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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hello my lovelies!

We just registered for Pinterest! If you don't know what that is, Lyn from WitchBlog did an incredibly informative post on it here.  Basically, it's a virtual pinboard where you can share pictures of...that's right - your interests! It's a visual summary of you! There's a button in the sidebar (and also down below) so you can follow us if you're already signed up. If you're not registered, send us an email with your name and a request to join Pinterest, and we'll send you an invite!!

Happy pinning!


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Earth Hour 2012

Amethyst and I do this every year. It's one of the simplest ways to help Mother Earth. Earth Hour calls for everyone to turn off their lights guessed it - 1 hour. We like to go the extra mile and turn off ALL and ANY electricity and electrical devices. Computers, TV, lights, phones, etc.; all off! 

I'm adding a link below to the Earth Hour website. If you click on the part of the map where you live, it will take you to the site for your specific country. Looks like no matter where you live, Earth Hour begins at 8:30PM! (20:30)

"But Atreya! What could we possibly do for an hour with no electricity??!"

Are you kidding?? There are PLENTY of things to do!

  • Light some candles! (You're a witch for Zeus' sake. You know you have about 84 of those suckers lying around the house)
  • Do a tarot reading for yourself or a friend!
  • Try different forms of scrying! (Those candles are already lit, try some pyromancy)
  • Since Mercury Retrograde is still goin on (crap...), why not take this time to finish something you already started (a book, a painting, a spell, etc.)
  • One word....SEANCE!
  • Try automatic writing!
  • Take a nap! 
  • Create a Vision Board! 
  • Play a board game! (Candyland!! Oh yeaaaaah!)
  • Start writing a spell you want to do in the near future
And much much more!

And most importantly, I think if we all took at least 5 minutes (if not more) out of that hour to send Gaia some Love, Light, and Healing, we would make quite the impact. 

All is One,


Earth Hour Website

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Uncrossing Spell: Negative To Positive

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Recently someone asked about a spell to remove negativity and I immediately thought of an uncrossing spell.  Uncrossing spells come in many forms (baths, mojo bags, candles etc) and are used to remove negativity.  The negativity can also come in many different forms: 1) negativity sent to you knowingly or unknowingly from another person. 2) negativity from places you've visited. 3) negativity you place on yourself (if you tell yourself your not worthy enough times it's going to leave a mark!).  As we go through our daily lives it's only natural that the things we come in contact with leave an impression, good and bad, that builds up over time.  When you leave home in the morning and go about your day picking up things from people and the environment is inevitable. Your hands get dirty so you wash them.  After a long day you come home and shower or wash your face.  Over time your house or apartment gets messy so you spend a sunday afternoon cleaning. The physical/mundane part of our lives needs regular maintenance/cleaning and so does our spirit. 

Someone cut you off while driving, your boss is a raging lunatic or the person in the cubicle next to you is on their way to a padded room. With so much going on around us it stands to reason that our spirit could use a good scrubbing once in a while also.  Some people recommend performing an uncrossing once a month, some witches say every other month is fine and others will tell you that once a season (four times a year) is plenty.  While all these suggestions are fine they may not work for you.  Personally I perform an uncrossing whenever I feel the need to do so which usually adds up to two to four times a year.  This spell is a variation of an uncrossing spell that was given to me by my first teacher and the focus is on drawing away the negative and pulling in protection and positivity.  I changed up a few things and made this spell my own and you should do the same.

You'll need:

  • 1 black candle (for protection and to draw in the positive/draw in the light)
  • 1 white candle (for clearing of negative energy and removal of obstacles)
  • uncrossing/cleansing incense (i use a combination of sage, sweetgrass, cedar and tobacco)
  • iron filings (creates a magnetic pull, gives spells an extra charge)
  • florida water (cleansing)
  • water (cleansing/purification)
  • salt (cleansing/purification)
  • rosemary (removes/blocks & negativity and also draws in the positive)
  • 9 bay leaves (wards of evil/negativity and used for protection/purification)
  • uncrossing oil (to dress the candles)
  • 2 pieces of paper (one for each candle)
  • a glass dish (a dish that is fire proof, can hold liquid and is big enough to fit the above ingredients)

Begin by creating your sacred space, do whatever gets you in a magical mood.  Light the incense (I burn my incense over charcoal in a small cauldron because it's a loose mixture) and sit for a few moments.  Spend some time thinking about the negative feelings, thoughts and situations you've been carrying around with you.  How have these things made you feel and affected your life? After you've spent some time really thinking about this take one of the pieces of paper and begin to write down all the negative things you'd like to rid yourself of.  You can just write words or you can put it in letter form, whatever is easiest for you. What matters is that you get it all out.  Once you've finished writing out the negatives spend some time thinking about the positive. When the negative is removed what are the positive things you want to take its place?  Imagine the positive things you want to create in your life and see yourself free of anything negative or detrimental to you.  After you've spent some time envisioning the positive take the other piece of paper and begin to write out the positive the same as you did for the negative.  Now it's time for the candles. The candles are going to be carved and dressed with oil so have a carving tool on hand and some paper towels to catch the wax and wipe your hands.

White Candle    (-)
  • Carve your name into the candle.
  • Carve your zodiac sign into the candle.
  • At the top of the candle carve 'Please'.
  • At the bottom of the candle carve 'Thank You'.
  • In the center of the candle carve the negative symbol.
  • Dress the candle with uncrossing oil. (rub the candle with oil)

Black Candle     (+)
  • Carve your name into the candle.
  • Carve your zodiac sign into the candle.
  • At the top of the candle carve 'Please'.
  • At the bottom of the candle carve 'Thank You'.
  • In the center of the candle carve the positive symbol.
  • Dress the candle with uncrossing oil. (rub the candle with oil)

Put the candles to the side and place the glass dish in front of you.  Take the nine bay leaves and place them around the bottom of the dish one by one. Then take the piece of paper with the negatives written on it and fold it in half.  Place the paper on the left side of the dish on top of the bay leaves. Then sit the white candle (-) on top of the folded piece of paper.  Now take the paper with the positives written on it.  Fold it in half and place it on the right side of the dish on top of the bay leaves.  Put the black candle (+) on top of it. 

The rest of the ingredients:
  • Sprinkle the rosemary around the candles and in the dish.
  • Sprinkle the salt around the candles and in the dish
  • Sprinkle the iron filings around the candles and in the dish.
  • Pour the water into the dish (just enough to cover the bottom of the dish).
  • Pour the florida water into the dish (at least three tablespoons.)

Now it's time to light the candles starting with the white candle.  Light the candle and say the spell 3 times:

This flame is lit to burn away the bad
Negative is cast out and all obstacles removed
I release myself from negativity both acquired and self made (repeat x3)

Let the candle burn for a few minutes and visualize the negative things written on the paper being pulled away from you.  The iron filings are pulling them away, the herbs are removing the obstacles and negativity while the salt and water are cleansing.

Once you've let the white candle burn for a few minutes light the black candle and say:

I light this candle as a beacon for
light, positivity and protection.
I am grounded
I am peaceful
I am free
I am capable
I am love (repeat x3)
As I Say So Mote It Be

Watch the candle burn while you visualize bringing all the positive things written on the paper beneath the candle into your life.  The iron filings are pulling them toward you, the herbs are protecting and drawing the positive to you and the salt and water continue to cleanse and purify.  If you have to put the candles out, snuff them out and relight them starting with the white candle. When the candles have burned out completely bury the contents of the glass dish outside, in potted plant, put it in a body of water and let it float away, whatever works for you. Once you've discarded it walk away knowing the negative is behind you and the positive is just ahead of you. Don't forget to make the spell yours so if you feel the need to change the wording of the spell, change the ingredients etc do it. Make it work for you.  I hope my version of an uncrossing spell is helpful!!

Bright Blessings and Love To You All,

Blessed Ostara!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blessed Ostara/Spring Equinox and Happy First Day of Spring!!!

Blessed Mabon and Happy Autumn Equinox to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere!!

Ostara is a time of renewal and rebirth.  Mother Earth is beginning to awaken and shake off the cold of winter.  Plants begin to push their way out of the dirt and the animals get frisky. Also the Vernal Equinox, today the light and dark are equal and the days will continue to get longer leading up to the Summer Solstice.  It's a time for new beginnings, renewed commitments, and putting plans into actions. Spell work pertaining to fertility, abundance, balance, and new endeavors are done around this time. 

Ostara Activities:
  1. Stop pretending there isn't a monster living in your closet.  Do some spring cleaning.  De-clutter your home, give the place a good scrubbing, organize the closets and show the monster to the door.
  2. The yard looked o.k. during the winter because the snow hid the weeds. Do some yard work, plant some flowers and get good and dirty.
  3. Yes the Sun is up and no you can't go back to sleep.  The time to hibernate is over. Go for a walk or hike and say hello to nature. 
  4. By the Gods, what is that smell?!?!  Open the windows and let some fresh spring air in...please.
  5. Fill the house with fresh flowers. If you snag them out of your neighbors yard make sure no one is looking. 
  6. Give Oomancy a try (divination using a raw egg). If you don't receive any messages at least your halfway to an omelette.  

I thought we could leave you all with a different and beautiful Springtime story. It is a Native American legend that is said to come from the Chippewa:

An old man was sitting in his lodge, by the side of a frozen stream. It was the end of Winter, the air was not so cold, and his fire was nearly out. He was old and alone. His locks were white with age, and he trembled in every joint. Day after day passed, and he heard nothing but the sound of the storm sweeping before it the new-fallen snow.

One day while his fire was dying, a handsome young man entered the lodge. His cheeks were red, his eyes sparkled. He walked with a quick, light step. His forehead was bound with sweet-grass, and he carried a bunch of fragrant flowers in his hand.

"Ah, my Son," said the old man, "I am happy to see you. Come in. Tell me your adventures, and what strange lands you have seen. I will tell you my wonderful deeds, and what I can perform. You shall do the same, and we will amuse each other."

The old man then drew from a bag a curiously wrought pipe. He filled it with mild tobacco, and handed it to his guest. They each smoked from the pipe, and then began their stories.

"I am Peboan, the Spirit of Winter," said the old man. "I blow my breath, and the streams stand still. The water becomes stiff and hard as clear stone."

"I am Seegwun, the Spirit of Spring," answered the youth. "I breathe, and flowers spring up in the meadows and woods."

"I shake my locks," said the old man, "and the snow covers the land. The leaves fall from the trees, and my breath blows them away. The birds fly to the distant land, and the animals hide themselves from the cold."

"I shake my ringlets," said the young man, "and the warm showers of soft rain fall upon the Earth. The flowers lift their heads from the ground, and the grass grows thick and green. My voice recalls the birds, and they come flying joyfully from the South-land. The warmth of my breath unbinds the streams, and they sing the songs of Summer. Music fills the groves wherever I walk, and all Nature rejoices."

And while they were thus talking, a wonderful change took place. The Sun began to rise. A gentle warmth stole over the place. Peboan, the Spirit of Winter, became silent. His head drooped, and the snow outside the lodge melted away. Seegwun, the Spirit of Spring, grew more radiant, and rose joyfully to his feet. The Robin and the Bluebird began to sing on the top of the lodge. The stream murmured past the door, and the fragrance of opening flowers came softly on the breeze.

The lodge faded away, and Peboan sank down and dissolved into tiny streams of water, that vanished under the brown leaves of the forest.

Thus the Spirit of Winter departed, and where he melted away the Indian children gathered the first blossoms, fragrant and delicately pink, - the modest Spring Beauty.

Have a blessed Ostara!!

Amethyst & Atreya


Archaeologists Unearth Pre-Christian Temple In Norway

Monday, March 19, 2012

"A fascinating discovery is shedding light upon pre-Christian Scandinavian religion and early Christian inroads into Norway. In the Norwegian press, this highly important find is being called "unparalleled," "first of its kind" and "unique," said to have been "deliberately and carefully hidden" - from invading and destructive Christians." 

For the full story follow this link: Archaeologists Unearth Pre-Christian Temple In Norway

Temple Of Demeter Found In Russia

"The discovery of the Temple of Demeter, that was found in ancient Greek ruins in Taman of South Russia last spring, has become the centre of attention among archaelogists and experts."

Follow the link to the full story: Temple Of Demeter Found In Russia

Fun with Mercury Retrograde

Monday, March 12, 2012

Just something to make you smile....whilst pulling your hair out because the TV is busted again...

Click here for our post on M.R.

March 2012 Full Moon

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blessed Full Moon!!
Full Moon Over Queens, New York

As the temperature begins to warm and the ground begins to thaw, earthworms begin to appear. The more northern Native American tribes knew this Moon as the Full Crow Moon, when the cawing of crows signaled the end of winter; or the Full Crust Moon, because the snow cover becomes crusted from thawing by day and freezing at night. The Full Sap Moon, marking the time of tapping maple trees, is another variation. To the settlers, it was also known as the Lenten Moon, and was considered to be the last full Moon of winter.

This month the full moon is in Virgo.  Virgos are organized, reliable, precise, observant, calm and analytical.  The Virgo full moon is a great time to work on issues regarding organization, putting your life in order especially where work is concerned and paying attention to details.  Virgos are thinkers and problem solvers so use the Virgo full moon to explore something new and gain new knowledge/wisdom.  Is there a hobby you've always wanted to start or something you've always wanted to learn about?  Use the Virgo full moon to begin the learning process.  This is also an ideal time to begin volunteer work or community service.  Virgo full moon is also a great time to focus on health issues.  During this full moon focus on purification rituals, begin a new diet plan or make an appointment with your doctor for a physical.   

Virgo is usually represented by a woman that is referred to as 'virgin'.  The meaning of the word 'virgin' has changed over the centuries and the definition of the word today is very different from the original.  In ancient times the word 'virgin' did not refer to a person that had never had sex.  The word referred to a woman that was socially and sexually her own person.  She was not betrothed, she was not property of anyone and she was bound to no one but herself.  She was free and thus intact because she was independent and relied on herself. This also meant that she was free to take a lover when she saw fit to do so.  With this definition in mind use the Virgo full moon to focus on yourself and only yourself.  What do you need? What do you want? Make some decisions for yourself and do something on your own even if you just go for a long walk.  

Spell work for this full moon: health, purification, organization, work, and attract a responsible love interest. 

~Amethyst~ & Atreya 

Holi ~ Festival Of Colors Celebrates Spring

"Holi (also known as Dol JatraBasantotsav) is the Hindu festival of colors. It is celebrated at the end of the winter season, on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna. In 2012, Holi will be celebrated on March 8.  Holi is observed with great fanfare by Hindus all over the world. Holi celebrations begin on the eve of the festival with bonfires and prayers. On the day of Holi, people throw colored powder and liquids at each other. A common greeting during this time is, "Happy Holi.""


For the full story and more awesome pictures follow the link:  Holi 2012 Festival of Colors Spring 


Sunday, March 4, 2012


Nice hot bath = Ahhhhhhhhhh

Inspired by Vanessa. Check out her blog here!:

On The Next Episode Of Cribs...

Friday, March 2, 2012

The funny things you find on facebook....

HERB OF THE MONTH - March 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Herb of the Month for March 2012 - Lavender

I can't believe it's March already!!  If anyone knows where the time goes please tell me. Our herb for the month of March is Lavender (Lavendula officinale) and what a wonderful herb it is! Lavender is a member of the mint family and there are 39 known species of Lavender.  Spike, Nard, Elf Leaf and Nardis are some of the folk names for Lavender.  Its ruling planets are Mercury and Jupiter.  Lavender is a masculine herb and it is associated with the element of Air. 

This is a Lavender sachet that I keep in my pillow.
It's Lavender with a few red rose petals added in. I've had trouble sleeping for my entire life and putting this simple sachet in my pillow has really helped.

Lavender is high on my list of must have herbs and is always present in the exploding herb cabinet. It has an a strong and unmistakable scent and its purple coloring makes it appealing to the eye.  One of Lavenders' main uses is in spell work regarding love. To attract love using Lavender: 

  • Write love notes on paper that has been rubbed with Lavender.
  • Spray clothing with Lavender.
  • Put Lavender sachets in drawers with clothes to make them smell good and attract love.
  • Mix Lavender, rose and mint to create a powerful love and attraction formula.

Lavender is also a relaxing, purifying and cleansing herb.  It will calm your nerves, help you sleep and can be used for healing purposes.  Scatter around the house to create peacefulness and plant outside your home for peace and protection.  Burn Lavender to find you way to dream land (I sleep with Lavender sachets in my pillows and it helps this insomniac get to sleep.)  Mixing Lavender with chamomile and making a tea will also help alleviate insomnia.  Smell some Lavender the next time your feeling a little blue and your mood will instantly elevate.  Lavender is also a natural antiseptic/astringent.  When you have a minor skin ailment (bug bit, sunburn, small cut etc) use Lavender to take the sting out and help get rid of the germs.  Lavender is also considered lucky so add it to a mixture to add some extra umphhh.

Interesting Tidbit:  The scent of Lavender attracts men.  Lavender water and/or the essential oil was worn by prostitutes centuries ago to attract customers and to advertise their profession.

Will Lavender kill me??
Lavender flower is not toxic and won't kill you.  Lavender is used frequently in teas especially teas intended to relax and help someone sleep.  It is also used for cooking and baking in some parts of the world.  Lavender flowers can be candied and used as decorations on baked goods.  There is also Lavender sugar.  To make Lavender sugar you'll need:

  • 4 tablespoons dried lavender flowers
  • 3 cups sugar

Place Lavender and sugar in a food processor. Pulse to mix evenly, and until you see flecks of lavender evenly distributed throughout the sugar.  Thank You Whole Foods!
Although the Lavender plant is o.k. to ingest the oil is poisonous and should not be ingested! A few drops in the bath is one thing but don't put it in your tea.***

So Lavender is amazing herb.  The smell of it is it relaxing and its also visually appealing.  Use it for purification and cleansing purposes and put some in your pillow to help you sleep.  No neosporin?? Lavender can be used in a pinch when you have bug bite or sunburn.  Keep it in and around your home to promote peacefulness and provide protection. Use it in your love drawing mixtures and if your a hooker dab some behind your ears.

Bright Blessings,


***I am not a doctor and I don't play one on TV. Do your research before you consume any herbs via potions etc.

Sources: Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by: Scott Cunningham
The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients by: Lexa Rosean


Stone of the Month for March 2012 - Labradorite

I can't believe March is here and spring is upon us already!  Atreya introduced me to the stone for this month and I've become a little obsessed with it recently. Labradorite also known as Spectrolite is this months' featured stone.  Calcium sodium aluminum silicate is its chemical name and it belongs to a mineral group called feldspars.  (Feldspar - Any of a group of abundant rock-forming minerals occurring principally in igneous, plutonic, and some metamorphic rocks, and consisting of silicates of aluminum with potassium, sodium, calcium, and, rarely, barium. About 60 percent of the earth's outer crust is composed of feldspar. Labradorite has a dull greenish brown appearance but when held in the light the real beauty of this stone is impossible to miss.  A blue sheen, which is easier to see when the stone is polished, appears on the surface when it's held in the light.  This shimmering effect is called labradorescence and can also be violet, green, orange/yellow and on rare occasions rainbow. The sheen is caused by parallel patterns of minerals within the structure of the crystal.  These minerals bounce light back and forth creating the effect.  Originally discovered in Labrador, Canada (hence the name) this stone can be found in various countries around the world and is easily obtained.  

Our Labradorite Rings

 A Labradorite sphere I recently purchased.

A mystical and mysterious stone, Labradorite is a bringer of light and can help you connect with universal energies.  Use Labradorite to expand your awareness of other energies and awaken super sensory abilities. Psychic abilities including clairvoyance, intuition and the ability to recall past lives are increased using Labradorite.  Need help grounding? Labradorite can help you ground your spiritual self while simultaneously bringing your physical being into alignment with your spiritual being.  Because of its ability to ground and align different aspects of yourself use Labradorite to health, diet and exercise under control.  It will also help kick start your energy level, get you moving and give your metabolism a boost. 

Labradorite protects the person wearing it from negative energies and helps keep the aura healthy.  If you have an overactive mind like I do wear Labradorite to help calm your thoughts, increase your ability to focus on one thing at a time and energize your imagination.  If your trying to bring new ideas to the surface use Labradorite to balance your inner sight with your mental power.  Also use it to get to the root of problem.  Labradorite will help weed through the b.s. and show the real intention behind thought/actions.  If you suddenly find yourself remembering who stole your favorite pencil in the third grade you can attribute this to Labradorite.  The stone helps suppressed and forgotten memories come out of hiding.  

 A calming effect is inevitable when wearing this stone so it's useful when dealing with stressful situations.  Labradorite helps clear long standing disappointments, insecurities and fears especially when the root of the problem lies with a past incarnation.  Trust in self and the universe is strengthened with Labradorite.  Keep it close by if your experiencing change or are faced with sudden upheavals.  This stone provides strength and perseverance in the face of sudden changes. 

Interesting Tidbit: There' s an Eskimo Legend that links Labradorite with the Northern Lights.  The legend states that the Northern Lights were imprisoned within the rocks along the Labrador coast of Canada.  One day an Eskimo warrior found them and freed the Northern Lights by breaking the stones with his spear.  The warrior was unable to free all the Northern Lights from the stone and the Labradorite we have today is stones that contain parts of the still trapped Northern Lights.

There's a simple dream exercise you can do with Labradorite.  Because of its ability to help you connect with universal energies and the higher self, sleep with it under your pillow to help you clearly receive messages in your dreams.  Before going to sleep spend a few minutes meditating while holding the Labradorite in your hands.  Close your eyes and think about whatever it is you need guidance for or answers about.  Once you've spent some time clearly thinking about the issue place the Labradorite under your pillow.  Go to sleep and let the messages and answers flow.

Labradorite will help you increase your intuitive and psychic abilities.  Wear it during stressful situations and rely on its strength during times of change and upheaval. Focus and calm the raging thoughts in your mind with this stone and if your investigating past lives or need to tap into universal energies give Labradorite a try.  As with most stones/crystals, when all else fails wear it because it's sooooo pretty.

Bright Blessings,

Source: Crystals by: Jennie Harding
The Crystal Bible by: Judy Hall