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Sunday, September 30, 2012

YAY!! Our day has a arrived in The Real Witches of Halloween line up. We are very excited to be a part of this blog tour. A little about us... Atreya and I (Amethyst) met a few years ago at an open Samhain ritual in NYC and we've been connected ever since. We are members of the same soul family and, along with a few other people, have had a lifetime or two together. The sisterly bond between us is very strong and we've been accused of sharing the same brain. So, one day while sitting on the couch bickering about whose brain it was first an idea crept in and 2 Witches 1 Blog was born. Our blog is a year old and so far we truly enjoy working on it and we hope the folks that stop by enjoy it too. What you'll find here: Stone and Herb of the month posted on the first of every month. Spells, meditations, funny pictures, articles and anything else that knocks our pointy hats crooked. You can tell which one of us is writing by the colors we've chosen. I'm purple and Atreya is sage green. So browse around, laugh at us (we don't mind), comment and send us emails. Thank You Lyn Thurman for allowing us to be a part of the Real Witches of Halloween blog tour!

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Happy Anniversary to US!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Holy Pan. A whole year has gone by! This blog started as a passionate idea by two amazing friends who happen to be witches. We wanted to share our ideas, our views, our humor, and most of all, our experiences. We're SO thankful to all our readers  from all over the world who relate to and enjoy our blog. Blessings to you all! WE LOVE YOU!!!! ♥

Stone of the Month ~ September 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

                                                    Stone Of The Month for September 2012 ~ Moonstone

     It's time to get my stone and herb of the month posts back on track.  Atreya and I spent a weekend in Bermuda for a friends' wedding at the beginning of August and since returning my brain and energy have been overloaded and out of sorts.  I've been grappling with some big life decisions and changes that I need to make and as a result I think this month Moonstone is an appropriate crystal to talk about because it is a stone of change, new beginnings and cycles.
     Oligoclase... say that five times fast, I dare you!  Moonstone is the descriptive name for this stone and its actual name is Oligoclase.  It's a type of feldspar that is composed of potassium aluminum silicate. Moonstone is found in a variety of colors: white, blue, cream, yellow and green.  Although it is found in multiple colors they each share a similar trait, labradorescence (we discussed this in Stone of the Month ~ March 2012 Labradorite).  "Labradorescence is a light effect caused by parallel hairlike structures laid down within the crystal matrix, which reflect light back and forth, creating different-colored effects, including blue, yellow, silvery gray and white."(1)  Because of its appearance Moonstone is closely tied to the moon (hence the name).  Holding a piece of Moonstone is akin to holding a piece of the moon herself in the palm of your hand. Moonstone is a very personal stone and most people who possess the stone (especially jewelry worn on a regular basis) feel a strong attachment to it.  Moonstone is a stone that perceives what is and does not add or detract. 

Atreya's Moonstone ring

Polished Moonstone also belonging to Atreya 

Atreya really likes Moonstone. 

     As I said above, Moonstone is a stone for change, new beginnings and cycles. The reflectiveness of Moonstone reminds us of the cycles of the moon; waxing and waning, everything is a part of the cycle change.  Intuition, empathy and increased creativity are also closely connected to this stone.  Use Moonstone to enhance and develop psychic abilities.  If your having trouble accepting your psychic gifts carry Moonstone in your pocket or wear it as jewelry.  Moonstone helps bring things that are buried in the subconscious to the surface and placed under your pillow will promote vivid dreams especially during a full moon.  
     Moonstone is handy to have around when emotions get out of hand. It soothes emotions and calms  overreactions caused by stressful situations. Moonstone is effective when dealing with physical ailments of the feminine kind.  Filled with calm, receptive feminine energy, Moonstone brings balance to hormones especially during the menstrual cycle.  It can also help women going through hormonal upheavals like puberty and menopause. Some also believe it can help women with infertility issues and it stimulates the pineal gland. Don't worry boys, Moonstone can help you out too!  Men that wish to connect with their feminine side should look to Moonstone for some extra help.  This stone will help those with trouble conveying emotions and connecting with others on an emotional level.  Also, if there's a man in your life that has a little to much 'macho man' attitude give him a Moonstone and help him find his inner chick.    
     Moonstone can help with emotional stress and bring about deep emotional healing.  Stress, emotionally instability, emotional outbursts etc are all soothed with this stone.  Got some deep rooted emotional issues that you want to deal with once and for all? Moonstone can help you draw them out and dissolve them so you can move on from them, beginning a new cycle with a cleaner emotional slate. 

Interesting Tidbit:  1)If you give your lover moonstone jewelry at the height of the full moon there will always be passion and love between you. 2)Hindu tradition connects this stone to the divine feminine and it is a symbol of love. 3)Cultures from India to the Celtic people of Europe have used Moonstone in silver and gold jewelry for centuries. Examples of ancient Moonstone jewelry can be found in the British Museum. 

If you're trying to gain a better understanding of yourself and your innermost workings, meditate with Moonstone during the height of the full moon.  Moonstone is a very personal stone and has a habit of jumping out at you when you least expect it but need it most.  Use it to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities.  In need of a new beginning or in the midst of making changes in your life? Use Moonstone to keep calm, emotionally even and stress free.  Give your testosterone filled macho man a Moonstone to reign in his machismo.  Also, giving an overly aggressive woman a Moonstone won't hurt either.  Physical ailments of the feminine kind are soothed with Moonstone and it can help balance hormones and fluids. Moonstone in the pocket of a hyperactive kid may help them sit stiller and eat their vegetables. When recharging Moonstone place it in full moon light only.  I gave a few points about Moonstone but there is more information out there so do some research on your own.   

Bright Blessings,

Source: 1) Crystals by: Jennie Harding 
2) The Crystal Bible by: Judy Hall

Glinda: Sensei or A**hole?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Last week we posted this picture on our Facebook page:

This got almost 80 "likes" and quite a few shares. 

Yet the comments on this pic were a horse of a different color:

....Glinda the "good witch" was a lying bitch. Give me the good old green-faced haggett who ONLY wanted her sister's red shoes ANY DAY over Glinda who decided that Dorothy must suffer before she could go home! If THAT'S not mean-hearted, I don't know what is!"

Wake up Glinda....you're dreaming dear..."

Glinda was an a**hole."

Wow. Talk about a witch hunt...

This quote was meant to be empowering, uplifting, and used as encouragement for the issues we face in our lives at the present moment of our reality, but that idea kind of got sidetracked as the comments led me to explore the meaning of the fictional character behind the quote. 

Although I was somewhat surprised by these responses, I could see where they were coming from. 

First off, Glinda comes off as kind of a d**k.

So she's racist against "green" witches AND she insults Dorothy upon meeting her.

I woulda let Toto bite her ankles at that point. That's just me.

But I think most of the Glinda heat comes from the whole deal with the Ruby Slippers. The slippers are the key home. Glinda gets the slippers. Glinda gives the slippers to Dorothy.  Dorothy goes all around Robin Hood's barn to find out all she had to do was tap dance her ass home. Really?

Anything ELSE you'd like to tell me these shoes do??

So Dorothy is the poster child for irony. I get it. I really do. It sucks. Even Alanis Morissette feels bad for this chick. But I think we might be missing the bigger picture here. 

I think Dorothy couldn't go home until she was READY to.

Think about it. If Glinda told her right from the get go to do the Charleston, and *POOF* back to Kansas she would go, Dorothy probably would have walked it off and just said, "Huh...well that was a little strange." 

And most of all, she wouldn't have changed much.

Glinda reminds me a little of Mr. Miyagi. Telling poor Daniel-san to paint the fence, sand the floor, wax on, wax off. You know what Mr. Miyagi? You wax off. Daniel-san got no time to be your slave! Unless...

(Warning: Teenage angst driven cussing ensues)

Damn you clever little man! You taught me something. And not just anything, something that I had learned without even knowing it. I had the power all along. Well played, sir. Well played.

Maybe Glinda was Dorothy's Miyagi. Maybe she knew from the very beginning this was Dorothy's chance to learn something through EXPERIENCING it, rather than being told.

How many of us can attest to the fact that we have become better people, better versions of ourselves because of stressful/difficult situations that we had to go through and overcome? Situations that may have seemed pointless, but have made us the person we are today.

Yes. I'm even gonna throw a little of the "It's the JOURNEY not the DESTINATION" theory at you. Forgive me. Dorothy got to go on an amazing adventure. Possibly pointless, but still amazing. She got to meet interesting and unforgettable people who taught her about true friendship, bravery, and how to throw apples like Cy Young. And when all was said and done, Dorothy had a little more appreciation for her family in the end. But most importantly....she finally got to see the world in other than sepia tones. Win.

All I'm saying is to cut Glinda a lil slack. She's getting help for her troll-like behavior. 

Now be gone...

...before somebody drops a house on YOU too.


Let Us Officiate Your Wedding!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I did a very simple wedding ceremony a couple of months ago, and it ended up being one of the most beautiful ones I have performed. There are a number of reasons why a couple would want a simple and straightforward wedding (i.e. financial issues, less stress, intimate setting, etc.), and we would like to offer that.

On Saturday, Sept. 15th, from 1pm - 5pm, we will be at The Dairy in Central Park in NYC; ready and waiting to officiate YOUR wedding!


This event is RAIN or SHINE

We will have a simple but lovely ceremony already prepared. We encourage you to WRITE YOUR OWN VOWS to make your ceremony one of a kind! If not, we will be more than happy to provide you with vows. We will also offer to take some photos of the newlyweds and EMAIL you the final products.

So...what do you get for $45:

- A simple and lovely pre-made ceremony
- Officiant service
- 3 High Res photos (this includes touch ups and such in Photoshop)
- A gorgeous setting in Central Park!


- A MARRIAGE LICENSE!!! (Please see link below for details on obtaining one in NYC)
- At LEAST 2 witnesses
- $45

September 15th lands on a New Moon. This moon phase is a WONDERFUL time for new beginnings. Why not begin forever next week? ♥

We look forward to being with you on your special day!!

~*Rev. Amethyst & Rev. Atreya*~
P.S. ALL are welcome. Every creed, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. We are there to celebrate LOVE!!! And to marry you!!

Marriage license details:

Info for The Dairy: