Got Questions???

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Recently Atreya and I were putting our witchy brains to work and we came up with a fun idea.  We've decided to do a video Q&A session!!  Here's how it works:

  • Email us your question to 
  • Make sure you put Q&A session in the subject of the email and tell us where your from.
  • We'll pick 5 questions and answer them in a video that will be posted on the blog, our youtube channel and our facebook page
  • We'd like to make this a bi-monthly blog post


  • If we pick your question you'll automatically be entered for a chance to win a t-shirt from our Mad Zodiac line on zazzle.  
  • Make sure you include your zodiac sign and t-shirt size when you email us your question.

Whether your a newbie or a wise crone we want to hear from you.  Activities like Q&A sessions are a great opportunity for growth and continued learning. This will help Atreya and myself continue learning because we'll have to don our thinking caps to answer your questions and hopefully it will help answer questions you may have and open a dialogue on certain topics.  Plus, have you seen the awesome shirts in our zazzle store?? Atreya worked her little fingers to the bone on these cool designs and we want to see some people wearing them!  Send us your emails and help us get this started.

~Love, Light and Blessings~
Amethyst & Atreya 

Lewnah's Spiritual Journey (Part 4)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

NYC, Reiki Massages and Giant Walking Trees

        The vitality of New York City can’t be matched. Everyone’s energy seems to congeal together in an intense creation. But there amongst all the bustle I knew one place I could always go for positivity and calm- the Twins' apartment.

 I was very happy to be back there on the couch, inhaling the sage, looking at all the healing herbs and crystals. Atreya offered me a reiki session and I was excited to try it out. Unlike a massage for your muscles, this was for the energy flow within the body. The practitioner holds their hands a few inches over the recipient’s body as they move slowly from head to toe. 

        With calming music playing, I laid down on my back with my eyes closed. A warm and relaxing sensation formed inside each body part as she hovered over it.  When she reached my stomach tears began to form in my eyes and my abdomen began to heave. She slowly moved on to my legs. The sadness quickly lifted from my stomach to usher in a new peaceful feeling.  When the massage was finished my entire body was vibrating with what felt like shimmering energy.


        Now it was time for guided meditation. Still lying there with my eyes closed Atreya spoke to me softly. “I want you to surround yourself with something that makes you feel relaxed.” Soon I was floating in the clouds. Gradually the clouds began to evaporate away to show the walls of an old hut. I was lying on the floor and an old healing woman began moistening a towel in a bucket. She started to gently wash my arms. “You are going to be just fine.” She told me so sweetly. Then she put the towel down and held me in her arms. I felt a rush of comfort whisk over my entire body. 


In the distance I heard Atreya’s voice calling me to go somewhere surrounded in nature. Instantly I was surrounded my lush green trees in a huge field. “Now you see someone special appear. This person really cares about you and wants to tell you a message.” I looked over to the edge of the field to see Atreya walking towards me. She smiled at me and we began to dance. As we danced I slowly began to get anxious. I remembered my session with Kathleen the life coach. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the red-eyed octopus in my vision to talk to me. 

            So indeed, time passed by and the Atreya in my vision hadn’t muttered a word. “Do you have something to tell me?” I asked her but she just smiled and danced like a hippie in the grass.


 “Now you have gotten your message so I want you to….” I cut off what I was being guided to do next.  I hadn’t received my message and I wasn’t leaving without it this time. I turned to this imaginary form of Atreya and grabbed her hands in mine. “Please I have to go.” I pleaded. There in my hands she transformed into a tall slender man. “Do you have a message for me?” I asked him. He bent down to my ear and whispered “You are strong enough.” I quickly thanked him and as soon as I did he disappeared.

         “Feel the energy slowly rise up through your legs.” I heard Atreya’s voice guiding me to my next step.  So I walked over towards a tree and hugged it. As I heard her call out each body part, that body part melded into the tree. My arms and fingertips were last as they stretched up above my head to form the very top branches and leaves. “Now release all the negative energy out through your head.” And I did.


“Now enjoy this feeling.” Atreya said. Feeling strong and positive I pulled my roots up out of the ground. I began walking around the field as a tall and vibrant tree. Birds were flying around my branches as the wind ruffled my leaves. Quickly I reached the edge of the field where I entered a small village. As I walked through children began running out of their cottages to smile and wave at me. I waved my branches back at them as they giggled. “Okay you can slowly come out whenever you are ready.”  Atreya said. So I walked back to my plot of land and secured my roots back into the ground. When I opened my eyes I felt like I was radiating.

Upon reflection I wondered what it all meant. Was I strong enough to face the red eyed octopus from my life coach session? Who was the old woman or the man in the field? And what did all the children mean? It looked as though my quest was to continue. After a few days I sadly said goodbye to all my family and friends in New York and boarded my flight back to phoenix to continue my journey.

Peace, Love, and Adventure