Full Moon Rise In New Zealand

Thursday, January 31, 2013

     I saw this video today and had to share it with you.  The video was shot in New Zealand by Mark Gee and it's pretty amazing.  I can't imagine being this close to the rising full moon and Atreya and I hope to make it New Zealand one day. When we do this is definitely going to be on our list of things to do.  Watch the short but awesome video below and send it to someone that may need their spirits lifted today!  

     "Our friend Carolina Burgos posted this link to EarthSky Facebook just now. It’s a very beautiful real-time video of silhouettes in front of the rising full moon on January 28, 2013. Photographer Mark Gee captured this video at Mount Victoria Lookout in Wellington, New Zealand."

Blessed Be, 

18 Months And Counting....

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

     It's been 18 months since Atreya and I started this blog! I never imagined that I would start blogging and I never, ever thought I'd be working on a blog that so many people are reading.  Since starting this blog we've communicated with some very interesting people, our Facebook page has almost reached 6,000 likes and the blog itself has just reached 50,000 views!!  To all the new readers: Welcome and Merry Meet! To the readers that keep coming back: Thank You and Blessed Be! We've got new projects in the works (more blog posts, videos, stores and perhaps a podcast) so please look for updates from us.  
     Now I'm gonna get a little nosy.  I love to travel and the list of places I want to see in this world is quite long.  One of my favorite things to do is check our blog stats and see where the folks reading our blog are from.  We've had people stop by from all over the world, including places we've never heard of (who knew blogging would turn into a geography lesson!).  So, if your reading this, please leave a comment and tell us where you're from. You can also include what brought you here and, if you're Pagan, what tradition/path do you follow.  We appreciate all of you and Thank You for reading.

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Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!
Bright Blessings, 
~Amethyst~ & Atreya 

Hey... You In The Pointy Hat... Don't Forget Imbolc!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

     I have a confession to make. Since becoming a Pagan/Witch I've done something almost every year that some may find cringe worthy while others would say it's no big deal.  It's unintentional and I get more than annoyed with myself when I do it. Sometimes.... after Winter Solstice.... as the end of winter approaches... I FORGET ABOUT IMBOLC!!!! I know, I know, it's horrible and I'm horrible and my broom flying privileges should be stripped immediately!  I'm a pretty forgetful person in general and Atreya regularly gives herself a slap to the forehead when I tell her of yet another event I've let escape my memory.  This leads to hyper organization, writing long lists, taking ridiculously neat notes and having multiple copies of important documents (the whereabouts of these documents are currently unknown...) because I don't want to forget anything.  

You forgot too? It's OK Bro, you've got a lot going on.

     But I always seem to remember when the other Sabbats are and what our current position is on the wheel. I know when Beltane and Samhain are approaching because those are my favorite sabbats and also my favorite times of year.  The Solstices are easy enough to remember, especially Winter Solstice since we are surrounded by Christmas/Yule decorations at every turn.  I know when the equinoxes are around the corner because I can feel a greater sense of inner balance and balance in the world around me.  Farmer's markets begin to overflow with brightly colored vegetables like corn and tomatoes and guess what that means?  Lughnasadh, the first of the harvest festivals, is quickly approaching. So what's up with Imbolc? Why do we (I say we because I've asked around and apparently I'm not the only witch with this problem) have such trouble remembering that this spoke on the wheel of the year is coming??
     At this time of year, most of us usually have our focus elsewhere.  Getting back into the normal swing of life now that the holidays are over while trying desperately to hang onto to the resolutions some make for the new year.  The kids are back in school, people begin to look each other in the eye again now that memories of the office holiday party are beginning to fade, and we brace ourselves for Mother Nature to do her worst as the harshest winter days are upon us.  There are winter storm warnings, shoveling snow, digging out the car, and extreme temperatures depending on where you reside. As I write this, it is 18 degrees in New York City and at night the low temperature has been around -1 degree. Oh, and don't forget the sniffles.  This is the time of year when bad colds are at their worst and the flu begins to bombard us, leaving many people feeling miserable.  Add seasonal affective disorder (also known as SAD or winter blues) with a dash of cabin fever and this is a recipe for, at the very least, distraction and annoyance.  Great reasons/excuses to forget about Imbolc entirely but also great reasons to remember it.
     At this time of year, it's hard to imagine that spring is just a few weeks away.  Imbolc marks the midpoint between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  Imbolc celebrates the first stirrings of Mother Nature's womb.  The literal translation of Imbolc is "in the womb" or "in the belly" (Oimelc is an alternate name for Imbolc and its translation is "ewe's milk") and this sabbat is also associated with purification and fire.  Animals are born, hibernating animals stir and wake up, buds on trees may be visible and flowers, like the crocus, begin to fight their way to the surface.  This is a time to celebrate new life and new beginnings, even if new life has yet to reveal itself.  

Crocus ain't scared!
     It's also a time to look within and turn your attention to yourself, your home and family.  Resist the temptation to be annoyed at the bitter cold outside and use this time for personal work, introspection and the making of plans for the future (magickal and mundane).  Connecting with nature during the harshest of the winter months can be uncomfortable and dangerous.  Let the cold and snow outside create a natural barrier between yourself and the world outside. This is a time to spend near the hearth, connecting with yourself internally.  During this time of year you can:

  • practice and strengthen your divination skills (tarot, runes, scrying, pendulum etc)
  • perform spells for manifestation and new beginnings 
  • do some journaling 
  • do some dream work and try astral travel
  • explore your shadow self 
  • don't forget the mundane stuff: clean the closets, clear clutter, rearrange furniture etc
  • get a calender and plot out goals you'd like to accomplish in the coming months
  • spend time with family and friends: play board/card games, bake, tell stories by the fire

My witchy partner in crime, Atreya, made a video about Imbolc. For more Imbolc information watch the video below and look for more videos from us in the future.

                                                         Imbolc In Under 2 Minutes 

     There is a simple and quick spell you can do at this time of year.  This spell is for manifestation and new beginnings.  I call it the potted plant spell. The idea for this spell came to me because of my apartment in NYC.  Sometimes spells call for things to be buried.  This is all well and good but when you live in a concrete jungle, finding a spot to bury things isn't always easy.  And, if you do find a place to bury something, you may have to deal with onlookers, dogs digging up your spell or the NYPD may look at you suspiciously and hold you for questioning (What's with the shovel? Why are you digging a hole in Central Park? What's with the 'herbs' in the plastic baggy? etc). So instead of looking for a place outside to bury things why not look inside and bury your spell in a potted plant? For this spell you'll need a potted plant or a pot, some dirt, a plant or seeds, paper and a pen/pencil.   Light some candles, set a magickal mood and spend some time thinking about what you'd like to manifest for yourself.  Maybe find the calender with the goals you wrote out for yourself (discussed above) to use as inspiration. When your ready start writing down your goals, wishes and desires on the paper. You can use a separate, small piece of paper for each wish or write them all on one piece of paper.  When your finished it's time to bury them in the plant. If using a plant that is already potted, use your finger or a spoon to dig a hole in the dirt (get down to at least the halfway point in the dirt).  Place the paper with your goals and wishes inside the hole and cover it with dirt.  As the plant grows envision your goals/wishes growing and manifesting.  
     If your using a new plant or seeds begin in the same way by writing down your wishes and goals.  When you're ready place some dirt in the pot then put the paper with your wishes and goals on top of the dirt. Then, add more dirt along with the plant or seeds.  Place the plant on your altar (if there's enough room and sunlight) and tend to it over the coming months.  As it grows envision your goals manifesting.  When the weather gets warmer you can replant it in your garden. Or, if your a city dweller like me, you can leave it in its pot and allow it to grow and beautify your home. Whenever you look at the plant let it be a reminder of the goals you're working toward. You can also use this plant in the future when burying an item as part of a spell. 

(Side Note: There is no required plant to use for this spell as far as I'm concerned. A plant that appeals to me and will thrive in my neck of the woods may not do the same for you. Find a plant that works for you, your purposes, fits in your space and will survive in your part of the world (especially if you intend to place it outside). I use a spider plant because this plant has a special place in my heart, it's easy to care for/hard to kill and sharing with friends and family is easy (the smaller spider plant babies that grow on the vines can be gently removed from the parent plant and easily rooted in a separate pot). Find a plant that works for you and don't forget some plants/flowers are poisonous to people and fur babies so keep that in mind also.)

                             Guess what else happens on February 2nd?? It's Groundhog Day!!!


     What the blazes does groundhog day have to do with Imbolc you ask?  In the old days in Europe, Imbolc was used for weather divination to see if winter would end early or if it would hold on until March and April. Sound familiar?? In Europe this question was asked of the hedgehog.  If he came out of his burrow and saw his shadow then everyone knew they were in trouble.  The shadow was said to frighten the hedgehog causing him to retreat back to his burrow for another 6 weeks.  If there was no sun in the sky and Mr. Hedgehog did not see his shadow then spring would arrive early.  In the United States we don't have hedgehogs so the groundhog was substituted for this practice. There are a number of ways people perform weather divination but the groundhog method is the most popular although most people aren't aware of its origin or purpose!

     Hello, my name is Amethyst and sometimes I forget Imbolc.  Now that I've come clean I feel much better and I know I'm on the rode to recovery because I remembered Imbolc this year without having to be reminded.  I'm sure I'm not alone and I am contemplating starting a support group. Writing this post reminded me how important this sabbat is and I'm going to make a conscious effort to remember it every year and not allow this to remain the forgotten (or last minute) sabbat.  This time of year is important for Mother Nature and for individual personal growth.  Taking time to focus inward, exploring the darker parts of yourself, studying and setting goals for the future are so important.  As witches and pagans we send a great deal of energy out into the world both for ourselves and others.  Replenishing our stores of energy and focusing on our personal growth are vital to our magickal and mundane growth (and it probably makes holding onto your sanity much easier).  May all your wishes, goals and dreams manifest positively in this world, harming none.  

Blessed Imbolc to you all, 

Sources (books I highly recommend):
Seasons of Witchery: Celebrating The Sabbats With The Garden Witch  by: Ellen Dugan
The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft  by: Judika Illes  


Being Pagan Means...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Why Are There 7 Days?


"A week made up of seven days is part of our modern global culture, but its origins date back to ancient civilisation. The Greeks gave us democracy, the Romans bridges and roads but it is probably from the ancient Babylonians that we get the seven-day week. Living in the cradle of civilisation, Mesopotamia - modern Iraq, their culture was most prominent in the second and first millennia BC before the rise of Greece or Rome. 

They were formidable astronomers and developed a calendar to plot and predict the movement of the moon and planets in the heavens, incorporating a form of astrology. But while the movement of Earth and Sun give us natural concepts like days and years and the Moon's phases give us the month, there is no such natural reason for a seven-day week. The number seven had a mystical significance to Babylonians. It was associated with the seven heavenly bodies; the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.

For this reason, some believe, marking rituals every seventh-day became important. A seven-day week based on these same celestial bodies was adopted as far away as Japan and ancient China. Seven is also important in Judaism, where the creation story is told over seven days. But unlike other cultures, in Hebrew the days of the week are assigned numbers not the names of gods, festivals, elements or planets - the only exception is Saturday, Yom Shabbat (יום שבת) which means Sabbath. But the popularity of the seven-day week - and its prominence in modern calendars - can be traced to its adoption by the Romans."

Follow this link to the rest of the story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/0/20394641

Nature Is My Church

Sunday, January 20, 2013


2013: The Year that Should Not Have Been

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Unless you were living under a rock last December (though if you did, I mean no offense. I love me some stoners. See what I did there?), I'm sure you were somewhat privy to the "End of the World" predictions in relation to the Mayan Calendar. 

And I sort of feel like the world was split into 2 main groups when it came to what people believed about December 21st, 2012:




Actually, I think there was also a third group. One that I'd like to believe Amethyst and I belonged to, along with many other Witches, New Agers, Lightworkers, etc. :


There were a variety of different beliefs within this group (as the others), but I think the majority of us could agree on one thing: an energy shift. And not one rooted in fear. There was excitement, love, and inspiration. Whether it was globally, galactically, or personally, there was a different feel to the energy around us. So yes, energetically, an "end of the world" as we knew it. Cue R.E.M.....

Regardless of which group you were in, I think at one point or another, we might have had this thought (even if it was only for a split second):

"What if there is no next year??"

Actually, that question alone might potentially be the cause of quite a few Virgos and Libras born this year. I digress.

But we made it. 2013 already in full swing. I can't help but feel that this is the Year of Possibilities. The Year of Dreams. The Year of....well...everything!

And I don't mean the typical, "New year, new me! This is MY year! Woo hoo!"

I am a firm believer that thoughts are energy and have the power to create. And I think so many people believed that the world was doomed last year on the Winter Solstice, that 2013 feels like the year that was not meant to be. 

But it is.

Probably thanks to one of these two:

Whether it was these two or not, it feels like the Universe found a quarter in its old winter coat and put it in the arcade game of life at the very last second. We got a "Continue". A 1UP.  

What would you do with extra time that you possibly weren't supposed to have?? 

This should be a year full of "Why nots". I think we should all take advantage of this gift. Take advantage of "the year that should not have been". 

If you're not sure, try to go outside, preferably somewhere quiet and where you can touch the Earth. Meditate quietly, even if it's only for a few minutes, so you can feel the energy around you. I assure you, something's different. 

And I really feel that this year, ANYTHING can happen.

So now, more then ever...

...write that novel, sing that song (on stage!), take that class, go on that trip (that you've always wanted to take!), reconnect with that friend, gain that weight, cast that spell, tell them you love them, find that new job, lose that weight, reconcile with your family, learn that language, paint that piece, and DANCE. Just dance.

For you.

Just for you.

Happy 2013. 



I Am A Witch

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


What Have You Done For You Lately?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

     I made a purchase over the holidays that I'm so excited about it I just had to share it.  First, a little background and info.  I'm pretty close to my Aunt/Godmother and spent a lot of time with her growing up. We went on trips together every summer and at the age of 31 I still look forward to those get togethers, even if it's only for a weekend.  She taught me about traveling, art, food, culture and is a fiercely independent woman. But there is one lesson that she taught me that relates directly to this post and completely confused Atreya when I told her about this holiday tradition.  With nieces, nephews, grandnieces, grandnephews, god children, friends and family etc: my aunt has a pretty full shopping list during the Christmas holiday.  She receives quite a few gifts as well. When I was younger I remember her going through her pile of gifts, opening them one by one and when she reached for the next box in her pile she announced, "this is from me to me." I'm sorry, what? I was very confused and asked her to explain. She told me that at the holidays we do so much for other people and buy gifts for other people so why not get a gift for yourself? At least that way you definitely get at least one thing you really want or need.
     This made complete sense (at least to us) and I've carried that belief with me since then. During the holidays we spread ourselves so thin. We go to parties, dinners, spend endless hours shopping and drive ourselves to exhaustion. Most of us never take a second to ask: what have I done for myself lately??  Please understand, I'm not saying you should go out every Yule season and buy yourself that expensive piece of jewelry or technology you've been eyeing all year. Over the years I've seen my aunt give herself a variety of things ranging from jewelry to things she needed for her home or business.  So I've adopted this practice and at holiday time I make sure I do something for myself. Sometimes it's an afternoon at the spa getting a massage, buying that new tarot card set I can't get out of my mind or just spending time alone doing something that I want to do.
     Fast forward to Yule 2012 and I found something I'd spent years searching for.  I've wanted a copper cauldron for quite some time and just couldn't find the right one. The cauldrons I came across were either way to expensive or didn't 'speak' to me. So I gave up the search, released my intention to the universe and decided that my cauldron and I would find each other when it was time.  The time finally came and while spending the holidays with my mother and aunt in Maryland we went to one of my favorite stores in her neighborhood. There is an amazing consignment shop in Annapolis that is huge and carries everything you can imagine (including a medium size black cabinet with carvings resembling Goddess symbols on it. I bought it last year and it now houses my candles and herbs). It's called Echos and Accents (http://www.echoesandaccents.com/) and if your in Annapolis you should definitely stop by and wonder around.  I walked into the store and my attention was immediately grabbed by a large copper cauldron hidden behind a few things at the front of the store.  Ok, this thing didn't just grab my attention. It felt like something grabbed me, turned me toward it and told me to take it home now! I picked it up and there was no question that it was going home with me that day. As if the find couldn't get any better, the shop was having a sale and I bought the cauldron for under one hundred dollars.  Furthermore, the women working at the shop that brought the cauldron in was there that day and able to give me some history on it. She told me how to care for it and that it was made in the 1860s (she didn't need to tell me anything about it really, they had me at sale!).

It's old, needs some TLC and I love it!

Good size

      So I've been telling you about my aunt and my new cauldron because I've been thinking about how, as Pagans, we can run ourselves ragged during the holidays especially when we are members of a coven or other group.  There are 8 sabbats contained within the wheel of the year along with full and new moons. Add that to our busy mundane lives and it's enough to make the conical hat of the most energetic witch droop. Belonging to a group or coven can make the celebrations even more hectic (I speak from experience). I was a very active member in a large group here in NYC.  We held (and they still do) public/open rituals for every sabbat, every full moon, helped at events like Pagan Pride, teach bi-weekly classes and participated in a slew of other activities that arose throughout the year. My time leading up to each event was spent writing rituals, responding to emails, making sure we had the correct supplies, applying for permits with the city and doing my best to get to each event in one stressed out piece.  We usually ended up running about like chickens with our heads cut off but in the end we always pulled together great events.  Eventually making time for myself fell by the wayside and my own magickal life began to suffer.  
     Finding my cauldron and spending the holidays with my aunt got me thinking about her practice of giving yourself something you want or need. As Pagans we have so many opportunities to allow ourselves to be spread to thin (8 sabbats, 12 full moons, 12 new moons, and other miscellaneous activities) but we also have the same amount of chances to stop and ask ourselves: what have I done for me lately? What if during each sabbat and/or full moon you made a conscious effort to give time to yourself and do something just for you? I'm suggesting taking my aunts' philosophy about giving yourself something you want or need at christmas and applying it to the 8 sabbats.  Really ask yourself what you need or want and it doesn't have to magickal in nature, it can be silly and frivolous.

  • make time to meditate
  • do an activity that is related to the current sabbat (like making Yule ornaments)
  • go hiking
  • buy yourself that new tarot deck (unless you're like me and already have 15 decks!)\
  • go to the make up counter in the mall and get a make over
  • take yourself to a movie/go to a comedy club/visit a museum
  • catch up on your reading 
  • finally do that spell you've been meaning to get to
  • do some gardening
     This list is endless so to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, I'm going to stop here.  I'm sure you all get the idea. I'm making a promise to myself that I will do something for me during each sabbat and full moon, be it magickal or mundane. The activity doesn't have to be anything grand or intricate.  It can take as little as five minutes after your family has gone to bed or it can last all day.  The important thing is that you do this for you and only you and you take the time to really ask yourself: What have I done for me lately and what do I want or need? Who knew the simple act of my aunt giving herself a gift at christmas would extend into my life as witch?  Imbolc will be here in a couple short weeks and its a perfect time to begin this practice. What are you going to do for yourself?? Leave a comment and let us know.

Be Blessed, 


Stone Of The Month ~ January 2013

Stone of the Month for January 2013 ~ Lapis Lazuli
     It's a new year and time for a new Stone of the Month post.  This month our stone is Lapis Lazuli (don't bother trying to say it five times fast because it's impossible... I've tried) and it's a powerful and beautiful stone.  It's make up is very complex, it's a combination of a few different types of rock. The dominant compound is lazurite which is made up of sulfur, chlorine, silicon, oxygen, sodium and aluminum.  Lapis Lazuli also contains calcite (white specs and grooves), pyrite (specs of gold) and mica. The stone gets its deep sapphire blue color from the sulfur found in the lazurite.  It is associated with the higher chakras and is considered both masculine and feminine. Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite are often mistaken for each other.

     Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful stone that has been used in jewelry and carvings for centuries but it is also a stone with a lot of power.  Increased self confidence, positivity, inner truth, inner power, manifestation and friendship are a few things this stone encourages.  Lapis Lazuli helps an individual take charge of their life and release repressed emotions, especially anger.  Use it to help you confront the truth, no matter how bad that truth may be.  Lapis Lazuli will help you accept it, learn from it and move on from it.  It promotes self expression, honesty and compassion and helps bring the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the self into harmony.
     Balancer of the throat chakra and opener of the third eye, Lapis Lazuli stimulates personal and spiritual power, enhances dreams and psychic abilities, and promotes enlightenment.  This stone holds a great deal of serenity. Use it to relieve stress, harness inner peace and reach higher levels of spirituality. Also use this stone to increase objectivity and understanding.  Lapis Lazuli is a powerful thought amplifier and will increase the powers of the mind. But be careful what you wish for or think about while working with it.  It will amplify whatever is swirling around in your brain, be it negative or positive. 
     The masculine side of this stone is evident in its protective power.  It recognizes a psychic attack, shields you from it and returns the negative energy to the sender.  Self hatred, martyrdom and repressed emotions are dissolved with this stone.  The pyrite (golden specs) within the stone connects it to solar energy which also allows it to balance the solar plexus and crown chakras.  Lapis Lazuli increases self confidence, helps overcome depression and encourages you to dance like no one is watching.
Interesting Tidbits:
     1) Lapis Lazuli, when translated, literally means Stone Blue in Latin.  Lapis means stone in Latin and Lazuli means blue in Medieval Latin.
     2) Ultramarine is medieval paint pigment that was made from Lapis Lazuli.
     3) Lapis Lazuli was crazy popular in Ancient Egypt.  The stone is very hard which allows for it to be carved. Egyptians used it in rings, jewelry, boxes, mosaics, and scarab carvings. Lapis Lazuli was also powdered and used by Eqyptian nobility as eye shadow. 

    Feel like you've lost your voice, personal power and aren't being heard? Wear Lapis Lazuli over your throat and chest to increase self confidence.  Use it to help you learn from mistakes and face the lessons you need to learn.  This stone is a stress reliever, use it to bring your spiritual, mental and physical selves into harmony.  If you sense you are under psychic attack wear it for protection and carry it with you on your next ghost hunt. Out of your favorite shade of blue eye shadow? Grind up some Lapis Lazuli and you're ready for 80's night. If you feel the urge to dance like no one is watching this stone will help you find the right steps.   I gave a few points about Lapis Lazuli but there is more information out there so do some research on your own.


                                            Dance like no one is watching! (Love this girl)

Bright Blessings,


Source: 1) Crystals by: Jennie Harding
2) The Crystal Bible by: Judy Hall

Herb Of The Month ~ January 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Herb of the Month for January 2013 - Job's Tears
     First things first: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May you see all your wishes and hopes come to fruition in 2013!!  Speaking of wishes (I know, nice segway), I thought this month would be the perfect time to discuss an herb that will help your wishes come true.  At the beginning of a new calender year, a lot of people are busy making resolutions, wishes, promises etc.  Adding a little magick to those resolutions may keep them from fizzling out come February.  Job's Tears (Coix lachryma-jobi) are tiny little seeds (or beads/pearls) that are quite potent.  Found all over the world, Job's Tears is a tall plant in the grass family and is known by many names: Coix Seeds, Tear Grass (folk name), Yulmu (Korean), Jali (Indonesia), and Luk Dueai (Thai) are a few. Job's Tears is a feminine herb and, depending on who you ask, it's ruled by both water and air. 

Job's Tears plant

I can use some luck. These bad boys are gonna be a necklace pretty soon.

Job's Tears prayer necklace (etsy.com)

     Job's Tears have very specific and very powerful functions: wishes, healing and luck.  Using Job's Tears for wishing is a long standing practice.  Making or purchasing jewelry made from Job's Tears is pretty common because many believe that wearing or carrying them with you provides luck. Job hunting, asking for a raise or promotion, meeting someone new, gambling etc are just a few of the areas Job's Tears can bring luck to. 

Wishing and Luck with Job's Tears 

1) Carry 3 Job's Tears with you for general luck.

2)  Make a wish while holding 7 Job's Tears tightly in your hand. Carry them with you for no less than a week and your wish should come true. When your wish is realized throw the tears into a body of moving water (stream, river or running water in your sink or bathtub

3) Make a wish holding 7 tears tightly in your hand. Once you're done with wishing, immediately throw them into a body of moving water, sending your wish out into the universe. Or, if you have a garden, you can plant the tears/seeds. If a healthy plant begins to grow then your wish will come true.

4) Add Job's Tears to a spell for extra umph and luck especially where money matters and job hunting are concerned.

     Job's Tears also possess the power to heal. They are worn to alleviate sickness and pain because they absorb the illness from the wearer.  Wear a necklace made from Job's Tears when you have a cold, sore throat, asthma troubles, etc.  To aid teething, give a necklace of Job's Tears to a baby but beware the choking hazards!  Used frequently in traditional Chinese medicine, Job's Tears can calm an irritated stomach, reduce inflammation/pain throughout the body, treat the side effects of some types of radiation treatment and make your skin bright and healthy. 

Will Job's Tears kill me?
Nope, you're safe with these guys.  Job's Tears are used to create drinks and food, especially in Asia and Africa.  When hulled (hulled - removing the outer casing to reveal the grain inside) the seeds look similar to pearl gray barley although they are not a member of the barley family.  It is used as the grain portion of a meal (similar to rice), in soups, the flour made from Job's Tears is used for baking and it is also used to make teas and other drinks. Job's Tears are low in fat, high in a potassium, protein and fiber.  It makes a great substitute for rice but it is hard to get in the U.S.. You probably won't find it on the shelf of your local market but you will most likely come across it on your next trip to Africa or Asia.  I've never cooked with or eaten Job's Tears but I've found some interesting and, dare I say, tasty looking recipes that include it.  ***

Interesting Tidbit:
The tears portion of this herbs' name comes from it's appearance.  The tiny beads or pearls look just like tears. The Job half is harder to pin down definitively but most believe they are named for the biblical character Job because God and Satan gave this guy plenty to cry about...

"God's praise of Job prompts Satan to challenge Job's integrity and suggesting that Job serves God simply because he protects him. God removes Job's protection, allowing Satan to take his wealth, his children, and his physical health in order to tempt Job to curse God. Despite his difficult circumstances, he does not curse God, but rather curses the day of his birth. And although he protests his plight and pleads for an explanation, he stops short of accusing God of injustice." 

Got a wish? Use a handful of Job's Tears to help your wishes come true. Throw the seeds into moving water once the wish has come true or plant the seeds in your garden. Carry them with you when additional luck is in order, especially when you are looking for a job or asking for a promotion.  If a cold and sore throat have got you down use Job's Tears to absorb the illness.  These seeds are sturdy and make great prayer beads, necklaces and bracelets.  Give a necklace of Job's Tears to a teething baby but keep the choking hazards in mind. Use them to help strengthen your resolutions and wishes for the coming year.  Don't forget, there's more information out there so do some research on your own.

Bright Blessings and Happy New Year,

***I am not a doctor and I don't play one on TV. Do your research before you consume any herbs via potions etc.

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by: Scott Cunningham
The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients by: Lexa Rosean

5 Ways to Dispel Negitive Energy for the New Year

First off...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Blessings to all of our Witchies!!!

Secondly, I cannot think of a better way then to start this new year with an AMAZING post by our lovely Lewnah. After reading this, I felt this was the PERFECT way to start off the year. This really helped me out and I hope this helps some of our readers as well! Enjoy!

5 Things You Can Try Now To Ward Off Negative Energy and Invite Positive Energy 


On my journey, I have come across some amazing tools to help me center and release energy. Some you have read about and some have yet to be posted but I didn’t want to wait. Here are 5 things you can do right now to help you find energy balance. Some of these are new and others are as old as time, but we so often forget how important they are in helping relieve tension and aid positive energy. 

1. Anger

Expelling the venom- When you are just filled with anger about someone or something, don’t keep it inside you. That anger, if not dealt with properly, can lead to bad choices and sometimes even illness.

1. Stand with your hands on your thighs, fingers spread, and take a deep breath.
2. With the exhalation make a (Shhhh!) sound as if telling someone to be quiet.
3. With a deep inhalation, swing your arms out to your sides, and complete the circle by bringing them high above your head.
4. Turn your hands around so your palms are facing you and make fists.
5. With a loud (Shhhh!) as you exhale bring your fisted hands down swiftly, opening them as they drop near your thighs.
6. Bring to mind the source of your anger and make your movements quick and forceful. Repeat 3 times.
7. Feel your muscles and power on folding as you slowly and deliberately pull down your arms.
8. Repeat until you feel the anger dissipate.

2. Feeling Isolated and Depressed

Call or Skype a friend- Yup, complain to a friend! So often negative energy takes a hold of you and chokes you out, leaving you feeling isolated and depressed. Yet your friend just went through the exact same thing you did but they also got choked up. Then the phone rings-
 “Hey you won’t believe what the %$#@ just happened to me!”

 “Really that happened to me last week also; and I mean just last week.”

Then bam! You have dispelled that negative power you gave to an experience you have gone through that doesn’t deserve to choke you or anyone else up for that matter. Don’t hold on to negative energy. If you do then you will only hurt yourself. Let go.

3. Anger, Depression, or Feeling Stuck

Beat that drum- One of my favorite stories in the news was about Matthew McConaughey. Let me explain here. So a complaint was filed that loud noises were coming from his estate. When they arrived they found him naked, (high in the clouds *wink wink*) and playing the drums. Now I say YES! We don’t need any alternative substances to get this great release. Just find a drum circle, heck turn over a bucket and beat it! Beat it like it owes you money. Beat it like your life depended on it. Beat it with the idea that each beat sends love vibrations to people you love, but dag nammit, beat it! Beating that drum at the drum circle was extremely rewarding and let off huge amounts of steam and stress.

4. Anxiety and Fear

Healing stones or a traveling reminder -Many people know about healing stones.  These stones hold specific healing properties and depending on what a person needs, they are chosen. But sometimes we forget to carry these stones with us! Don’t leave them in a bowl or in your rooms to look cute when the sun hits them from your window. Show those stones some love and they will give it back. I have found that the more I interact and keep my stones close the better I feel. Heck I talk to my stones and you know what……it feels AMAZING! Share your crazy with that stone. Tell it what pissed you off and you are releasing negative energy. Voila. Also by keeping them with you, they serve as a reminder of what you want to believe in and how you want to live your life. This can also be a personal memento. I once in college carried a Stitch doll around with me and buckled it up in the passenger seat of cars to keep me company and help me overcome my fear of driving. So when you feel that doubt in your heart, look down at that stone or memento and let it remind you to slap that fear or doubt right in the face and keep on keeping on!

5. Late Night Anxiety and Fear

(This happens so often today as many of us go to sleep scared and anxious of facing the next day’s tasks at our jobs)–

The Night Cap: This one I have created myself from the many experiences I have had so far and it helps me go to bed relaxed and ward off negative energy and fear. This entire exercise is done lying flat on your back.

Step 1: Lay on your back. Interlock your fingers. Bend your right knee and grab it to pull close to your chest. Now instead of pulling your knee into your chest, pull your knee down past your chest into your arm pit as far as you can. 

You should feel discomfort now in your groin area. Breath into this discomfort and try to pull your knee as far into your arm pit as you can without straining beyond your limit. Make sure to keep your left leg straight. Now- visualize those fears and anxieties. Imagine yourself facing them as you feel this stretch in your groan. Let yourself visualize just how absurd you would look or how ridiculous it would be facing those tasks in this position. Then let your mind slowly focus on just how trivial that fear or anxiety really is. Breathe. If it doesn’t go, well it’s not the end of the world is it? Breathe. Then slowly release. Repeat on the left leg. Repeat this as many times as needed.

 Step 2:                                                   Starting with the feet.    
Still laying on your back, pull you right leg into your chest. Interlock your fingers. Starting with your right foot, hook your hands underneath the heel of your right foot clasping your thumbs around the top of your foot.

Squeeze your foot and slowly begin to push all the negative energy out past your toes like tooth paste from a tube. As you squeeze that energy past the last inch of your toes, quickly make a loud (Shhhh!) sound and throw that negative energy out and away from your body making a flicking motion with your hands as you throw it. Visualize while throwing that energy, it moving far away from your body. Repeat on your right foot. 

                                                                    Now to the legs.   
Interlock your fingers again squeeze the negative energy from the top of your left thigh down and out of your ankle.

Don’t forget to make a (Shhhh!) sound as you throw that energy out of your ankle and away from your body. Repeat on your right leg. 

                                                                              Onto the arms.

Cup your left hand. Take your cupped hand and firmly rub down from the top of your right shoulder down your arm firmly pushing that negative energy out over your hand. Here you can either go straight over your entire hand and throw that negative energy out over your hand, or you can tighten your cupped hand around your thumb and throw all that energy out through your thumb (then go back down over your arm several times until you have thrown the energy out from each individual finger.) don’t forget to make a loud (Shhhh!) Sound as you flick the negative energy away.  Repeat these steps on your left arm.

Onto the stomach

Now cupping both hands, bring them to touch forming an M shape. Starting at the lowest point of your pubic bone, right above your genital area, push down firmly and slowly drag your fingers firmly up the middle of your belly towards your belly button. When you reach right below your belly button firmly pull apart your hands.

Pull the energy out towards your sides. Once your fingers move over your sides, flick that energy away from your body while making a loud (Shhhh!) sound.

Again forming an m shape with your hands firmly push down right above your belly button and drag your fingers all the way up the middle of your chest. Keep dragging your fingers up towards your throat. Lean your head back and keep dragging your fingers all the way up throwing the energy out from the tip of your chin. Don’t forget the (Shhhh!) sound. 

Now to the face and head

Form a bridge over your nose with both hands. Pressing down firmly into your face, pull apart your hands all the way over your temples to your ears and throw that negative energy out from over your ears and away from your body. (Shhhh!) 
Again forming an m shape with your cupped hands place your fingers on the middle of your forehead.

Pressing down firmly into your forehead, pull apart your hands all the way over your temples and out away from your body. (Shhhh!) 

Lastly, assess your body in this new negative energy released state

Do you feel any negative energy left? Revisit that area. Do you feel negative energy somewhere you didn’t release it from? Go over that area with your fingers firmly pressing down and drag it out and away from your body making the (Shhhh!) sound until it feels released. Once you feel released of all that negative energy built up, let yourself enjoy this state doing nothing but lying on your back in reflection.
Now get out there everyone! Get rid of that negative energy and continue your spiritual journey!   Tap into your energy and the wondrous energy of our universe around us.

Expelling the venom-“Energy Medicine” by Donna Eden. 

This book is a keeper. I have run into it three times on my spiritual journey.
Bikram Yoga and Energy meditation.

Peace, Love, and Adventure