Ride the Ride

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"I'll draw a parallel with Amusement Parks to illustrate my own personal belief.

Imagine that the time we spend waiting in line for the roller coaster is the time our souls spend outside the physical realm between incarnations. Then riding the roller coaster is like our trips through the physical world; it's loud, it's exciting, and occasionally you throw up. If you remembered every single second of the ride, you'd never want to ride it again, right? It's the surprise and the "newness" of it all that makes the ride fun.

And so we ride this ride as often and for as long as we like, and every so often, someone who has ridden the ride for a long time will stand up and say, "You guys, don't worry so much. It's just a ride." And we kill them for it because it doesn't match with our inherited cultural ideals. Ghandi, Lennon, Jesus, we don't like the movers and shakers in our neat little societies.

When life gets me down, when things are at their darkest, I take great comfort in the ability to take a deep breath, look around me, smile at the moon, and say with relief, "'It's just a ride.'"

~ A comment I saw on a Yahoo! Answers forum on reincarnation 

Atreya Goes West (Part 1)

Fievel Goes West reference anyone? No? Did I just date myself? I digress...

My company took a business trip to Las Vegas for a couple of days at the beginning of April. Since I was only a state away, I made plans to fly to Arizona and visit my VERY good friends (one of which you might remember from the 11/11/11 adventure, Corinne.) who live in the Mesa/Tempe area. 

I decided before I left, that I would try and find Magic no matter where I went. I wanted to document my journey so I could share it and what I learned with you guys once I got back. 

No matter how crazy it was around the area, there was such a sense of respect and peace where this statue stood. People from all walks of life stopped to marvel at it, but also to breathe. Some even took advantage of the kneeling bench and meditated for a couple of minutes. Some prayed, some lit incense, but everyone seemed to have a great sense of respect for the shrine. It seemed like one of the few places to take a moment and be calm. Even a bunch of loud boisterous girls who were walking towards it, suddenly fell silent as they passed by. If you are ever in Vegas, please go to the gardens in front of Caesar's Palace, right behind Serendipity, and check it out.

There will be 3 Parts of my trip that I will upload. Part 1 is down below, and Part 2 should be done soon. Enjoy!

Lesson learned: Magic is found in the most unlikely places. And though it may seem unlikely, does not mean it isn't there.

Stay tuned for Part 2...


Grand Opening for our Zazzle store!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

So excited! We would like to announce our grand opening of one out of TWO online stores we've created!

Magical Wit brings our love of Witchcraft, Paganism, and spirituality, mixes it with our humor, and creates fun and fashionable Pagan wear and products!

There were lots of things that drew us to Zazzle.com. But what sealed the deal for us was it's partnership with American MoJo. As both Amethyst and I were brought up by single moms, we felt this was a great opportunity to support a great cause whilst creating something we love.Their objective is to address the issues facing mothers (especially single mothers) who are poverty stricken. Check out their site here.

Zazzle's statement: 
"....we’re extending opportunities to the economically disadvantaged with the launch of the socially good American MoJo custom houseware products. Our new line of custom pillows, kitchen towels, dinner napkins, and placemats are hand-stitched by American MoJo’s sustainably employed single moms in the USA and contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for single moms and their children by providing them with better than minimum wage salaries, career training, and freedom from the daycare costs that keep many single moms from re-entering the work force."


We'll be updating and adding more products every week. Follow us on Twitter to get the most up to date alerts on the store. We also hope to have contests and have some of our products as giveaways!

I posted our button for our store below, but our widget will always be up on the side bar. Which shows a slide show of many of our products. We hope you enjoy the store!

~*Atreya and Amethyst*~

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Schools In Cornwall Adding Witchcraft And Paganism To The Syllabus

"Paganism has been included in an official school religious education syllabus for the first time.  Cornwall Council has told its schools that pagan beliefs, which include witchcraft, druidism and the worship of ancient gods such as Thor, should be taught alongside Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

The requirements are spelled out in an agreed syllabus drawn up by Cornwall’s RE advisory group. It says that from the age of five, children should begin learning about standing stones, such as Stonehenge. At the age of 11, pupils can begin exploring ‘modern paganism and its importance for many in Cornwall’.

The syllabus adds that areas of study should include ‘the importance of pre-Christian sites for modern pagans’. "

Follow the link for the full article: Schools Told To Add Witchcraft, Paganism and Druids To The Syllabus

April 2012 Full Moon

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Need a little balance? There's a full moon for that.

This month the Full Moon is in Libra.  The Libra full moon is balanced, fair and willing to compromise.  This full moon will illuminate any imbalances in your life, especially in personal relationships.  Are you someone that always puts others first, especially loved ones, at the expense of yourself?  Full moon in Libra will bring those imbalances into focus as well as the need to find balance between our lives and the lives of those around us.  Use the Libra full moon to bring some harmony into your life.  Now is a good time to look at the emotions, good and bad, that you've left dormant and unexamined.  This full moon may also bring emotions that have been brewing just below the surface bubbling and overflowing to the surface. However, proceed with caution.  Libras' need for balance and harmony may lead you to blurt out unaired grievances and challenge those that have wronged you to a round of  fisticuffs.  Remember the goal is balance and harmony so proceed calmly, rationally and gently.  

Spend some time focusing on all the things you do from day to day.  Do you have a scale in your kitchen?  Get some heavy paper (like your kids construction paper) and cut a few pieces into small squares. Then, take a sharpie and write one thing that you do for others onto each square (laundry, taxiing the kids around, balancing the family checkbook etc).  Write all of them down, even the smallest thing.  Then take a sharpie and some paper squares and write down the things you do for yourself. What do yo do that's just for you?  When your done get the scale and one by one place the things you do for others on one side and what you do for yourself on the other. If you have an electronic scale weigh the pile for others first and write down the weight then weigh the pile for yourself and write down the weight.  Which side weighs more??  Do you need to do more for yourself and less for others or is it the other way around?  Once you've determined which side is heavier start moving the squares around.  What activity can you give to someone else? What do you need help with? What things can you stop doing altogether?  Work with it until you can balance the scale. If you don't own a scale you can do this exercise making piles.  The first pile is what you do for others and the second pile is what you do for yourself.  Begin to move things around, add things or take them away until your piles are even. This exercise will help you visualize just how out of balance you may be and help you start looking at ways to bring some balance and harmony to your life. 

Spell work for this full moon: justice, balance and harmony, beauty, ending of battles and 
wars (feuds), freeing yourself from undesirable energies. 

Brightest Blessing to you all!!

One Man Can Grow A Forest

This guy is amazing! He is nature's hero and Mother Earths' champion.  If you have ever doubted one persons' ability to make a difference please read this article.  

"Deforestation and desertification are critical problems in India that have led to barren land, increased soil erosion, decreased agricultural production, and devastated local wildlife. However one Indian man has made a stand – by single-handedly planting and cultivating a 1,360 acre forest that is home to a complex, thriving ecosystem."

Follow this link to the full article:  Indian Man Single-Handedly Plants 1360 Acre Forest

Herb of the Month - April 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Herb of the Month for April 2012 - Basil

It's April and the herb of the month is Basil (Ocimum basilicum). Witches Herb, Njilika, Feslien, American Dittany and Sweet Basil are some other the folk names for Basil.  Basil is masculine herb, its ruling planet is Mars and its element is fire.  Vishnu is one of its ruling dieties and its powers are protection, love, wealth and flying (astral travel). Basil, it's not just for tomato sauce. 

Fresh Basil

Dried and Chopped Basil

Basil is an herb that can easily be obtained. All grocery stores will carry it.

Basil will be found in the herb cabinet of most, if not all, witches and magic practitioners.  It is potent, powerful, versatile and easy to find.  Basil has been used for all things pertaining to love for centuries.  Add Basil to love sachets, incenses and other mixtures to enhance the potency and attraction power of the spell.  The powerful scent calls up powerful sexual energies and when eaten it will invigorate the sexual appetite.  Burn Basil to increase sexual pleasures and place it under the bed to reawaken the sex drive in a relationship. 

Basil can also be used to attract wealth. Carry it in your pocket, wallet and change purse.  If you own a business place Basil in cash register to attract money and hang it over your door to attract customers.  Evil can't exist where Basil lays and for this reason it is used in exorcisms and purification rituals.  Sprinkle some on the ground in and around your home for protection.  To bring good luck to a new home give Basil as a gift, plant it outside or keep a potted Basil plant inside. 

Interesting Tidbits:
  • In Eastern Europe it was believed that a man would fall in love with any woman from whose hand he accepted a fresh sprig of basil.
  • Basil will keep goats away from your property, attract scorpions and ward off inebriation.
  • Witches were said to drink half a cup of Basil juice before taking flight on their brooms.  The Basil was actually used to aide astral travel.
  • Do you want to know if someone is a bit promiscuous? Place a sprig of Basil in the palm of their hand.  If it withers then that person is a little... loose.
Basil Love Divination:
  • Get two fresh sprigs of Basil. One sprig represents you and the other your partner.
  • Light a piece of charcoal and lay the Basil sprigs on top.
  • If they lay where you put them and burn quickly burn to ashes then the relationship will be harmonious.
  • If the Basil burns with a lot of crackling and sparks the relationship will be tumultuous.
  • If the Basil leaves fly apart with intense crackles then the relationship is undesirable.

Will Basil kill me??
Basil won't kill you. In fact it is a common ingredient in foods including sauces, pasta dishes, salads etc.  Because of this Basil is a great herb to use in magical cooking and kitchen witchery.  It's powerful and tastes great but as with anything use in moderation.***

Basil is a must have herb in every witches herb cabinet. It's easy to get and easy to use.  Place it above the door of your business to attract customers and keep it in your wallet to attract wealth.  Use it to protect your home from evil and to invigorate your sex life.  Use the love divination to figure out where your relationship is going and place a sprig into a potential mates' hand to find out if they're easy.  Next time your in the grocery store buy some Basil, if you don't conjure any magic with it at least your pasta will be tasty.  I gave a few points on Basil but there is more information out there so do some research on your own. 

Bright Blessings,

***I am not a doctor and I don't play one on TV. Do your research before you consume any herbs via potions etc.

Sources: Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by: Scott Cunningham
The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients by: Lexa Rosean

Stone of the Month - April 2012

Stone of the Month for April 2012 ~ Selenite

The stone of the month for April is one of my favorites, Selenite.  Selenite is a form of gypsum (hydrated calcium sulfate) that is very common and is colorless and transparent.  It is crystallized in highly saline water and is found in massive beds.  Selenite gets its name from the Greek moon goddess Selene because of its pearl-like sheen and the glow it has when placed in moonlight.  Selenite forms into clear blades and has lines running though it from top to bottom.  Some pieces may contain air and water bubbles.  Selenite is a very soft crystal and some pieces may bend.  Also, when dropped it will easily break (trust me, I discovered this the hard way).  Selenite also acts as an insulator and will feel warmer to the touch than other crystals.

My Selenite wand

My Selenite heart. I meditate with this piece and sleep with it under my pillow.

Pictures from a Selenite cave in Mexico.

Apparently The Fortress of Solitude is in a cave in Mexico. Who knew??

Selenite has a very high vibration and are powerful meditation and healing crystals.  Selenite is a conductor of energy and creates a feeling of rushing waves through the body while clearing away negative mental and emotional patterns as well as physical and emotions toxins.  Working with Selenite for extended periods of time takes practice because of the intensity this crystal carries.  When fixed to other crystals in a wand, Selenite will substantially increase the power of those crystals. Selenite helps bring clarity to the mind, open the higher chakra and access your higher self.  It is excellent for meditation because it instills peace and calm. Selenite is also helpful when trying to see the bigger picture in a situation and helps improve your judgement and insights.  It will help you understand what has been occurring on a subconscious level and is a stabilizer of erratic emotions.

Selenite carries the imprint of all that has happened in the world.  Use this crystal when attempting to access past lives, access the between lives state and access the plan (lessons to be learned ) for your current life.  Selenite will help you pinpoint issues that your working on in this life and help you find the best way to resolve them. 

WARNING!! - Selenite will dissolve in water! If you cleanse your crystals using water and sea salt exclude Selenite from this practice.  Use incense smoke, especially sage, to cleanse your Selenite crystals.  Selenite will discolor if left in direct sunlight! Do not place Selenite in a window or under a lamp.  Selenite is a soft crystal and will easily break if dropped.  Handle this crystal with care.  Now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

Creating a protective grid in the home using Selenite:
  • Bringing Selenite into your home will help create a safe, quite space that does not allow outside influences in.
  • You'll need a small to medium size piece of Selenite for each room or one large piece that you can place in the center of the home.
  • Cleanse each piece of Selenite by passing it through sage smoke.
  • Once each piece is cleansed hold them in your hand one by one and charge them protection energy.
  • Once the crystals are charged begin placing them in each room of the house. Begin at the front door and work your way through the home, room by room until you find yourself back at the front door. While doing this visualize the protective grid being formed around your home. 
  • If your using one large piece place it in its spot in the center of the home. Visualize the protective grid emanating from the crystal. 
  • When you cleanse your home with sage or be sure to cleanse each Selenite crystal as you go through the home. This will keep them cleansed and ready to keep your home calm and protected.

National Geographic did an hour special about a giant crystal discovered in Mexcio.  The cave is filled with huge pieces of gypsum/Selenite and was an incredible find.  The cave is a football field long and two stories tall.  This clip is part one and the rest of the show can be found on youtube.

Interesting Tidbit: Selenite has a long memory and is believed to record everything that happens in its presence. Some people believe that if a theft occurs in the presence of Selenite the crystal will record the crime and can later be 'tapped into' to reveal the criminal. Instead of installing that expensive security system just set up the Selenite protection grid. However, keep in mind that what the crystal reveals probably won't hold up in court.  Also, Selenite can be used to enhance telepathy between two people by each person holding a piece of Selenite in their hand. 

Selenite will help bring calm and protection to your home. Accessing past lives is easier done with Selenite and this crystal will help you find the best way to resolve issues in your current life.  Use Selenite to enhance the power of other crystals and to open your higher chakras.  This crystal can be a little intense at first so start slow. Don't forget to keep it away from water (just act like it's Gizmo from Gremlins) and direct light.  Try out the Selenite crystal grid, if Superman surrounded himself with Selenite why shouldn't you??  I gave a few points on Selenite but there is more information out there so do some research on your own. 

Bright Blessings,

Source: Crystals by: Jennie Harding
The Crystal Bible by: Judy Hall