Stone Of The Month ~ January 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Stone of the Month for January 2013 ~ Lapis Lazuli
     It's a new year and time for a new Stone of the Month post.  This month our stone is Lapis Lazuli (don't bother trying to say it five times fast because it's impossible... I've tried) and it's a powerful and beautiful stone.  It's make up is very complex, it's a combination of a few different types of rock. The dominant compound is lazurite which is made up of sulfur, chlorine, silicon, oxygen, sodium and aluminum.  Lapis Lazuli also contains calcite (white specs and grooves), pyrite (specs of gold) and mica. The stone gets its deep sapphire blue color from the sulfur found in the lazurite.  It is associated with the higher chakras and is considered both masculine and feminine. Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite are often mistaken for each other.

     Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful stone that has been used in jewelry and carvings for centuries but it is also a stone with a lot of power.  Increased self confidence, positivity, inner truth, inner power, manifestation and friendship are a few things this stone encourages.  Lapis Lazuli helps an individual take charge of their life and release repressed emotions, especially anger.  Use it to help you confront the truth, no matter how bad that truth may be.  Lapis Lazuli will help you accept it, learn from it and move on from it.  It promotes self expression, honesty and compassion and helps bring the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the self into harmony.
     Balancer of the throat chakra and opener of the third eye, Lapis Lazuli stimulates personal and spiritual power, enhances dreams and psychic abilities, and promotes enlightenment.  This stone holds a great deal of serenity. Use it to relieve stress, harness inner peace and reach higher levels of spirituality. Also use this stone to increase objectivity and understanding.  Lapis Lazuli is a powerful thought amplifier and will increase the powers of the mind. But be careful what you wish for or think about while working with it.  It will amplify whatever is swirling around in your brain, be it negative or positive. 
     The masculine side of this stone is evident in its protective power.  It recognizes a psychic attack, shields you from it and returns the negative energy to the sender.  Self hatred, martyrdom and repressed emotions are dissolved with this stone.  The pyrite (golden specs) within the stone connects it to solar energy which also allows it to balance the solar plexus and crown chakras.  Lapis Lazuli increases self confidence, helps overcome depression and encourages you to dance like no one is watching.
Interesting Tidbits:
     1) Lapis Lazuli, when translated, literally means Stone Blue in Latin.  Lapis means stone in Latin and Lazuli means blue in Medieval Latin.
     2) Ultramarine is medieval paint pigment that was made from Lapis Lazuli.
     3) Lapis Lazuli was crazy popular in Ancient Egypt.  The stone is very hard which allows for it to be carved. Egyptians used it in rings, jewelry, boxes, mosaics, and scarab carvings. Lapis Lazuli was also powdered and used by Eqyptian nobility as eye shadow. 

    Feel like you've lost your voice, personal power and aren't being heard? Wear Lapis Lazuli over your throat and chest to increase self confidence.  Use it to help you learn from mistakes and face the lessons you need to learn.  This stone is a stress reliever, use it to bring your spiritual, mental and physical selves into harmony.  If you sense you are under psychic attack wear it for protection and carry it with you on your next ghost hunt. Out of your favorite shade of blue eye shadow? Grind up some Lapis Lazuli and you're ready for 80's night. If you feel the urge to dance like no one is watching this stone will help you find the right steps.   I gave a few points about Lapis Lazuli but there is more information out there so do some research on your own.


                                            Dance like no one is watching! (Love this girl)

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Source: 1) Crystals by: Jennie Harding
2) The Crystal Bible by: Judy Hall


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