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Powerful Message

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Alright Already 2013, I Get It

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
     If you're a regular reader of 2 Witches 1 Blog you may have noticed that things have been very quiet here for the past few months.  I haven't been writing my regular herb and stone of the month posts or anything else of interest since October.  Why have I neglected my blogging duties?? Mostly because my heart just wasn't in it.  Also, I was in an ugly place emotionally and spiritually and I didn't want to pour any of that negative junk into it (or anything else).  2013 wasn't the year I'd anticipated and I've spent the last couple of months trying to dig up a good reason for why nothing worked out the way I'd planned.
When you look in the mirror and
see Witch Hazel staring back at you,
it's time to get out of the house.
     The year started out on a pretty sour note.  I had a health scare that rattled me more than I was willing to admit at the time.  It took a few months of doctor visits and tests, but eventually I got over the hump and slowly started getting better and feeling like myself.  (In the end, what I needed was spiritual healing and a long intuitive session with my friend Vanessa. Click here and visit her Facebook page.)  Once I was feeling better and more focused, I put my butt in gear and started working.  I dove head first into all of my plans and dreams and began working like a mad woman to make them all come true.  Sometimes I didn't leave the house for days at a time (which in hindsight wasn't the smartest idea) because I was so crazed and hyper-focused on accomplishing the tasks at hand.  I sat at my computer  everyday until my butt was numb: writing, planning, organizing, researching etc.  I tried to work on one project for 2-3 hours at a time and then move onto something else.  I was spinning my wheels in an endless cycle of working, hoping, plotting and dreaming.  After all, I left a really good job that paid well and had great health care benefits to make these dreams and schemes a reality.  Working until I was bleary eyed and a bit crazed seemed logical and in the end, hard work pays off and everything would be just how I pictured. Right? 
The best-laid plains....
     Wrong.  In fact, I couldn't believe just how wrong I was.  By October all of my plans and hard work imploded and I was left with a long to-do list and nothing was marked 'completed'.  The etsy shop (2 Witches 1 Craft) I was so sure would be a success closed after just a few months and a handful of sales.  I'd made significant progress with the book I intend to self publish but was no where near finished.  The tarot deck I've wanted to create for the last couple of years was at a disheartening standstill and everything I'd hoped to accomplish blew away from me like ashes of burned parchment paper.  The hardest pill for this Taurus to swallow was that so much of what happened was: 1. completely out of my control and 2. probably avoidable if I'd paid more attention to the red flags waving in my face.  At the end of months of hard work I was broke, humiliated, confused, depressed and had nothing to show for what I'd spent so much time working on.  Desperate
Hey upheaval,
 how ya doin??
and in need of income (and needing to not feel like a complete failure) I threw together another idea I'd had in the hopes of carving out a tiny bit of success for myself.  I launched my website ( and started to, again, work feverishly on this new endeavor.  After a few weeks I put this aside too because, like the blog, I didn't want to pour any negative or angry energy into projects and businesses that were meant to be positive and joyous.  My life had become a permanent vacation inside the tower card and I needed to navigate my way over to the star, moon or sun before I could get back to writing and working on all the things I love doing and want accomplish so badly.  

     So just what in Hades did 2013 teach me??  First a look at the harsh, not so nice lessons. 

  • Never ignore red flags, no matter where you see them or who is waving them at you. A red flag is a red flag and should be treated as such. 
  • A house, no matter how pretty and nicely organized, will inevitably fall to pieces if the foundation isn't strong and sturdy.  
  • Always have a solid plan B, a bulletproof plan C and an indestructible plan D.
  • Remember that it's always possible for people to let you down, even people you love and care about. The important thing is to never let yourself down.
  • Never put all your eggs in someone else's basket.  
  • Setting high expectations for yourself is smart. Setting high expectations for others is a recipe for disaster.  Appreciate people for who they are, accept their faults and limitations (appreciating yourself and accepting your faults is a good idea too) and worry about reaching your personal goals.
  • Angry, cynical, unforgiving and holding a perpetual grudge is no way to go through life. 

Don't drive angry 
     The lessons I learned in 2013 weren't all negative.  It took me some time to recognize and appreciate them, but there are valuable lessons amid the chaos.  
  • First and foremost, things can always be worse and someone out there is having a much tougher time than you are. 
  • Ask and the universe will provide. I needed work and thankfully found something in November. It's not perfect but it's something.
  • There are some people in life that can be depended on no matter what and some that can't be trusted at all. Know the difference.
  • It's impossible to control everything. Deal with it.
  • It all happens for a reason, you just have to find it.
  • Always be thankful and say thank you for the things you do have.
  • Anything and everything is possible. Stay strong, use your imagination and think outside the box.
  • Shut up and pat yourself on the back once in a while. It's OK to say you've done a good job and congratulate yourself.

     Upheaval, change and chaos, just like the tower card, can show up when you least expect it.  There's a method to the universe's madness and everyone gets a turn with the crazy.  When the universe hands you a fresh slice of WTF, don't just surrender to the tailspin you find yourself in.  Ask yourself (and the Gods, spirit guides, ancestors, angels etc) WHY.  

  • Why did I go through this? 
  • What was this not so fun year suppose to show me?
  • What could I have done differently? What did I do (or not do) that landed me in this situation?
  • What did I learn about myself and the people around me?
  • How can I make sure this nonsense doesn't happen to me again?
  • Some choices were wrong and some were right. Which is which? 

     I've been going back and forth with these questions (and a few hundred others) for the last few months.  I haven't found a definitive answer (frankly I don't think there is such a thing) but I am beginning to find my way out of the fog of the last few months.  What I do know for sure is that I was clearly on the wrong path.  Some of the things I was working so hard for are not what I'm meant to be doing (at least for now).  I was ignoring my intuition (oops, sorry Vanessa) and red flags and the universe saw fit to make this as obvious as possible.  Was it painful? Absolutely. But it had to happen in order for the space to be made for what I'm suppose to be doing with my life at this time and in the foreseeable future.   The coming year should be interesting.  The path I'm on now is brand new and the battery in my spiritual GPS is still charging.  But, thanks to the upheavals of 2013, I'm completely open to the possibilities of 2014 and there is space in my life for new adventures and possibilities.  

New Moon and a New Year

     For the first time in a long time January 1st isn't just the first day of a new year.  A super new moon in Capricorn is happening on the same day.  This makes January 1st a great day to work on spells for new beginnings, especially ones that extend into the new year.  Spend New Year's Day:

  • working on spells that include new beginnings of any kind (especially new love, employment, health and personal growth)
  • do some journaling and spend time reflecting on the year that's over and the year that's beginning
  • do some divination and get a feel for the year to come.  

     Personally, I like to ease out of the previous year and into the year that's just arrived.  I don't do any heavy magick/spell work or get into a deep meditation session.  Keeping it lite and simple works best for me.  I spend time during the day reviewing the previous year.  What could I have done differently?  What goals didn't I achieve? What am I thankful for?  I write everything down that I can think of.  When I'm done, I light a white candle for the new year and burn the things I've written from the previous year with the flame of that candle. Out with the old and in with the new! While the candle is burning I sit and visualize all the things I'd like to see happen in the new year.  Sometimes I write them down but usually I just stick with visualization.  When I'm done, I leave the candle to burn out on its own.
     I also like to do a tarot reading for the year ahead.  Shuffle the deck and lay down 12 cards, one for each month.  This type of reading is a road map for the year ahead.  If you need more clarity in the reading, you can put down 2 cards per month to make sure your map is as clear as possible.  Make sure you write down the cards you got for this reading.  Remembering the cards you got 6 months from now will be pretty impossible.  

     A new year will be here in just a few hours.  2013 may have been good to you or you may have experienced upheavals you didn't think you'd survive.  Spending time reflecting on the good and the bad is super important.  Ask yourself, 'How did I get here and where am I going?'  Say thank you and be grateful, even if you can't see the things you should be grateful for at the present moment.  A new year means new opportunities, endless possibilities and the chance to navigate a new path. Use the energies of the super new moon on new year's day to your advantage. Think outside the box, use your imagination and when the universe hands you that fresh slice of WTF, don't panic.  Ask why it's on your plate and what you need to do to get rid of it.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Wishing you beautiful moments, realized dreams and blessings to you and yours.

Welcome 2014!! Thank the Gods you're here.

Everyone's Got The Magick

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
     I spoke to my mother today and we had the usual mother-daughter conversation: "How are you?" "What are you doing?" "Are you still coming for dinner on Friday?"  The conversation was quick and about to end when she told me about her dinner plans for this evening. My mother is a teacher and not just any teacher; she teaches special education and has been doing this work for over twenty years. The kids that come in and out of her classroom are autistic, dyslexic and have a host of other learning disabilities.  I could list the struggles and stresses of being a teacher (not enough books/supplies, not enough support from student's families, etc.). But if I did that, we'd be here all day and the point of this post could be lost. Being a teacher is hard, period. 
     Tonight one of her former students (we'll call her Amy) is taking her to dinner. I remember hearing about Amy years ago.  She was in my mother's class and has a learning disability. Her family told her finishing high school and going to college was out of the question and didn't believe her life would amount to much. Amy disagreed with her family and so did my mother. So they worked together to prove them wrong. When Amy decided she wanted to take on a job in a restaurant my mother came up with a plan. She arranged the classroom like the restaurant, numbered the tables and acted like a patron having her order taken.  She helped Amy learn the menu and she became one of the best servers on staff. My mom has this ability to tune into her kids and figure out the best approach to open them up and get them learning.  Over the years, Amy and my mother stayed in contact with each other (her kids know that her help doesn't end when they graduate from high school.) Amy not only finished high school, she went on to attend AND graduate from college.  Tonight, she is taking my mother to dinner to celebrate her new job. Tomorrow is Amy's first day as a third grade teacher!!! 
     This is just one of many students that my mother has helped grow and push through the low expectations people have for them.  The short conversation I had with my mom today got me thinking about magick. Everyone has magick inside of them and everyone uses it differently. Some people are talented with herbs and roots and connect with trees and folklore. Some people make magick with candles and crystals. Others make mojo bags and work with poppets. Some people (myself included) live an eclectic magickal life and draw from many types of magick.  Then there are people like my mother. She's not a witch and doesn't practice any of the magicks listed above, but there is still magick in her life. 
     Magick is everywhere waiting for us to mold it and put it to work. My mother's magick is in her patience to deal with the stresses of teaching. It's in her intuition and ability to connect with children that people have deemed unreachable.  Her magick is in the power she uses to draw a child out of their shell and foster belief in themselves.  And there is magick in the little things teachers do that usually go unnoticed. Like seeing your student, at his first dance, struggling to find his table assignment in a dimly lit room.  This student has aspergers syndrome and is legally blind. My mom noticed him struggling to find his table card, walked up to him and in casual conversation pointed the card out to him. She told him it was the best seat in the house and walked away, leaving him smiling and ready to enjoy his first school dance. 
     The point? Whether you call it magick, universal energy, life-force, etc., it's around us and in us all the time. It's in that gut feeling you get about avoiding a certain person. It's in the herbs and oils you combine to make a healing mixture. It's in the crystals you wear and meditate with. It's in that synchronistic moment of being in the right place at the right time or meeting a stranger that becomes your best friend. It's in the nurse who's healing hands comfort you during a scary time.  Magick is in the teacher that helps students reach goals no one thought possible and it's in the students that find the strength to achieve, despite the odds stacked high against them. There's magick in the cycles of life and living. My mother has plans to retire at the end of this year. How fitting in the same year she'll retire, one of her students begins her journey as a teacher.  My point: every little thing we do is magick. My other point is I'm wicked proud of my mother. She went from night school (I went to college with her when I was little and drew pictures on the back of her exams) to substitute teaching, to teaching full time and becoming the president of her teachers' union.  She makes magick in her classroom and I'm glad that, when she retires, a mind molded in her magickal classroom will continue the work.

Take a few minutes and think of the people in your life. What's their magick??

Bright Blessings,

These 5 Things Be True...

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Is Your Mom A Witch?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
I loved reading this! If I ever have children they will have a mother that is a Witch. I wonder what they'll think of me??

"What if your mother was a witch? Do you think she would have done things a bit differently from other mothers? Based on my experience, you would be right...

My mother Maggie, as she likes to be called, has referred to herself as a witch for a couple of decades now -- at least since she was in her early 70s. That was around the time she started adding 8,000 years to the date: She would date her letters to me 9989 instead of 1989 and 9992 instead of 1992, to signal that she was reckoning time from the estimated beginning of Goddess worship. Nowadays, at 92 years young, she talks about the Goddess often, keeps an altar with a Goddess statue from Malta, and regularly wears a large pentacle around her neck.

Maggie claims that she first learned about Wicca and witchcraft from me around 1990. But, in retrospect, it's evident that even decades before her daughter moved to San Francisco and met some witches, Mummy, as we called her when I was a kid, already abounded in incipient witchiness. Looking back, I think she was a witch before I knew it, and even before she herself knew it.
Mummy let us play naked in our suburban backyard when we were toddlers, so that some of the neighbor mothers scolded her for neglecting us. From a witchy point of view, she was doing us a huge spiritual favor. Witches believe that nakedness is the best state for attuning oneself to universal energy and accessing spiritual realities, and while most of us reserve our naked worship for private moments, some witches do carry out their formal group ceremonies while "skyclad.""

For the rest of the article follow this link:

Brightest Blessings,

Faith In Humanity Reboot!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Where Does Your Heart Want To Take You??

Friday, April 12, 2013

Earth Hour 2013 Is Here

Saturday, March 23, 2013
     March is quickly coming to an end and that means it's time for Earth Hour.  Earth Hour started in Sydney, Australia in 2007 and quickly went global.  Atreya and I have been participating in Earth Hour for a few years and have encouraged our friends and family to do the same. So, what exactly is Earth Hour? Earth Hour is: 

"Earth Hour is the single, largest, symbolic mass participation event in the world.   Born out of a hope that we could mobilize people to take action on climate change, Earth Hour now inspires a global community of millions of people in 7,001 cities and towns across 152 countries and territories to switch lights off for an hour as a massive show of concern for the environment."  (1)

Earth Hour is the chance to stand in solidarity with Mother Earth and others that are concerned for her well being.  The environment is in trouble and if nothing else, Earth Hour serves as a reminder that Mother Earth needs more of our care and attention.  Also, even if it's just for an hour, the people of Earth come together with a common purpose, love and some well mannered frivolity.  

                                                    Official Earth Hour Video for 2013

     So, what are you suppose to do in the dark for an hour? (I'll keep the list PG)

  • Turn off the lights and other nonessential electronics
  • Meditate/sit in silence
  • Take a nap
  • Light some candles
  • Play games with family and friends
  • Rekindle the oral tradition of storytelling
  • Practice your divination skills (tarot, scrying, pendulum etc)
  • Play laser tag
  • Do a spell or two
  • Make flashlight animals on the wall
  • Find an Earth Hour celebration near you and join the party
  • Go outside and put your bare feet on the ground. Send some healing energy to Mother Earth
     Earth Hour is tonight at 8:30pm.  If you decide to participate leave a comment and tell us what you did during your hour without power.  We've got tarot and reiki on our Earth Hour to-do list.  Regardless of your activities, keep Mother Earth  in mind and have fun in the dark! 

For more information go to the Earth Hour website:

Brightest Blessings, 


2013: The Year that Should Not Have Been

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Unless you were living under a rock last December (though if you did, I mean no offense. I love me some stoners. See what I did there?), I'm sure you were somewhat privy to the "End of the World" predictions in relation to the Mayan Calendar. 

And I sort of feel like the world was split into 2 main groups when it came to what people believed about December 21st, 2012:




Actually, I think there was also a third group. One that I'd like to believe Amethyst and I belonged to, along with many other Witches, New Agers, Lightworkers, etc. :


There were a variety of different beliefs within this group (as the others), but I think the majority of us could agree on one thing: an energy shift. And not one rooted in fear. There was excitement, love, and inspiration. Whether it was globally, galactically, or personally, there was a different feel to the energy around us. So yes, energetically, an "end of the world" as we knew it. Cue R.E.M.....

Regardless of which group you were in, I think at one point or another, we might have had this thought (even if it was only for a split second):

"What if there is no next year??"

Actually, that question alone might potentially be the cause of quite a few Virgos and Libras born this year. I digress.

But we made it. 2013 already in full swing. I can't help but feel that this is the Year of Possibilities. The Year of Dreams. The Year of....well...everything!

And I don't mean the typical, "New year, new me! This is MY year! Woo hoo!"

I am a firm believer that thoughts are energy and have the power to create. And I think so many people believed that the world was doomed last year on the Winter Solstice, that 2013 feels like the year that was not meant to be. 

But it is.

Probably thanks to one of these two:

Whether it was these two or not, it feels like the Universe found a quarter in its old winter coat and put it in the arcade game of life at the very last second. We got a "Continue". A 1UP.  

What would you do with extra time that you possibly weren't supposed to have?? 

This should be a year full of "Why nots". I think we should all take advantage of this gift. Take advantage of "the year that should not have been". 

If you're not sure, try to go outside, preferably somewhere quiet and where you can touch the Earth. Meditate quietly, even if it's only for a few minutes, so you can feel the energy around you. I assure you, something's different. 

And I really feel that this year, ANYTHING can happen.

So now, more then ever...

...write that novel, sing that song (on stage!), take that class, go on that trip (that you've always wanted to take!), reconnect with that friend, gain that weight, cast that spell, tell them you love them, find that new job, lose that weight, reconcile with your family, learn that language, paint that piece, and DANCE. Just dance.

For you.

Just for you.

Happy 2013. 



5 Ways to Dispel Negitive Energy for the New Year

Thursday, January 10, 2013
First off...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Blessings to all of our Witchies!!!

Secondly, I cannot think of a better way then to start this new year with an AMAZING post by our lovely Lewnah. After reading this, I felt this was the PERFECT way to start off the year. This really helped me out and I hope this helps some of our readers as well! Enjoy!

5 Things You Can Try Now To Ward Off Negative Energy and Invite Positive Energy 


On my journey, I have come across some amazing tools to help me center and release energy. Some you have read about and some have yet to be posted but I didn’t want to wait. Here are 5 things you can do right now to help you find energy balance. Some of these are new and others are as old as time, but we so often forget how important they are in helping relieve tension and aid positive energy. 

1. Anger

Expelling the venom- When you are just filled with anger about someone or something, don’t keep it inside you. That anger, if not dealt with properly, can lead to bad choices and sometimes even illness.

1. Stand with your hands on your thighs, fingers spread, and take a deep breath.
2. With the exhalation make a (Shhhh!) sound as if telling someone to be quiet.
3. With a deep inhalation, swing your arms out to your sides, and complete the circle by bringing them high above your head.
4. Turn your hands around so your palms are facing you and make fists.
5. With a loud (Shhhh!) as you exhale bring your fisted hands down swiftly, opening them as they drop near your thighs.
6. Bring to mind the source of your anger and make your movements quick and forceful. Repeat 3 times.
7. Feel your muscles and power on folding as you slowly and deliberately pull down your arms.
8. Repeat until you feel the anger dissipate.

2. Feeling Isolated and Depressed

Call or Skype a friend- Yup, complain to a friend! So often negative energy takes a hold of you and chokes you out, leaving you feeling isolated and depressed. Yet your friend just went through the exact same thing you did but they also got choked up. Then the phone rings-
 “Hey you won’t believe what the %$#@ just happened to me!”

 “Really that happened to me last week also; and I mean just last week.”

Then bam! You have dispelled that negative power you gave to an experience you have gone through that doesn’t deserve to choke you or anyone else up for that matter. Don’t hold on to negative energy. If you do then you will only hurt yourself. Let go.

3. Anger, Depression, or Feeling Stuck

Beat that drum- One of my favorite stories in the news was about Matthew McConaughey. Let me explain here. So a complaint was filed that loud noises were coming from his estate. When they arrived they found him naked, (high in the clouds *wink wink*) and playing the drums. Now I say YES! We don’t need any alternative substances to get this great release. Just find a drum circle, heck turn over a bucket and beat it! Beat it like it owes you money. Beat it like your life depended on it. Beat it with the idea that each beat sends love vibrations to people you love, but dag nammit, beat it! Beating that drum at the drum circle was extremely rewarding and let off huge amounts of steam and stress.

4. Anxiety and Fear

Healing stones or a traveling reminder -Many people know about healing stones.  These stones hold specific healing properties and depending on what a person needs, they are chosen. But sometimes we forget to carry these stones with us! Don’t leave them in a bowl or in your rooms to look cute when the sun hits them from your window. Show those stones some love and they will give it back. I have found that the more I interact and keep my stones close the better I feel. Heck I talk to my stones and you know what……it feels AMAZING! Share your crazy with that stone. Tell it what pissed you off and you are releasing negative energy. Voila. Also by keeping them with you, they serve as a reminder of what you want to believe in and how you want to live your life. This can also be a personal memento. I once in college carried a Stitch doll around with me and buckled it up in the passenger seat of cars to keep me company and help me overcome my fear of driving. So when you feel that doubt in your heart, look down at that stone or memento and let it remind you to slap that fear or doubt right in the face and keep on keeping on!

5. Late Night Anxiety and Fear

(This happens so often today as many of us go to sleep scared and anxious of facing the next day’s tasks at our jobs)–

The Night Cap: This one I have created myself from the many experiences I have had so far and it helps me go to bed relaxed and ward off negative energy and fear. This entire exercise is done lying flat on your back.

Step 1: Lay on your back. Interlock your fingers. Bend your right knee and grab it to pull close to your chest. Now instead of pulling your knee into your chest, pull your knee down past your chest into your arm pit as far as you can. 

You should feel discomfort now in your groin area. Breath into this discomfort and try to pull your knee as far into your arm pit as you can without straining beyond your limit. Make sure to keep your left leg straight. Now- visualize those fears and anxieties. Imagine yourself facing them as you feel this stretch in your groan. Let yourself visualize just how absurd you would look or how ridiculous it would be facing those tasks in this position. Then let your mind slowly focus on just how trivial that fear or anxiety really is. Breathe. If it doesn’t go, well it’s not the end of the world is it? Breathe. Then slowly release. Repeat on the left leg. Repeat this as many times as needed.

 Step 2:                                                   Starting with the feet.    
Still laying on your back, pull you right leg into your chest. Interlock your fingers. Starting with your right foot, hook your hands underneath the heel of your right foot clasping your thumbs around the top of your foot.

Squeeze your foot and slowly begin to push all the negative energy out past your toes like tooth paste from a tube. As you squeeze that energy past the last inch of your toes, quickly make a loud (Shhhh!) sound and throw that negative energy out and away from your body making a flicking motion with your hands as you throw it. Visualize while throwing that energy, it moving far away from your body. Repeat on your right foot. 

                                                                    Now to the legs.   
Interlock your fingers again squeeze the negative energy from the top of your left thigh down and out of your ankle.

Don’t forget to make a (Shhhh!) sound as you throw that energy out of your ankle and away from your body. Repeat on your right leg. 

                                                                              Onto the arms.

Cup your left hand. Take your cupped hand and firmly rub down from the top of your right shoulder down your arm firmly pushing that negative energy out over your hand. Here you can either go straight over your entire hand and throw that negative energy out over your hand, or you can tighten your cupped hand around your thumb and throw all that energy out through your thumb (then go back down over your arm several times until you have thrown the energy out from each individual finger.) don’t forget to make a loud (Shhhh!) Sound as you flick the negative energy away.  Repeat these steps on your left arm.

Onto the stomach

Now cupping both hands, bring them to touch forming an M shape. Starting at the lowest point of your pubic bone, right above your genital area, push down firmly and slowly drag your fingers firmly up the middle of your belly towards your belly button. When you reach right below your belly button firmly pull apart your hands.

Pull the energy out towards your sides. Once your fingers move over your sides, flick that energy away from your body while making a loud (Shhhh!) sound.

Again forming an m shape with your hands firmly push down right above your belly button and drag your fingers all the way up the middle of your chest. Keep dragging your fingers up towards your throat. Lean your head back and keep dragging your fingers all the way up throwing the energy out from the tip of your chin. Don’t forget the (Shhhh!) sound. 

Now to the face and head

Form a bridge over your nose with both hands. Pressing down firmly into your face, pull apart your hands all the way over your temples to your ears and throw that negative energy out from over your ears and away from your body. (Shhhh!) 
Again forming an m shape with your cupped hands place your fingers on the middle of your forehead.

Pressing down firmly into your forehead, pull apart your hands all the way over your temples and out away from your body. (Shhhh!) 

Lastly, assess your body in this new negative energy released state

Do you feel any negative energy left? Revisit that area. Do you feel negative energy somewhere you didn’t release it from? Go over that area with your fingers firmly pressing down and drag it out and away from your body making the (Shhhh!) sound until it feels released. Once you feel released of all that negative energy built up, let yourself enjoy this state doing nothing but lying on your back in reflection.
Now get out there everyone! Get rid of that negative energy and continue your spiritual journey!   Tap into your energy and the wondrous energy of our universe around us.

Expelling the venom-“Energy Medicine” by Donna Eden. 

This book is a keeper. I have run into it three times on my spiritual journey.
Bikram Yoga and Energy meditation.

Peace, Love, and Adventure