Something Familiar

The Nimitz cuddling with me on a cold day.
Lexus is beyond annoyed at me for disturbing his nap.

How many of you have a Familiar??  I have an amazing Familiar and he's been my companion, protector and comic relief for almost 16 years.  His name is Nimitz (sometimes I refer to him as The Nimitz because he's just that gangsta. Please see above picture for evidence.) and he became my Familiar before I knew what a Familiar was.  Nimitz will be 16 years old come this spring but he still finds the time to act like a kitten.  He runs laps through the house every night at about 1am, chews plastic bags and ribbon if I'm not paying attention.  He also must think his purpose in life is to be a paperweight because he lays across everything including remote controls and computers.  But, he also sits quietly next to me during spellwork and meditation.  He greets everyone that walks into my house and without fail points out any 'bad apples' that may have slithered under the radar (which really comes in handy when potential boyfriends come over).  Nimitz, sensing I was scared, has even put himself between me and a large dog (That dog didn't know what hit him. A couple slaps from The Nimitz and he peed and ran away.)

Sooo I said all that to say that this section of the blog is dedicated to Familiars. May they be cat, dog, fish, or luck dragon.  They cuddle with us, make us laugh, protect us and guide us through our mundane and magickal lives.  If you have a great picture/story you'd like to share about your familiar, how you found your familiar or how you mourned the loss of your familiar send it to us and we'll post it here.  I'll also continue posting pictures, videos and stories of The Nimitz and his brother/partner in crime Lexus. 

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