Out of the Closet...

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What is that smell?  Crap, it's dark in here and does it have to smell like my brother's gym clothes. That better be the door knob I just backed into. Nice cobwebs. You would think a room that holds cleaning supplies would be clean! Wow, that mop is ancient.
I gotta get out of this stupid broom closet!!

At some point every witch has that moment. The moment when you realize that there is no going back and you've found your spiritual path.  For most, myself included, that moment feels like a giant weight has been lifted, the veil covering your eyes is pulled away, the universe slaps you in the face and you scream A-HA.  But the moment following that realization can be terrifying to varying degrees. What do I tell people? How do I tell people? How are they going to react? How will I answer all their questions?  I don't even know the answers to these questions! All these questions plus 1000 more ran haphazardly across my head.  This situation can be even more troubling if you don't have other pagans/witches to talk to. So this section of the blog is just for that purpose.  Atreya and I will share our Out of the Broom Closet experiences and we invite others to share their experiences as well. Tell us how you came out of the broom closet. Tell us if your afraid to come out the closet or if you've decided to do it but don't know how. Hopefully, this section will be a place where witches trying to find their voice can find support and strength through reading the stories of others.  

Send your Out of the Broom Closet stories to us at 2witches1blog@gmail.com and put Broom Closet in the subject line.  

Bright Blessings
~Amethyst & Atreya~

Broom Closet Entry 1 ~ Holly's Out Of The Broom Closet Story


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