18 Months And Counting....

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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     It's been 18 months since Atreya and I started this blog! I never imagined that I would start blogging and I never, ever thought I'd be working on a blog that so many people are reading.  Since starting this blog we've communicated with some very interesting people, our Facebook page has almost reached 6,000 likes and the blog itself has just reached 50,000 views!!  To all the new readers: Welcome and Merry Meet! To the readers that keep coming back: Thank You and Blessed Be! We've got new projects in the works (more blog posts, videos, stores and perhaps a podcast) so please look for updates from us.  
     Now I'm gonna get a little nosy.  I love to travel and the list of places I want to see in this world is quite long.  One of my favorite things to do is check our blog stats and see where the folks reading our blog are from.  We've had people stop by from all over the world, including places we've never heard of (who knew blogging would turn into a geography lesson!).  So, if your reading this, please leave a comment and tell us where you're from. You can also include what brought you here and, if you're Pagan, what tradition/path do you follow.  We appreciate all of you and Thank You for reading.

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Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!
Bright Blessings, 
~Amethyst~ & Atreya 


holly buckley said...

I follow the Celtic path

Granny Shell said...

My magickal name is RobynWolfe and I'm from Virginia. I'm eclectic but anything Norse and Celtic grabs my attention!

Anonymous said...

Beverly Miller and right now I'm from Exeter CA I follow an Eclectic path

Lluisa Munoz said...

Hi, I am from Catalonia (northern Spain) But I live between here and England.

Since I was a child my path has gone always to the magic, the witchcraft....I can't imagine myself and my life in a different way.

Thanks for this place, is nice to come and read :)


Lluisa xx

Anonymous said...

Natural born solitary witch from St. Petersburg, Florida

Amethyst and Atreya said...

Merry Meet everyone and thanks for leaving a comment!!

Amethyst and Atreya said...

Hello Lluisa,

I spent an amazing two weeks in Spain when I was in college. It's one of my favorite places and I can't wait to return!


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