become quite cold towards me early on; so I knew to prepare myself. I also suspected she practiced some form of witchcraft. So I put up my psychic shield and went through the motions of protecting myself. And although my friend and I spent a good time apart, we reconnected as if no time had passed (that's the sign of a great friend!). After we reconnected recently, I began to feel my shield being prodded and poked; as if something was trying to reach me. 

Another spell against me. Fabulous.

It was the same energy I felt the first time; this sort of "GO AWAY" energy. So I thought it would be best to do some sort of counter spell to stop these shenanigans. Perhaps a spell involving mirrors, so as to reflect the spell back to its caster. But if she worked a spell that brought negativity, negativity would be sent back to her. And I didn't want that. Well, it so happened that there seemed to be a new and perhaps better way to work this spell...

As I was researching for the next installment of my "Misunderstood Disney Witches" series ( which will be on my absolute favorite...Maleficent!!) , I stumbled upon this clip in Sleeping Beauty, and of course I had to watch because I love this movie:

And although I've seen this movie a bazillion times, I noticed something interesting about the beginning scene of this clip. 

As Maleficent's evil minions are trying to put the kibosh on Prince Phillip, the three Good Fairies are protecting him in a particular way. They're not reflecting the attacks. They are TRANSFORMING the attacks into benign objects. And I thought: what an awesome idea.

Not only would I be not reflecting bad energy, but I could transform the energy into positive things for myself! 

So I would like to share the spell I did with you in case you're in a similar predicament. Here's what you'll need:

  • Sage (or sandalwood incense)
  • White fishnet style veil (or white fishnet stocking)
  • Black candle
  • Allspice oil
  • Lighter
  • Feather (optional)

Ground yourself and cast circle as you normally would. Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths. Take the black candle, hold it in both your hands and raise it up a bit and say:

I draw your spell 
and any negativity you send 
into this candle

Say this 3 times. And as you say it, visualize their spell (in the form of smoke, energy, etc.) being sucked into the candle. You can even pull the candle in to simulate drawing in the negative energy. Once you feel like all the negativity has been drawn in, you can carve any sigils, runes, or other symbols you'd like at this time. Runes or symbols of transformation, peace, and love are some good examples. If you do not want to carve your candle, you don't have to.

After you're done, dress your candle with Allspice oil (allspice oil's element is Fire and is useful in transforming negative energy into a more positive flow). Place the candle on your altar or on a table in front of you. Light the candle to signify the beginning of the transformation process. 

Take the veil or stocking and place your hands over it and say:

As energy passes through
shall it turn fresh, clean, and new

Light the bundled sage and place it in a holder in front of the black candle. Take the fishnet veil or stocking and hold it in front of you with one hand. Take the feather (or just use your hand) and waft the smoke towards you, through the veil (if incense in your face bothers you or you don't like the smell, you can just go through the motions and visualize this part without the sage). As you wave the smoke towards you, you can say:

Your spell is not broken
But merely transformed
From darkness sent
Shall good fortune be born

As with any spell that you find, make this your own! Change the words to ones you're more comfortable with. Simplify it. Complicate it. Don't make it rhyme. Use iambic pentameter. Whatever you need to do to make the spell resonate with you. 

I got really great results with this spell. The idea here is to visualize the flame of the candle burning the negativity of the spell that was cast on you, while transforming the energy released from it into positive things for you. Think of the candle INHALING that nasty spell put on you. It needs to EXHALE. And it's going to exhale through the veil (the filter) and come to you in the form of wonderful, joyous, and positive situations, people, etc.

I know it can be difficult to just turn the other cheek when someone wishes bad upon you. But I figured with so much negativity in the world, and the energy Shift going on, maybe we should take every chance we get to turn that negativity into Light and Love.

Basically, we're turning boulders into bubbles. And arrows into roses. 


Friday, February 17, 2012


Update: My mom has since become the most supportive mother ever for this witch. She even came to a Yule ritual. Awesomeness. Love ya.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A lot of these have started popping up on Facebook and other sites. But so far, I haven't seen one for witches yet.


I decided to make our own: 

 The skiing witches are my fave.

So True...

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Magical Meetings: Judika Illes

Judika Illes
Judika is one of my favorite authors and has been since I first began my foray into paganism and magic.  An accomplished author, certified aromatherapist, tea and tarot reader: this woman knows her stuff and it shows in her classes, books and articles.  She is an author and has written a number of books on topics ranging from the paranormal to witchcraft and magic. 

When I began my magical studies I was excited, scared and feeling a little lost.  I found a group in NYC and began taking classes but still wanted a little more.  My book collection was slowly growing (now it's taking over my apartment) and I was committed and studious.  I purchased books like Raymond Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft and Wicca: The Complete Craft by D.J. Conway.  I read one to three chapters in each book everyday and completed the exercises and questions at the end of the chapters.  Plus I was carrying smaller books around with me, reading on the train or when I had time at work.  If only I'd paid this much attention to my school work in my mundane life, I could be working at NASA by now!  

I knew I needed to learn the fundamentals, the background and basics etc but what really peeked my interest and need for knowledge was magic.  Growing up I was certain that there was magic in everything.  The woodpecker that returned to my neighborhood every spring.  The smell of my mothers' rose garden filling my bedroom.  Forcing my father to place my bed under the window so I could sleep in moonlight.  I knew there was magic in everything and I wanted to know more about it.  I searched the internet for new books to add to the growing pile and I discovered The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells: The Ultimate Reference Book for the Magical Arts by Judika Illes.  I had to have this book.  

In this photo: Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints and Sages, Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, Pure Magic, Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, and Encyclopedia of Spirits. 

Apparently Nimitz, my familiar, likes Judika's books as well!

Aside from finding this book that, from the description had everything I was looking for, it was also an encyclopedia!  I've had a love for large encyclopedia type books since I was a kid. Maybe it's because of the Taurus, Libra, Virgo action going on in my birth chart but a ton of information properly organized into one giant book is like heaven to me.  So obviously I bought it.

The book arrived and it was everything I expected.  There was information and spells for every topic under the sun: protection, fertility, love, money etc.  Recipes for oils, inks and powders and information on magical tools. I was hooked.  I read through the book, using the information, recipes and spells that I found inside. The first oil blend I ever made came from a recipe in this book. This book is well researched, organized and thoughtfully put together by a woman that clearly knows what she is talking about. I've used it so much some of the pages are falling out and post-it notes are stuck on pages that I refer to frequently.  Judikas' down to earth approach makes magic seem tangible and accessible.  So I went back to the internet and started investigating her other books of which I own almost all of them.    

Fast forward a few years and I'm shopping in Namaste Books and I happened to see a flyer for a lecture and book signing with Judika Illes! After I stopped grinning from ear to ear I immediately called Atreya and we made plans to attend the lecture. The talk was about her latest book, Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints and Sages.  Judika gave a great lecture and at the end she was nice enough to sign books for everyone that attended.  She is also doing tarot and tea leaf readings on saturdays at Namaste Books  which, of course we signed up for ASAP.  

A couple of weeks after my reading with Judika I saw an event posted on facebook that sounded to good to be true.  Hosted by Order of the World Tree (a coven out of Ridgefield Park, NJ), Judika was going to be teaching a three hour Spell-casting workshop. Really!?@!#?  Giving all those tourists directions on the subway must have really paid off because the universe has been sending some awesome things my way lately.  In a span of two months, I'd met one of my favorite authors, had all of my books signed by her, received a tarot reading from her and now a spell-casting workshop! Obviously Atreya and I went.    

We got up early, took a train to New Jersey, borrowed my mothers car and arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn for the workshop. Yes, you read that right. A spell casting workshop in the middle of the day in a conference room at a nice hotel.  I hadn't thought about that until Judika made the point during the workshop.  The magical community has come so far.  Now, instead of meeting in secret and having someone look out for crazed villagers with pitchforks and torches, about 30 people met out in the open to discuss magic.  

The workshop was great.  Judika covered a variety of magical bases (I have 10 pages of notes to prove it), the people in attendance were wonderful and the Order of the World Tree did a great job putting this event together. Judika answered everyone's questions, covered a variety of topics, sold and signed books and took pictures with everyone that asked.  What did I get out of this workshop?? That's a tough query to answer. Judika talked about so much: botanicals, candle magic, oils, the symbolism of using a mortar and pestle and much much more.  But what really stayed with me is what she said about magic. Judika said that magic is everywhere. Its all around us, all of the time and spell casting is a means to communicate with that power. That statement took me back to when I was that little girl that needed to sleep in the moonlight.  It made me realize that even in a hard and energetically overwhelming place like New York City magic was still everywhere. Before this workshop I was feeling bogged down and a bit spent in various areas of my life, magic being one of them.  After this workshop I felt renewed and reassured as a witch.  The magic isn't gone and it never will be, it's our choice to tap into the magic that is always around us.  I just need to work harder at renewing and maintaining my connection with it.  

Meeting Judika was a wonderful experience. The workshop was great, I met some wonderful magical people and I immediately went home and cracked open my spell books.  Judikas' books have helped me grow as a magical being and for that I will always be grateful (plus her tarot reading gave me just the push I needed... or gentle kick in the ass!) Don't ignore the magic and never stop learning!  Thank You Judika.

(Just wanted to chime in here really quick. When I first met Judika at a signing at Namaste bookshop for her new book, "The Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints and Sages", the one thing that really stuck with me was how DOWN TO EARTH she was!! She was so approachable, so friendly, and so willing to generously share her time and knowledge with everyone even after her signing was done! It was the same for her spell-casting workshop in NJ. I highly recommend you take her classes if you ever get a chance or hear her speak. Meeting Judika was such a pleasure!)

                                           From Left to Right:Atreya, Judika, and Amethyst

Bright Blessings
~Amethyst~  & Atreya

Alice Smeets and Her Photographs of Modern Witchcraft

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Witches' Voice posted this on facebook today and I love the photos.  Alice Smeets did some amazing and honest work photographing modern witches around the world.  Follow the links below to see all the picture and read what she has to say Modern Witchcraft. 

"Photographer Alice Smeets was born in the German speaking part of Belgium in 1987 and currently divides her time between Belgium and Haiti. Fascinated about documentary photography, she learned her skills by assisting the Magnum photographer Philip Jones Griffiths. She received a distinction for her MA (Photojournalism at LCC) in 2010. She is focused on photographing social and cultural issues, at present concentrating on Haiti and spiritual religions. This work is from her series, Modern Witchcraft."

This is one her pictures. This picture was taken at Castlerigg Stone Circle, England.

Follow this link to the pictures and articles on feature shoot: http://www.featureshoot.com/2012/02/photographs-of-modern-witchcraft/

To see a couple of pictures that didn't make the feature shoot article go here:

To see the rest of Alice Smeets work including more Modern Witchcraft pictures go to the her website, click menu and select Modern Witchcraft.  I recommend checking out all of her photos, she's very talented.

Bright Blessings,

Have you??

Don't be scurred!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Amethyst and I did readings the other night, and I was inspired to do this video.

Maybe we'll do one for each card of the Major Arcana...

Let us know what you think!

February Full Moon

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blessed Full Moon!

Blessed full moon everyone!!  Atreya and I are going to do our best to make full moon posts a regular occurrence on the blog.  

Normally the heaviest snow usually falls during this month. Native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. The February full moon has many names, just as every month's big moon does. In addition to its Snow Moon nickname, the lunar event is also known as the Storm Moon, Candles Moon, Hunger Moon since harsh weather conditions in areas made hunting very difficult for tribes.

This month the full moon is in Leo. It's a time to focus on putting your needs first and making yourself the center of attention.  Leos tend to be ambitious, creative and extroverted.  The have a natural magnetism that draws people to them and they radiate warmth where ever they go.  Confident and strong-willed with a touch of arrogance, a Leo has no problem being the center of attention.  Leos are also masters of "fake it 'til you make it". They give the impression of strength and confidence even when they are feeling nervous and unsure.  Eventually that false confidence will grow and become real (and no one will be able to tell the difference).  Leos are also generous (they'll give you the mane off their back) and will make it their mission to ensure the people around them are happy and comfortable as long as their efforts are appreciated.  
So this full moon learn from Leos' example and make yourself the center of attention. Focus on your needs and goals at this time.  Spell work for: job hunting, recognition and promotions, and self confidence will get a boost from the Leo full moon.  Performers will also benefit from the Leo full moon.  If you have any type of performance coming up (singing, art show, presentation at work or school) tap into the power of this full moon. Use its energy to help your confidence level or to help you take the next step with your project, putting it out there for the world to see.  

~Amethyst~  &   Atreya 

Monday, February 6, 2012


Since Pagans Believe Trees Are Gods Athiests Should Cut Down Trees..... HUH?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Kristi Watts, described on her bio as being “upbeat and quick with a smile” but apparently none too bright, and who never to let slip an opportunity to demonstrate this, later chimed in with by saying that since Wicca “believes in the environment and believes that trees are there God,” then “why are these atheists not saying we should cut down every tree because it’s offensive?”
Follow the link to the full article: http://www.politicususa.com/en/fundamentalist-kristi-watts-upset-that-atheists-do-not-hate-wiccans

STONE OF THE MONTH - February 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stone of the Month for February 2012 - Hematite

Stone of the month for February 2012 is Hematite.  Hematite, an iron ore composed of iron oxide, is an extremely common mineral. It has a lumpy, rounded shape and sometimes resembles the brain or kidneys.  I have never been in a rock shop or new age store that didn't have massive amounts of Hematite for sale. Usually found alongside quartz, pyrite and jasper, Hematite has a silver sheen that resembles mercury and is found in large deposits. Powdered Hematite can be used to make red pigment because of its iron content.  When water is added to powdered Hematite it resembles blood.  As it oxidizes Hematite turns a reddish orange color. This, along with its natural sheen, accounts for the protective attributes given to the stone. 

Unpolished Hematite

Polished Hematite

Hematite with visible iron deposits

Hematite Ring
Hematite is a strong and powerful stone.  It enhances willpower, increases confidence, boosts self esteem and supports the timid.  Use this stone to remove self limitation and overcome addictions and compulsions and to increase peace and self control.  Hematite can also help overcome addictions or overindulgence's like smoking, overeating, anxiety etc. In need of a mental tune up? Use Hematite to sort through jumbled thoughts and find clarity.   This stone encourages you to reach for your goals by supporting your dreams, desires and hopes and by reminding you that the only limitations are the ones you place on yourself. 

Hematite helps maintain inner peace and is good for grounding and protecting.  It brings the mind, body and spirit into harmonious accord. It also grounds and centers the physical body in the present moment and increases physical strength.  Part of the stones' protective quality is its ability to dissolve negative energy and prevent negative and harmful energies from entering a persons' aura.  Some attribute its protective quality to its shiny surface, believing that negativity is literally reflected away from a person wearing Hematite. Wearing Hematite means you are shielded from all that is negative. This stone also stimulates concentration and helps enhance the memory. 

Interesting Tidbit:  The word Hematite is derived from the Greek word 'Haima' meaning blood.  Hematite was seen as a powerful talisman for warriors. It was worn during battle to promote strength and power.  The red pigment made from powdered Hematite was used to paint their faces.  They believed this made them fearless and invincible.     

One of the best ways to tap into the power Hematite is to wear a Hematite ring.  I got one recently and felt a difference almost immediately.  You can also wear the ring on a silver chain, black chord or carry it in your pocket.  If you need to hold your head a little higher and give your self-confidence a boost then Hematite is the way to go.

Bright Blessings,

Source: Crystals   by: Jennie Harding 
The Crystal Bible  by: Judy Hall

Blessed Imbolc!

A blessed Imbolc to all! 

I swear...Imbolc is that holiday that just creeps up on you. You sneeze, and it's there.

Instead of writing an entire post on this lovely Sabbat, we thought we'd do a video about it.

Amethyst and I talked about this a couple of months ago and wanted to do one for Yule. But the holidays, being what they are, were just too hectic and we ended up not having time. 

We were thinking of doing one for each of the Sabbats (we're definitely dragging Amethyst into the next one!). But we leave that up to you. Let us know what you think! 

We now have our own YouTube channel (first Twitter...now YouTube. We're movin up I tell ya!), so we hope to put out more videos in general. 

Let us know what you'd like us to do a video on. We'd love to hear your suggestions! And don't forget to subscribe to our channel!

But for now, I give you....

IMBOLC...in under 2 minutes


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And more importantly...


Herb Of The Month - February 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Herb of the Month for February 2012 - Pennyroyal

It's February 1st and time to discuss another herb.  I've chosen Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) as this months' herb for special reasons that I'll share later in this post.  Pennyroyal has quite a few folk names including: Lurk In The Ditch, Tickweed, Pudding Grass, Organ Tea, Mosquito Plant, Fleabane and Run By The Ground.  Demeter is this herbs ruling deity and its element is fire.  Pennyroyal is a masculine herb, a member of the mint family and its ruling planet is Mars. (This may vary depending on your source. Some people consider Pennyroyal to be feminine, ruled by Venus and Earth.)

Pennyroyal is an herb of strength and power.  It can be used for protection, strength and to bring peace.  Pennyroyal is a powerful guardian that provides protection and wards off the evil eye. The smoke from the burning leaves of Pennyroyal can be used to clear a home of negativity.  To remove evil from a location make a sprinkler using fresh sprigs of Pennyroyal, Rosemary and Marjoram.  The sprinkler is then used to sprinkle salt water throughout the location removing evil and negativity.  

Use Pennyroyal in healing sachets and spells.  Pennyroyal placed in your shoe will prevent weariness during travel and strengthen the body.  Add Pennyroyal to travelling spells, the herb will bless the trip and protect the traveler. Pennyroyal is also said to be a peacemaker.  When given to a fighting couple Pennyroyal will cause them to stop fighting.  Plant Pennyroyal around your home or keep some indoors (away from children and pets) for protection. 

Interesting Tidbit: Know any annoying people? Got a co-worker that won't shut up and leave you alone?  Pennyroyal helps keep annoying people at bay.  Place a potted Pennyroyal plant on your desk or hang sachets containing the herb around your work area.  The annoying individual will suddenly bypass your cubicle and bother the poor s.o.b. next to you.

Will Pennyroyal kill me??
The oil of Pennyroyal is poisonous and should never been ingested or used topically.  The dried and fresh leaves are a different story.  Pennyroyal has been used medicinally for centuries. Hang fresh Pennyroyal in the room of a sick person to speed healing and clear away germs. The leaves can be crushed and mixed with olive oil or cream then rubbed on the skin to repel bugs. Colds, upset stomach, anxiety, and menstruation promotion are some of the ways the leaves of Pennyroyal have been used.  The dried leaves are steeped in water for 15 minutes.  This creates the infusion used to treat coughs, cold, upset stomach etc.  However, it is still possible to poison yourself when using the leaves of Pennyroyal. Pennyroyal is an abortive herb and should NEVER be handled, ingested or used topically by pregnant woman or animals.  There are documented cases of individuals dying after ingesting even small amounts of Pennyroyal (usually in an attempt to end a pregnancy).  So, can Pennyroyal kill you? Absolutely.  Be careful when using it, even if your only making sachets. Wash your hands immediately after using it and keep it away from children, pregnant women and animals. Personally, I would never ingest Pennyroyal because it's just too risky.  If you choose to ingest it do your research and BE CAREFUL.  ***

So what's my reason for selecting Pennyroyal this month? I live in a building that is basically over run with dogs and cats. Personally I believe two, maybe three pets is plenty for a two bedroom apartment in New York City.  Apparently my neighbors don't apply the same logic because they have way more than two or three pets in their apartments. I'm talking four medium to large dogs in one apartment plus cats!! Anyway, the point of this is FLEAS!!! Recently, Atreya was sitting on the couch with one of my two cats and noticed something black on his belly.  Upon further inspection we discovered that it was a flea.  These little monsters, brought into the building by all the dogs, have now invaded the entire building including my apartment and my cats.  I was fit to be tied upon making this discovery. I've never had to deal with fleas and in the sixteen years I've had my cats they've never had to deal with anything like this either. (Which really infuriates me because at this stage in their lives they shouldn't have to deal with fleas, flea baths, flea combs, stress etc. I'm digressing, apologies.)    So what did I do? I hit the books and the internet looking for different methods to combat the uninvited guests now residing in my apartment.  The first and most common herb mentioned was Pennyroyal.  

Pennyroyal has been used since ancient times to ward off fleas and other pests (including mosquitoes and ticks).  If your taking your dog for a walk hang a sachet with Pennyroyal on his collar to help keep bugs away. Dogs, relying on instincts, will also roll in patches of Pennyroyal. Infusing Pennyroyal with olive oil will create an herbal insect repellent that is rubbed onto the skin (as long as your not pregnant or allergic).   I created my own sachet/infusion for my apartment.  

The recipe is as follows:
  • Pennyroyal
  • Rue (Be careful.  Rue may irritate the skin and cause a rash.)
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary
  • Garlic
  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • Citronella Oil
  • Lemongrass
  • Wormwood (Be careful with this guy too.)

      I don't measure herbs, I mix by eye and feel.  I mixed the herbs together and used half the mixture to make an infusion and the other half to make sachets. For the infusion: Place the herbs in a pot (a pot that is not used for food preparation) or cauldron and add water. Bring the water to a rolling boil and let it boil for about 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes turn down the flame, cover the pot and allow it to simmer for 15-20 minutes. Make sure to stir it occasionally. Once its finished allow it to cool then, using a strainer, drain the mixture separating the herbs from the liquid.  Pour the liquid into a spray bottle.  Since the infusion is quite dark and heavy looking I deluded it with water.  The spray bottle is 1 quarter infusion and 3 quarters water.  The remaining liquid is stored in a glass container until the bottle needs to be refilled.  I used the spray on the area the directly outside my door including my doormat. I also spray the door frame, baseboards and a few other nooks and crannies the fleas may use as a hideout. Because this spray contains Pennyroyal and Rue I do not spray bedding, couches, my pet etc.

      The sachets: With the remaining herb mixture I filled 9 4x6 cheese cloth bags.  Using a spoon, scoop the herbs into the bags and tie them shut.  I hung two on the outside of the door and two inside then placed the rest throughout my apartment just out of my curious cats' reach. 

      Flea Spray for the Home

      Flea Sachet for the Home

      Pennyroyal will protect your home and ward off evil.  The smoke from the burning leaves will remove negativity from a location and  it will ease tensions between a feuding couple.  Good for healing spells, Pennyroyal will keep your energies high while traveling and strengthen the body.  Use it to keep annoying people out of your personal bubble and hang fresh Pennyroyal in your room to speed recovery from a cold or flu.  Most importantly, at least for me, Pennyroyal is a vital ingredient in the war against fleas.  Use it wisely.

      Bright Blessings,

      ***I am not a doctor and I don't play one on TV. Do your research before you consume any herbs via potions etc. 

      Sources: Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by: Scott Cunningham
      The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients by: Lexa Rosean