Lewnah's Spiritual Journey (Part 3)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A King's Garden, Chi-Gong, and a Car Accident

Only a day or two after my journey, to the depth of the ocean to question an octopus, I soon began to feel depressed. It is a little known fact that people with bi-polar love to start new things. The initial exhilaration you feel knowing you are on the brink of something exciting is intoxicating. However soon that begins to fade and you are left with the actual task. That’s when panic, depression and doubt seep into your mind. Is this whole energy thing silly? Will I ever really find answers? Did I start yet another project I can’t finish? As poisonous thoughts crept their way down my throat I remembered a story the life coach, Kathleen, shared with me.


She told me a story of a king’s garden. Some of the plants in the garden weren’t growing and when the king asked them what was wrong they told him: “What’s the use I will never be as tall as the pine” and “Why bother I’ll never grow grapes like the vine.” Yet in the corner grew a small happy plant. When asked why it was so healthy it replied: “I guess I took it for granted but you planted me here for a reason and now I am happy to just be me.” Soon I ignored the doubts and realized I was given this opportunity for a reason. Yes no one is perfect and yes I have made plenty of mistakes but I have given into those doubts many times before and now was my chance to be happy with myself. So I picked up the phone and called my next stop, the chi-gong instructor.

         The class was held in his house and although this would be enough to deter people, I booked a private lesson. The instructor was a middle aged man with a stocky frame and a very serious demeanor. Soon however his incredible positivity came through and I felt comfortable. He shared with me his stories of the amazing things he had seen people achieve practicing chi-gong over the years. I was enthralled by his tales of people using concentrated energy to wake them up to a level of acute alertness. With this they were able to fight for hours and exhibit extraordinary feats of strength.  Then there were stellar fighters who became enraptured in the meditative side of the craft, eventually becoming more enlightened sportsman.

         My instructor then stood up to show me our first move. Bear Standing. Standing feet apart with his knees slightly bent and his arms out in front of him as if he were cradling an imaginary ball, he asked me to push him with all my might. I took both hands and pushed him as hard as I could but he was as solid as a rock. I was amazed.  

        Our next move was Dragon Turns Head.  This move had me slowly track one arm as I moved it across my body. After attempting it twice I felt as though I was massaging my upper body.  Lastly we practiced Tree Roots in Ground. With both feet apart and my knees slightly bent I placed the palm of my hands down as if to push myself up. In this position you simply stay firm and imagine energy flowing up through your feet, all the way to your perineum and eventually back out through your feet. When this move is mastered you become firmly planted to the ground and impervious to any outside force. After our practice I thanked him for his wisdom and we agreed to train together.


        On my way home I was excited to try my new chi-gong moves and meditate. But unfortunately I was quickly reminded when I got there that we were on our way back to New York City. It was a jolt to my new found Zen. I had just begun to get into my new routine and ward off doubts but soon old feelings of anxiety clung to my heart. 


        Two days later on my way to the airport the anxiety spiked and in a rush to make my flight I swerved my car too quickly around the corner, scraping over the curb. Siting there on an empty street with my heart racing I thanked the heavens it wasn’t worse. When I arrived at the airport to meet my husband, I was in shambles. My stomach in knots, head pulsating, and my eyes watery. I knew I had to try and utilize some of the tools I had received if I was going to be able to function.

        Siting on the plane I decided to delve into the book Kathleen suggested I buy. Energy Medicine by Donna Eden. Right there on the plane I began utilizing the exercises. Within an hour I had managed to cure both my stomachache, headache and calm my nerves all with energy. Now at that point my mind should have been blown but I had been through so many new experiences that instead I smiled from ear to ear. There is something to all this energy cultivation after all! New York City here I come.

Peace, Love, and Adventure