February Full Moon 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

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 Normally the heaviest snow usually falls during this month. Native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. The February full moon has many names, just as every month's big moon does. In addition to its Snow Moon nickname, the lunar event is also known as the Storm Moon, Candles Moon, Hunger Moon since harsh weather conditions in areas made hunting very difficult for tribes.

This month, the full moon is in VIRGO! 

To strong Virgo energy, all of that Piscean letting go may feel like just that, or perhaps more than a tad uncomfortable. On the other hand, Virgo structure, analysis and its generally critical nature to Pisces may feel like spending all day in a tight business suit; not exactly a perfect fit. On a higher spiritual level, Virgo can be about the perfected nature; divine thoughts and aspirations. That is one of the disappointments that Virgo can encounter on the Earth plane, where imperfections are aplenty. It’s a matter of realizing that aspirations are worthy things, and it’s still a beautiful world even if and when it doesn’t live up to our own expectations.

There is a tendency for so much constellated Pisces energy to cause some people to feel overwhelmed, befuddled or generally want to float away. The Full Moon Virgo energy will give some grounded structure and shine a bright light of practicality and analysis; which I feel will be much-needed and helpful, especially when navigated consciously.

This is a Full Moon of potential breakdowns or meltdowns. (I HAD ONE OF THESE THE OTHER DAY!!) And sometimes that's exactly what's needed in the moment -- to fall apart. Be gentle with yourself, yet firm about staying healthy. It's said that mutable signs need a guiding hand -- be that guiding hand for all that's in motion.

Many are experiencing rising inner tides -- the material of the psyche is surfacing. This Full Moon brings home the reality that it's useful (and a lifesaver) to have a basket of strategies that work in different situations. This is a time to experiment, listening to the soul's promptings, on what will aid in the integration process. What gives you confidence, to ride the waves, and even if you're knocked down, find your center again?

 At the Full Moon, we're invited to manifest with sure-footedness, from a real grounded awareness. Virgo is a sign of presence, and one that observes the smallest details. A great expansion happens now from being here now -- in your body, where you are. A great renewal comes from letting go of what keeps you from settling in, and knowing the power of presence.
What strikes to the nervous system cause you to escape from being present? This can be a time of clearing, simplifying and purifying. You become the Virgin, whole-unto-herself (or himself), able to take in new experiences, and be changed by them.

Blessed Full Moon!





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