February Full Moon 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013


 Normally the heaviest snow usually falls during this month. Native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. The February full moon has many names, just as every month's big moon does. In addition to its Snow Moon nickname, the lunar event is also known as the Storm Moon, Candles Moon, Hunger Moon since harsh weather conditions in areas made hunting very difficult for tribes.

This month, the full moon is in VIRGO! 

To strong Virgo energy, all of that Piscean letting go may feel like just that, or perhaps more than a tad uncomfortable. On the other hand, Virgo structure, analysis and its generally critical nature to Pisces may feel like spending all day in a tight business suit; not exactly a perfect fit. On a higher spiritual level, Virgo can be about the perfected nature; divine thoughts and aspirations. That is one of the disappointments that Virgo can encounter on the Earth plane, where imperfections are aplenty. It’s a matter of realizing that aspirations are worthy things, and it’s still a beautiful world even if and when it doesn’t live up to our own expectations.

There is a tendency for so much constellated Pisces energy to cause some people to feel overwhelmed, befuddled or generally want to float away. The Full Moon Virgo energy will give some grounded structure and shine a bright light of practicality and analysis; which I feel will be much-needed and helpful, especially when navigated consciously.

This is a Full Moon of potential breakdowns or meltdowns. (I HAD ONE OF THESE THE OTHER DAY!!) And sometimes that's exactly what's needed in the moment -- to fall apart. Be gentle with yourself, yet firm about staying healthy. It's said that mutable signs need a guiding hand -- be that guiding hand for all that's in motion.

Many are experiencing rising inner tides -- the material of the psyche is surfacing. This Full Moon brings home the reality that it's useful (and a lifesaver) to have a basket of strategies that work in different situations. This is a time to experiment, listening to the soul's promptings, on what will aid in the integration process. What gives you confidence, to ride the waves, and even if you're knocked down, find your center again?

 At the Full Moon, we're invited to manifest with sure-footedness, from a real grounded awareness. Virgo is a sign of presence, and one that observes the smallest details. A great expansion happens now from being here now -- in your body, where you are. A great renewal comes from letting go of what keeps you from settling in, and knowing the power of presence.
What strikes to the nervous system cause you to escape from being present? This can be a time of clearing, simplifying and purifying. You become the Virgin, whole-unto-herself (or himself), able to take in new experiences, and be changed by them.

Blessed Full Moon!




So It's Yule.... Again

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

     So it's Yule again in our house!  Our bell rang and a package of unknown origin was delivered to me. I was completely confused and had no idea where it came from.  I opened the box and inside was a stack of Pagan books!  Then it hit me.  A few months ago, while visiting friends in Connecticut, my old friend Agnes (She's not old, in fact she's younger than I. I've known her for over 10 years.) told me she'd found some books that might interest me while she was cleaning out her basement. Agnes had no idea who the books belonged to or where they came from. Since she isn't Pagan and no one in her home is she decided to pass them along to me, knowing I'd get some use out of them. She said she would send them to me when she had a chance and I'd forgotten all about that conversation until the package arrived in the mail today.  Atreya and I are beyond excited to read them because they are not only books we've never seen before but authors we aren't familiar with! Loving the opportunity to read and learn something new.  

The books are: 
  • Celestial Goddess:An Illustrated Meditation Guide  by: Lisa Hunt
  • Tarot Spells  by: Janina Renee
  • The Sacred Circle Tarot:A Celtic Pagan Journey by: Anna Franklin  illustrated by: Paul Mason
  • Celtic Myth and Legend  by: Charles Squire
  • Celtic Astrology: How The Mystical Power of the Druid Tree Signs Can Transform Your Life by: Phyllis Vega
  • The Pictorial Key to the Tarot  by: Edward Waite
  • The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Spells and Magic  by: The Diagram Group
(If you've read any of these books please feel free to leave a comment and tell us what you thought of it.)

     I told you about these books for a couple of reasons.  First, Atreya and I are excited to dive into the new knowledge brought to us in these books.  One of the goals of a witch is to never stop learning, so getting a stack of new books is a great opportunity to further our witchy education.  Also, opening a big box filled with books is like opening presents on Yule to us.  Anyone that is in love with books and has an over stuffed bookcase knows what I'm talking about.  
     Second, I'm a lucky witch.  I've been lucky enough to find wonderful, caring and accepting people to be friends with.  Many of them I met years ago during my time away at college well before I began inching my way out of the broom closet.  Now, over ten years later, I've kicked the broom closet door completely open only to find that my friends love me anyway.  They treat me the same, openly ask me questions about my beliefs and when they come across something they think I'd find interesting (like a stack of basically new Pagan books) they send it my way without hesitation.  I'm a lucky witch because my friends and family (for the most part) accept me, warts and all, and I get wonderful surprises like books from my old friend Agnes.  I wish all witches and Pagans experienced the same level of acceptance from those closest to them.  

Bright Blessings and Blessed Yule.... Again,

We Are Everywhere...


I LOVE this picture, so cute!!! Blessed Be!  

Bright Blessings, 

A Pagan Child's Alphabet

Monday, February 4, 2013

     I'm not sure who wrote this but it's so cute and helpful when teaching little ones about paganism.  If I had kids this would be hanging somewhere in my house!! Change the letters around to fit your path and sing this with the little ones!

-Author Unknown


Need A Pep Talk???

Sunday, February 3, 2013

     My mother shared this with me yesterday and I had to share it with you guys.  The young man in this video needs no introduction.  He's an amazing little boy with a big message and great comedic timing. Please watch the entire video and share it with someone.

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

     Did you like that? I know I needed to hear this and I'm glad my mother shared this with me.  Sometimes, especially these days, I think people need to be reminded that we're on the same team.  Everyone needs encouragement, everyone needs to hear that they're awesome and everyone needs a giggle.  Who encourages you? Who do you think could use some encouragement today??  Share this with someone, remember to never quit and go watch Space Jam!


Herb Of The Month ~ February 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

Herb of the Month for February 2013 ~ Thyme

     Can someone please tell me where the month of January has gone??  It seems like I was wishing people Happy New Year a few days ago and now the month is over and Imbolc is here.  I'm sure the arrival of Imbolc has you green thumb bearers looking to the warmer months and contemplating the work that needs to be done in the gardens.  At this time of year, hardy, cool weather herbs and vegetables can be planted. So I thought it best we discuss one these herbs.  Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is an herb that almost everyone has heard of.  It is a member of the mint family and its leaves are a dark gray green color.  Thyme blooms in early to mid-summer and has small pink or purple flowers. Ruled by Venus, Thyme is a feminine herb and its element is water.  Folk names for Thyme are Garden Thyme and Common Thyme.  

Thyme  is one of the easiest herbs to acquire.  You can find it at any supermarket.

Newly bloomed Thyme

Fresh cut Thyme

Dried Thyme

     The word Thyme comes from the Greek word thermos and the Latin word fumus which mean "to smoke" or "fumigate".  This translation indicates that Thyme was used as a smudging herb.  The aroma of Thyme warded off disease and the smoke removed negative and harmful energies.  The herb was burned in Greek temples for purification purposes.  To this day Thyme is burned prior to rituals because of its purification abilities. The Greeks thought highly of Thyme and used it frequently.  Greek warriors were massaged with Thyme to increase courage before battle and they made drinks from Thyme to enhance bravery.  Greek women wore Thyme in their hair to increase attractiveness.  Although Thyme is native to the Mediterranean, the Greeks aren't the only people that enjoyed this bravery enhancing herb.  The Romans are responsible for Thyme finding its way into Europe.  It was added to the bathwater of Roman soldiers to increase strength and bravery.  In Scotland, tea was brewed using Thyme to keep bad dreams away and increase courage.
     Thyme can do more than increase bravery and courage.  This herb also has healing abilities and is a natural antiseptic.  Adding Thyme to bath/massage oils can help treat aches and pains, including arthritis.  Thyme has anti fungal and antibacterial properties and its strong scent helps loosen phlegm from congested lungs.  The use of Thyme oil will help alleviate the pain and congestion of colds, bronchitis etc.  Place a few drops of Thyme oil (NEVER ingest Thyme oil) in a diffuser or, if you're old school like we are, place a few drops in a pot of boiling water.  Inhale the fumes to relieve congestion.  Soak your feet in a combination of dry Thyme leaves and hot water to get rid of athlete's foot or use this as a compress for rashes on your skin.
     Thyme also increases psychic powers, awareness and memory.  Wear Thyme to increase your psychic powers; add it to your food or drink it as a tea.  Use it in love spells to increase understanding in a relationship or wear a sprig of Thyme in your hair to attract a new lover.  Planting Thyme in your garden or a fairy garden will attract fairies.  Fairy folk are fond of Thyme and wearing/carrying Thyme will help you communicate with them.  During early spring, many of us focus on renewal, leaving what is no longer needed behind and starting fresh.  Thyme renews and cleanses the spirit, leaving you energized and ready for what is to come.  Use Thyme in a cleansing bath to ensure your old sorrows are removed and left in the past (you can also smudge with Thyme for the same purpose).  Thyme can also rid your home of negative energies, especially after a long battle with illness or a death.  Open the windows and smudge your home with Thyme, removing sadness, depression, hopelessness etc.  Bad dreams are kept away with Thyme.  Place sachets of dried  Thyme leaves under your pillow and you will have peaceful nights' sleep.

Interesting Tidbits:
1) There are over 100 different varieties of Thyme.
2) In Medieval England women braided Thyme into the scarves of knights to increase bravery.
3) Thyme was used by the Sumerians as an antiseptic as early as 3000 BCE.
4) Ancient Egyptians used Thyme as an embalming herb.
5) "According to legend, Thyme derives from Helen of Troy's tears and thus shares her essence.  Bath in an infusion of fresh herbs to radiate the power of a love magnet.  Use carefully, remember Helen was kidnapped twice!" (4)

Will Thyme kill me?
 No, Thyme will not kill you.  People have cooked with Thyme for centuries and the common varieties of Thyme used for cooking are English Thyme and Common Thyme.  You can use Thyme for just about any dish especially when preparing meat, stews and vegetables.  All parts of the herb are edible and it is often used as a garnish.  Although people eat Thyme everyday the oil is a different story. Thyme oil is very toxic and should never be ingested!  Placing a few drops of Thyme oil in a spray bottle with water makes a great natural cleaning solution but ingestion of the oil and prolonged exposure to the skin is bad news.  When working with Thyme, stick with the herb and handle the oil carefully.  ***

     Burn Thyme to attract good health and wear it for the same purpose.  Use it to cleanse and purify your home, especially before performing ritual and after a death.  If courage and bravery are what you need, go to the supermarket and pick up some Thyme.  Boiling water and a few drops of Thyme oil will break up chest congestion, but don't forget the oil is toxic and should not be ingested.  If your intuition, psychic powers and stew recipe need a jump start consider cooking with Thyme.  Place it under your pillow or hang a few sprigs above your bed to keep bad dreams away.  Thyme can help you talk to the fairy folk, so think about adding it to your garden.  Are you in the market for a new love? Wear Thyme in your hair or carry it with you but don't forget the trouble Helen of Troy got into.  Thyme is a killer of germs and can be used as a household cleaner.  Add a few drops of Thyme oil to a spray bottle of water and start cleaning.  There's  a lot more information out there so make time for Thyme research. 

Bright Blessings,

***I am not a doctor and I don't play one on TV. Do your research before you consume any herbs via potions etc.

1)Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by: Scott Cunningham
2)The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients by: Lexa Rosean

4)The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells  by: Judika Illes