Blessed Imbolc

Saturday, February 1, 2014

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     Blessed Imbolc everyone and Blessed Lughnasadh to our readers in the southern hemisphere!!  What a strange time of year this is.  Winter is fighting to hold on while spring begins to fight its way in.  This is a time to cleanse yourself of things that no longer serve you and prepare for what is to come in the future.  I came across an Imbolc poem that encapsulates this time of year perfectly (at least for me).  


by: Ian R. Thorpe

Pale winter sun lingers, lengthening each day,
On twig and branch new buds begin to swell.
Songbirds give voice, each striving to excel,
Seed senses change in its deep bed of cold clay,
Earth goddess weaves her magic to propel
Reborn cycle of her womb along its way

Life returns in every tree’s slow thought,
In pond and stream the dance begins again
Spring flowers show, their purpose to proclaim
A new season comes; winter’s reign is short
And darkness no longer exercises any claim;
Green growth dispels grey moods it brought.

     Enjoy Imbolc, make plans for the future and always have faith that the wheel will continue to turn. For Imbolc activity ideas and spell work check out our recent post, Hey... You In The Pointy Hat... Don't Forget Imbolc and for more Imbolc information watch the video below. 

Bright Blessings,


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